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  1. If you can get it apart. Could you do 370$ shipped
  2. Looking for a 5500, not particular model in mind. Seeing what’s out there before I buy new.
  3. What lure rating and length are you looking for?
  4. If falls through I will take for $415 shipped.
  5. If you change your mind on shipping I would buy. Located in Ohio. Wish I were closing Good looking stick man.
  6. This still forsale will you ship?
  7. Interested how much shipped to 45653? Ohio
  8. Anyone have spare Saragosa 8k spools? Can’t find any
  9. Where are you located?
  10. bump… Got one still looking for 1 more
  11. Going to pass on the 5k for now thank you for your time
  12. Pics? Who made this?
  13. Interested can you post pics please do you know what model it is