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    Long time freshwater fisherman. Mostly bass, smallmouth preferred but will and have fished for just about everything. Living in South Jersey and occasionally surf fish. Lures only, bait smells
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    Steeler and Penguin fan, sports card collector
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  1. Thanks, I will check them out.
  2. Looking for info on where to buy the screw in type bottle opener blank. I have some plugs that I am thinking of converting into openers to give as gifts. I really don't want a 2 piece handle, therefore the screw in. I don't need too many but I don't want to spend more on the blank than the opener would cost if store bought. I have seen them for $8, which I think is crazy for a blank.
  3. Beauties. But so far away.
  4. Started fishing the Susky in early 2000s and you are right. The fishing has gone downhill lately. That is the biggest reason I brought my boat home. The 3-4 hr drive to catch just a few fish wasn't worth the effort. I have had good days but they were too few and far between, I do miss the river though. I know some areas seem to be doing better than others, I wish I knew which ones were which.
  5. Used to fish the Allegheny as a young man around Emlenton drove down a dirt road and crossed a small creek to get close to the river. You are right lots of smallies in the less than 15 inch range, that area though did produce some better fish. Actually hooked my first musky there, the fight didn't last very long. When it jumped it almost scared me off the boulder I stood on. Hit a Lazy Ike (now, there's a blast from the past) at the base of that boulder.
  6. thanks for the info. But can the border be crossed now? I have heard reports of U S fishermen on the St Lawrence being escorted back to the NY side because of the virus. Anyone know about that?
  7. Have fished it twice stayed in Chippewa Bay lodge. I will get back there, hopefully sooner than later. And you are right you can stay at a cabin on the water with dockage and electricity for charging batteries for less than $1000. That's pretty cheap for a week. So many places there to fish and best of all pretty much unaffected by weather unless it blows a gale.
  8. Do they move back in during the fall for the fall glut or stay main lake?
  9. Haven't given much thought to the TVA lakes, but according to legend I think Dale Hollow produced the world record. I have read though that they were on the decline and aren't producing as in past years, but you know how that goes, one false statement is sure to get confirmed. I can't say for certain one way or the other, but I'd be willing to bet on any given they would fish great. Plus the added benefit of finding a place to stay on the lake and forego the trailering/launching thing, which is always good.
  10. Anyone know about Candlewood?
  11. Yes, Erie can get rough, but fishing in Presque Isle Bay would offer shelter on windy days. If it gets so bad that my G3 would take on water I should probably stay home and save myself from acquiring hemorrhoids due to the constant pounding, besides how much fun can it be getting beat up by waves, soaked and constantly worried about swamping by the next set. I would think about it though.
  12. Fished it twice, one day with a guide and slaughtered them,that was in July, went back the next spring for a week and did well but not as we had hoped. Rented a cabin on Chippewa Bay a really fun week. Lots of fish, just not the 75 a day we had caught the year before. They were bigger on average though.
  13. I have a G3 186 with a jet, my buddy has a glass high performance hull. We haven't fished together in a few years but with our retirements we are debating where we should go. He lives in Louisiana but is looking for some big smallmouth and would pull his boat if necessary for the chance of a huge smallie. I was there several years ago for a convention and rented a small boat but as you stated, the wind blew so hard that we weren't able to fish any of the main lake, only backwaters. Caught tons of white bass and crappie and a decent pike all on jigs and soft plastics. It would be interesting to fish there, the stories I've heard mostly are incredible.
  14. This is on the list of places we are considering.
  15. Used to keep my boat there in Liverpool. But when my son went and got married I brought it home. A 3 1/2hr drive alone and launching/loading alone isn't high on my list of things I consider fun. Plus the unpredictability of the river makes it hard to choose a good time. I've had some fantastic days there and some days I would have preferred being home. It is my understanding that farther up the river before the branches join that it is more fishable throughout the year, but I don't know that for certain.