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  1. I bought Penn HT-100
  2. I'm going to replace the drag washers on my -"new to me" Penn 712z reel- with Carbon Drag washers. I see mentioned that some folks are greasing the washers? I have never done this before and was wondering if I should apply grease to the washers and if so, what kind of grease?? Thanks in advance
  3. If you change your mind about shipping, I'll buy your -- Shimano Charter Special tr 2000
  4. The reel and spool arrived in great condition, very pleasant transaction. Thanks RichieC
  5. Going to Florida in November and would like to bring home a few fish if we're fortunate to have some luck. I have been freezing fresh water fish in water for years with no problem.. Salt water fish are something new for me. Should I freeze them in fresh or salt water to preserve best flavor??
  6. Sounds good Richie, I can do $95.00 for your reel and spare spool shipped to me.
  7. I'll offer $90.00 shipped to me in Wisconsin.
  8. Did not want to step on the other WTB ads now running. Looking for either a Penn 260 or 712z in decent condition.
  9. I spent 6 weeks in Cocoa Beach last October and November and caught fish from the beaches on every trip. We fished the beaches from Playalinda north to Sebastian Inlet south. Also fished the Indian River and Mosquito Lagoon from bridges and wade fishing. Casting hardware on the beaches (silver and blue and silver Crocodile spoons) and top water baits, we caught Spanish Mackerel, Blue Fish, sharks and Ladyfish. Saw several Tarpon caught, just not by me or my wife. From the river and lagoon, casting plastic paddle tails and bucktails and hard baits like a Mirrodine lure we caught Redfish, Trout and Snook. And as always, a live shrimp took everything as well. Canaveral National Seashore, and Merrit Island National Wildlife Refuge are both good places to access both the beach and lagoons. We caught plenty of fish fishing the beaches just south of Cocoa Beach and Patrick Air Force Base. Both of those places have plenty of public access. The bridges and causeways are also great places to fish.
  10. I used a couple of rods, both 7 weights. One was an 8' Cortland Bamboo rod and the other an 8' "glass Leonard rod. The flies themselves, spun deer hair, are easy to cast,they are light weight floaters. You're mostly just casting the line.
  11. great pics and looks like a great trip was had by all
  12. Looks like you tie the legs on first?? I think they might work on Smallies as well.
  13. adding a towel over the top of everything in the cooler, if filled with frozen goods, will help everything last longer. That or an old sleeping bag over the whole cooler will work even better, if you don't have to move it much..
  14. They come at the fly kinda sideways and the ones I caught took the fly and swam off. They mostly hooked themselves. When I tried to anticipate the take I usually pulled it away from them. Plenty of times they tried for it and missed the fly, a lot of them would come back for a second or third try.
  15. Drift fishing--it's not just for trout anymore-- Tried something different for me -- fly fishing for carp with Mulberry flies-- They were hitting floating flies under overhanging Mulberry trees. Quite a hoot to see the brown submarines trying to slurp up a Mulberry.