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  1. That’s a great way to gauge your fishing day. Sometimes I look down at my bass thumb the day after a good trip and it triggers memories of fish form that trip and trips from the past.
  2. I still use my penn sargus reels. Love them. Penn fierce replaced them and jumped the price by 30 bucks. Now I use penn pursuit 3.
  3. Green lights attract bait but it has to be in the water for a while. I catch a lot of fish off of docks with submerged green lights. More so than any other color
  4. That good with me. I just need one by early June.
  5. Yep. Just what I’m looking for. Would you mind if I pick it up Thursday. Fair asking price.
  6. Looking to pic up a flying gaff on Long Island. Doesn’t have to be fancy as long as it’s functional. I might use it twice a year. Lost mine in a move 8 years ago and never replaced it. Just goes to show how much I use them but I should have one anyway
  7. I use a rod company called maxcatch. I have not used their freshwater outfits but I love their saltwater predator rods. They are inexpensive but quality. However their fly lines are not great. I would suggest buying a quality line.
  8. *
  9. Once I see dolphin I stop fishing and just enjoy there presence. Have tried fishing around them but never caught anything around them. Offshore fishing for tuna a completely different story but bass nope. Go somewhere else.
  10. That’s sad but what’s worse is you can’t even get a saltwater trolling motor from them these days. I was on a waiting list for the 87 inch motor and 2 12” hummingbird solix for 5 months. Couldn’t wait any longer and I scraped the trolling motor idea for at least this year and went with Simrad. Johnson outdoors lost about 10,000 dollars worth of business with me and who knows how many others had to make the same decision that I did. ps. Extremely happy with my Simrad products. Hopefully motorguide gets into the longer shaft game and I will go with them.
  11. I did this to them.
  12. Call me crazy, cheap, or both but I love the penn pursuit 3. Ht-100 drag and the price can’t be beat. I use them for fishing charters and have no complaints from any clients. Quick mist after a trip to get off surface salt then switch the nozzle to shower which is just a little heavier of a spray to thoroughly clean the reel without driving any particulates inside the reel and strip them down at the end of the season and lightly re-grease. Have been work horses. For 50 bucks a pop I have a few backups just in case. Haven’t needed them yet.
  13. Fishing can be tough enough sometimes, then throw a monkey wrench like that into the mix can make a frustrating night. You handled it like a perfect gentleman and the next time you two meet he will probably feel more comfortable with you and ask for some friendly advise where you can influence him to be a more respectful fisherman. I wish more would react to situations like you did. You can’t expect everyone to know everything and with COVID many newcomers to the game which I fell is a good thing as long as they play by the rules and follow fish limits.
  14. Can’t stress a good double haul enough. If you are casting accurately with out over powering the rod to 30’ it is a good assumption that your mechanics are sufficient. Might need some tweaking, but sufficient. Adding a smooth double haul to your cast while shooting line on both the forward and back cast should get you out to 60’ or more in no time. Just remember do not ad any more power to your stroke just add more time between them to allow your line and leader to unroll and increase your rod travel as more line is out past the rod tip. More power only creates wind knots and open loops. The weight of the fly line loads your rod not the power you put into the rod.
  15. Definitely bunker suffering from the bacteria plaque. I live on a tidal river in Nassau and see it all day and all night. It seems to effect the older and largest of them. They are all off colored, have brown vegetation growing off them like strings and eventually start swimming erratically and on the surface. The first thing they try to do once they realize that they are infected is separate themselves from the school.