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  1. I would definitely be interested in this App!!
  2. South County Rhode Island
  3. Keep at it Chris!
  4. Was that good deal found online? I'm in the market as well..
  5. Awesome! I'll have to give them a try. Thanks
  6. How were you fishing those? Swimming them with a steady retrieve? Bouncing them off the bottom?
  7. But thank you for verifying for us, that the answer wasn't in those search term results LOL
  8. WOW... wasn't referring to you, was adding on to your comment. I probably should have been more clear with that comment.
  9. RaockHoppingMike with a new SOL account?
  10. Find a decent Hike nearby with a waterfall or peak view! Fishing ? ? ?
  11. The forecast has changed for the better then, as far as wind goes. Yesterday was forecasting for stronger sustained winds Sat night.
  12. Is it me, or is looking like it may not be the best weekend for fishing in SoCo? Big storm just passed through, Wind will be sticking around most of the weekend, I'm guessing the water is churned up as of now... Anyone have any positive thoughts!?!?
  13. Maybe there is a local fishing/surf fishing club you could join?
  14. 4" white rubber worm with a curly tail. I suspect you're going to get a ton of different opinions for this one..
  15. Those Flatlander belt/bags are the way to go. A guy fishing next to me on the jetty the other night took the time to show me his when i asked what kind it was. Seems like some very high quality. I assumed the belt he had was a Flatlander as well.