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  1. I'm going to be in the market for a vehicle upgrade in the near future. Currently driving a Hyundai Accent, but only because I put so much mileage on my commute to/from work and need the gas economy. But if working from home is going to be a more regular thing, I think I might want to upgrade to a truck or large SUV, most likely pre-owned, not new. I know about car dealerships, and the nickel and dime haggling the put you through, and potential to scam unseasoned customers. I am also thinking of looking at rental company sales, like Enterprise or Avis. While yes, customers might beat on them, but I imagine they receive regular maintenance, and go through inspections up the wazoo prior to sale. Any one have experience, and can recommend one route over another? Thanks!!!
  2. Thanks. I figured its that. Sny recommendations on a tool to use to clean it?
  3. Thanks. Yeah, I do that every so often, but it keeps happening. Looks like there's a tube opening in the back of the freezer that leads to a drip try under the unit, but it freezes up. Could this be part of the problem?
  4. I have a Whirlpool Top-freezer refrigerator at least 10 years old, the bottom fridge temperature warms sometimes and collects water dripping from the freezer. The freezer is ice cold, but when I open it up and look in the back, a bunch of water has collected on the bottom of the freezer and froze, and freezes closed the vent ports leading from the freezer down to the refrigerator (I'm assuming this is where the fridge gets its cold from?). Any suggestions what might be causing this? I had a repair place out once and all they did was defrost and suck out water from a drain tube in the back of the freezer but it didn't work. Thanks!!!
  5. Greaaat......
  6. Ugh... I have a trip to SWFL in April too. I'm sticking with my flight and hoping all of this calms down by then.
  7. The celebrate anything where they get free stuff.....
  8. Don't know if it's permitted to post this here, but does anyone have a Cabelas or Bass Pro coupon code they aren't going to use?
  9. They need a dose of Vitamin J......
  10. What brand and model are the rods?
  11. Im taking a trip to Florida next month. Only concern is catching something on the plane or at the airport. Otherwise, there's no way in hell I'm cancelling!!
  12. Truth. There are more horses on farms and elsewhere that are neglected and/or abandoned, they get sick, and end up going to the slaughter house anyway.
  13. I'm hoping to be there.
  14. Well... the first part of your comment describes a democracy... which we are not. Feel free to move to a country that is if that's what you prefer. Your last part I'll just write off as one of your typical TDS flare-ups and just disregard it...
  15. Not as much as a job application is a liberal repellent....