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  1. **Duplicate**
  2. Why are you blaming Trump??? If your property taxes are so high, complain to your state and local government! They're the ones who levied them!
  3. All of this bulls**t with the recounts etc. has made me sick, so I'm taking a break until it gets sorted out somehow.
  4. She'll be gone in 2020, doing porn in 2021. Maybe Creepy Porn Lawyer Avenatti can be her agent....
  5. Your party advocates men dressing up as women and using the ladies room.... and this is all you have???
  6. I truly believe Amazon does this with their "free shipping" when you spend >$25, in an effort to drive up Prime subs. It takes almost an entire WEEK for the item to even leave the damn warehouse! And then whatever time UPS or postal service get around to delivering it to you.
  7. Ahhh... I would be able to dream fondly of my college days living at the frat house...
  8. I wish it were that simple. I've looked around and there are always the 1-2 star reviews about the units breaking down within the first month, that they're loud, etc.
  9. Tis the season for forced hot air systems and 0% humidity, which means dried noses and throats. That said, I need a recommendation for a good, reliable room humidifier for a townhouse sized master bedroom. Reliability and durability are key, as is ease of use. Preferably something that could use tap water, if possible, and can run all night quietly. I've looked all over the internet and the reviews are all over the place between good and bad. Unfortunately, a whole house humidifier is not a possibility at the present time. Thanks!
  10. Thanks. Would the Florida resident that it would be shipped to need any kind of Firearms ID card, or background check, since this is trust a location transfer from one place to another?
  11. Hi Dan. What do you charge for shipping?
  12. I have two pistols located in Arizona that belonged to my father, that are currently in the custody of a family friend. I need to get them sent from AZ to FL. I am in NJ so I’m not familiar with the process in Florida. These are already in the family, so there is no “sale” or transfer involved, to my understanding. What is the process for Florida to have these sent there from out of state? Can they be shipped directly to a residence? Do they have to be shipped from an AZ to a FL FFL? Any special permits or paperwork needed for the transfer?
  13. Disney could make a s**t-load of money if they release Blu-Rays of the THEATRICAL versions of the original trilogies, without Lucas' bulls**t edits and special FX.
  14. And yet the "MAGA-(fake)Bomber"'s van was bumper to bumper pro-Trump yet was pristine and without a scratch.... hmmm.....
  15. Nazis were socialists, as in Nationalist Socialists. Socialism is a LEFT-wing ideology. So no, not an "inversion of reality".