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  1. With any luck I will be moving to SW Florida from NJ by the end of the year, and I am loaded to the gills with tackle for stripers, fluke, blues, etc. Spinning and conventional setups of different specifications. I expect to be living a somewhat minimalist lifestyle when I get there with limited storage space so I need to start thinning things out. So far, I have the following, what should I hang on to? (Please note, this is NOT a For Sale post! ;-) ) Lures Bombers SP Minnows Hopkins Various bucktails and jigheads >/= 1oz Pre-tied rigs 6 inch grubs Storm style swim baits. 9 ft MH surf rods 4000/5000 size spinning reels Shimano TLD 25, Penn Senator 112 combos Lighter freshwater-rated setups There's probably more, but I think this will be a good place to start. Thjanks!!
  2. Because he's TOO SHORT to deliver a headshot!
  3. I remember when Howard Stern pranked called his show with Crackhead Bob....
  4. Congrats! I just got approval to relocate from NJ to FLA! I have SO much decluttering to do myself. Hope to put the house on the market in summer. Let me know how the clearing out goes! What part of FL?
  5. Will you take $50 for both meet up?
  6. This is a very good point. It's exhausting dragging all my crap around when I go on my brother's boat.
  7. Thanks John. At this point I won't be sure how often until I get there. My question was both about money and general maintenance responsibilities. I'm not mechanically skilled, and being in a condo I don't think I would have much available space to work on it on land if necessary.
  8. LOL!!! This is true! I think a better word would be "value".... :-)
  9. I'm moving to Florida within the next year (hopefully) and intend to do a lot of fishing on the weekends and maybe weeknights after work, depending on my schedule and location. I am torn between the idea of owning a boat myself, or joining a boat club like Freedom or Carefree, where I pay a $5K initiation fee and a $350 or so monthly. I would be living in a condo, so trailer storage and a place to clean, maintain a boat, etc., would also be a concern.
  10. Bump
  11. Looking for a setup for a friend that can handle sheepshead from a boat. Versatile to pier would be good too. What do you recommend for specs, brands/models to look at? Moderately priced preferably. Thanks!!!
  12. How many years and how much taxpayer money was wasted on a BS "Russia interference" narrative that never was?? That Pres Trump was an "agent of Putin"? Sham impeachments over nothing in Ukraine???
  13. He did this because Cuomo did it, just like every other action Murphy took.
  14. Who the fk cares??? He's a private citizen, his medical records are private at this point.