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  1. When said generals and "scientists" are Obama sycophants, I trust that Pres Trump is smarter, and has better advisors.
  2. Good! I hope it ruins the poor snowflakes' weekends.
  3. Yup. This is exactly why there are so many large wildfires in California, because the eco-fascists there refuse to burn anything "for the environment's sake"....
  4. When I was drinking, I would shop eBay and would buy so much s**t, and would get into bidding wars and end up way overpaying for crap. I had a few drunken experiences here in the BST too.
  5. With any luck, in 2021, she will REALLY have lost control....
  6. Cruz is a snake. He would have never had a chance to beat Hillary. I agree, what he did to Carson was despicable, but nothing tops his sore loser attempted delegate coup at the Convention. Cruz couldn't effectively manage a 7-11, let alone the United States.
  7. The same planet that this stuttering fuch is on....
  8. They're already starting it. There's already a huge bounty on Beta O'Rourke's head by his fellow Dems since he entered the race....
  9. Thanks. Do you have an idea of price?
  10. From what I understand (I could be wrong) that in the end, the $/yard for a shop doing it is cheaper, both for the fact they are stringing off of a larger spool, but also, so that you get the right amount of line without leftover braid that is too short to use for anything.
  11. He's be so much better than Pence.
  12. Nope. I am moving to Florida as soon as my career gives me an opportunity to.
  13. I buy several $1 pair of pliers from Dollar Tree every season. One pair lasts a good several months of hardcore use. MAYBE I might have to use a new pair toward the end of the season but thats only if I'm negligent and leave them outside or on the boat to rust.