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  1. Yes, and only issued to retired LEO and military in most cases, with vetting and background checks out the wazoo. When was the last shooting in which an "automatic" weapon was used??
  2. Yes they are... with the exception of permits and licenses that are nearly impossible to get.
  3. Automatic weapons are already banned..... And nothing "automatically" shoots people. It takes a person pulling the trigger.
  4. Berkley clearly changed the formula for the material they were making the baits from, and I am lucky if one grub can survive half a day of activity without falling apart on the hook. Anyone have recs on other manufacturers or makers? I've used Gotcha's but not a fan. Thanks!!
  5. Yes, this is true.
  6. I agree!!! Convince your Dem reps to vote to build the wall!!!
  7. For surf, my 9ft Tsunami Airwave and SSV4500. Inshore and boat, 7ft Penn Allegience II and Daiwa BG 4000
  8. Ever have success with the Inshore Saltwater scent?
  9. What Pro-Cure scent do you use?
  10. If these are still available I'll take them. Can pick up tomorrow around 6ish. (7/11).
  11. Good point! Never thought about that.
  12. Any experiences with eiher of the above? I’m looking to supplement my income and make some money in my down time. Safety is of course a big concern, what with all of the reports of drivers being assaulted and/or robbed. What kind of money can be made as a casual driver? I’m most likely going to stay in the Monmouth/Ocean county areas, with the exception of some trips to EWR. Thanks!!
  13. Where do you get the shrink wrapping you guys are talking about? Any specific size that fits most rods?
  14. Which traps are better - the bare metal ones, or the ones with the black coating?