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  1. Is that Sufix 832 or Performance?
  2. 30-40 lb. Sufix 832 Power Pro is crap.
  3. I work for a company with a pretty big community relations program. The company headquarters' property has an enormous pond stocked with fish that the public can use for fishing (license required). Does anyone know of any organization in NJ that promotes fishing to poor or underprivileged kids? I want to suggest a fishing program or derby to the community relations team. Thanks!!!
  4. Pictures?
  5. If you're looking for a surf rod rec, why are you posting this in the boating forum??
  6. Unconditional love, confidence, and values, aren't going to put food in their mouths, clothes on their back, nor a roof over their heads. All of that costs money, and if you don't have the money to adequately provide all of that, then Yes, you're unfit to be a parent.
  7. Being able to provide for your children makes one a good parent. So therefore, if you don't have the money and/or means to provide to them, your are not a fit parent.
  8. Then that mom shouldn't have had a kid if she couldn;t afford it....
  9. Withdrawn
  10. She was really into her work...
  11. No, On Her Majesty's Secret Service was the best, and George Lazenby was the best Bond.
  12. Wash your eyes out with baby shampoo. Gets out all of the allergens without stinging your eyes.
  13. Here you go....
  14. I have the same reel foot problem with my Penn SSV5500 going onto my 9ft Tsunami airwave. I practically have to shove it in, and the reel seat screw barely takes a full turn to lock it in.