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  1. Thanks. My intention would be for tidal saltwater ramps.
  2. I'm in SWFL and looking to buy a mid-sized pickup truck. I'm pretty sure of the make/model I am looking for, but stuck on deciding between 2WD and 4WD/4x4. I intend to use this as my everyday vehicle, but also want to flexibility to tow a boat and ramp launch in the near future, and general light duty hauling if necessary. Any recommendations, or pros/cons vs the two drivetrains that I should consider? I don't want to buy something more than I need, but also don;t want something underpowered when I need more traction at the ramps. Thanks!!!
  3. Coming for a visit to Deerfield from Ft Myers for the weekend. Looking to do some fishing along the beach or pier. What kind of set ups, bait/tackle is good for the area? Is fishing permitted on the beaches or just pier?
  4. I just posted this on FB and got hit with a 30-day suspension...
  5. Considering that I eat her a*s like a starving Ethiopian, this doesn't phase me...
  6. I was just watching this last night... Shame she had an a*shole of a husband who pushed her into this lifestyle....
  7. Two completely different sounds for different eras. The Who was more mainstream in the 60s British Invasion... I wouldn't even classy Led Zepp as "60's", despite Led Zepp 1 and 2 being released in '69. Their sound is definitively 70s.
  8. I trust Paulie D to solve the inflation issue before I would any of the clowns in this adminstration...
  9. Thanks for your reply! I was looking at Old Towns too but I like the fin drive on Hobies so I can get in really shallow without having to flip up the drive.
  10. Good morning! I have the opportunity buy either one of these (or both) used and need advice on which would be best per my needs and experience.... Needs: Looking for something for inshore fishing in Southwest Florida... want something versatile that can handle not only shallows, but also rivers and bays. This will be strictly for fishing, however I would like to take it on recreational paddles as well. Transportation is limited to a compact car, so unless I attach a hitch and trailer it (which is least preferable), I'll need to carry it on a roof rack. That said, is there significant weight differences/issues between the two? I would also at some point plan to use a motor with it as well. Experience: I have lifelong experience in motor boats. For kayaks, I have none. I tested some paddle vs pedal and love the pedal for fishing, obviously. Would the PA12 be too advanced for my level, or would I "grow" into it? My desire is to buy one and use it for a long period of time and not look to upgrade in a year or two. I also read the post re: lower back pain, which I unfortunately experience, so that would need to be taken into consideration. Based on my initial research, and without seeing either in person, I am leaning toward the PA12 for it's functionality as a fishing vessel. My concern is that it would be too heavy and bulky to transport, and too bulky to maneuver on the water, esp. in tight areas. Thank you in advance for your advice and feedback!
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