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  1. What size jig head did you use?
  2. What's sad is a company who alienates 85% of it's client base, all for the sake of "social justice".... Clearly someone in the marketing department thought "feels" were more important than revenue....
  3. This. The Simply Orange bottles work great, and don't leak.
  4. Define those "standards". What about those who don't meet those standards and are therefore rejected? What if those rejected are "people of color" (black, hispanic)? Are they going to accept the fact that they may not be as academically proficient as white and Asian applicants who do meet the standards?? We used to have the standards that you mention, but when students of certain minority groups complained and labeled the standards as "racist", that's how we got affirmative action and diversity quotas, and ultimately determining "standards" to be meaningless.
  5. Are you kidding me?? NJ has the STRICTEST gun laws in the damn country! What other laws could have prevented this???
  6. Anyone buy anything from Amazon where it said it was sold by Amazon Services Inc.? What does this mean? Is this actually sold by Amazon, or by someone else like a third party vendor ? I ordered a Daiwa BG reel, and the weird thing is, I placed the order on January 8th, and the expected delivery is between Jan 28-31. Would this mean the item is coming from a manufacturer? Or some random third party vendor with the risk of being counterfeit?
  7. This might sound stupid for asking, but is there really a point to make a stock from an already cooked bird? I would think if it's already been cooked, most of the flavor and fortifications of what makes a stock a stock would be lost, vs. making it from raw meat?
  8. True but I was wondering about blind ppl wiping THEIR OWN ass.
  9. I'm trying NOT to imagine any need to touch any more surfaces in a rest stop rest room than I have to. But on a completely different note.... how to blind people know when they can stop wiping??
  10. I do something similar but use one of these, tied just below the reel on the reel seat threads. I even use them on reels that don't have those hook hangers to the hook barb isn't scratching my rod when moving around.
  11. She can barely sit upright in a chair for ONE hour, let alone a few
  12. I've seen both types of reels advertised online but don't see the difference other than sideplate cover. Can anyone shed more light as to other differences, and pros/cons of one vs the other?
  13. I second the SSV4500. Might want to re-think your aversion to Penn, these are great reels!
  14. Yup. As soon as I saw the title I knew the OP was using PowerPro. Switch to Sufix 832. I've used it for years. Only breakoffs I've ever had (Ive only had one or two) were from the bail closing mid-cast (my fault).