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  1. Congratulations. Next time take out your cell phone and take a picture so we can all see
  2. You are the keyboard warrior sir. I am just observant. Have a nice day
  3. Thanks Chris!
  4. No colds. Just stripes
  5. Not a big joke! Adonis made it into one, per usual. I’m catching my first striper tomorrow morning boys!!! I will report back!!!!
  6. Tell us more!!! Tell. Us. More.
  7. Congratulations on playing sports into young adulthood. Congratulations on your corporate job that requires you to take the LIRR
  8. OK sociopath lol. I’m hysterically laughing at you
  9. Your delusional. Not the NFL. Intenet forum called Stripers Online with the slogan “We’ll help you catch more fish”
  10. Thanks for all the help. Admin I would appreciate you closing this thread. It’s been hijacked by a sociopath loser.
  11. LOL! Get a support group bud. Your an OK fishermen and huge hypocrit psychopath. I hope your $50 blurple needle gets caught on a rock
  12. But what about the post on Wednesday when you spot burned RM Field 5 and actually the entire park? That’s fine right? Because you said it and I didn’t. Tell us more!!!
  13. You’re the only one that needs a support group
  14. I think I should be more specific so here goes: 1. I use 30lb braid. What kind of leader should I use for open surf? Jettys? 2. what knot should I use from leader to braid? I currently use Alberto. 3. I go braid flouro ta clip lure. Can I use mono? Should I be using a swivel? 4. when I cast, how far should the lure be reeled up to my rod tip? Currently I leave about 1 or 2 feet. Is that enough? thanks for help
  15. Thanks for your honest post.