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  1. You still have this with the spin fisher?
  2. Good point Paul. The ol spearing squid combo may work better when the temp is under 60 as is. Can't wait to see some more experienced guys reply. Ill be out there fluking in M on Saturday too - barring the weather of course. First fluke trip of the year for me. Lets catch em up!
  3. Not worth it...
  4. How much is that rod?
  5. Actions been really hot and Ive been crushing for the first time in a month or so but I am taking the weekend off. I hate the crowds and all the bait chucking bucket brigades everywhere. Keeping the wife and kids happy this weekend and hitting the salt hard again come monday night
  6. I am starting to learn that the unsealed cheaper reels always somehow get dunked no matter what you do. My Daiwa BG is locking up already sometimes...
  7. Hey everyone, I am looking for recommendations for a back bay light tackle spinning set up that would do well with fluke, stripers, albies and blues from shore. Looking at rods maybe 8-9' and reels in the 3k range I think should be good. Total budget max $300 Not looking to spend anything crazy... Any recommendations of what to look at?
  8. the youtube is ****ing ridicolous and needs to stop . I do not see or understand the need of taking videos and pics of your fish and putting it everywhere. Everyone needs to stop before our fishery is furtherly ****ed
  9. Looking for a boga 130 in good working condition. LMK!
  10. Theres something about getting these big blues on a fancy lure. Just feels better than a diamond jig. Killed them on my X Rap today lol
  11. All back bay and one inlet trip. I hit the surf early yesterday but there was mung everywhere so I hiked it to the back and scored. I really don’t know what to use with that mung ****. It gets stuck on my clip and lure every cast sometimes
  12. My man! I’m 5/6 for my last 6 session. No size and no gorilla blues yet - but hey I ain’t complanin
  13. Go explore during the day preferably at low’ll be able to see much more
  14. Yea it’s around 59 now where I was
  15. Was out there real early. Same type of thing 3 hours, one 24” fish at dawn