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  1. Spot burn bro. If they are sold out next time you will be hearing from me
  2. Personally when I get bored I love to take a shot. It feels good to fish a different location. The worse thing that can happen is you wind up back at your local whiting hole. Maybe youll miss the bite you experienced 100 times already.
  3. Bluefish completely skipped NJ. The run in NY is meager. People catching 8-10 pound blues callin em gators. Last year was way better size wise
  4. 250
  5. Great value imo. Im getting the same thing I was getting with ATT if not better for a fraction of the cost.
  6. Very lightly used, please see pictures $64 shipped
  7. Beast darter and a few others. No gliders or swim baits tho
  8. A
  9. Ok I’ll post some pics later
  10. mikes beast darter, norcal peanut, Norcal skaredy kat, mikes swimmer?
  11. Looking for 5” cut tail scabelly used or new have cash or a bunch of stuff to trade (mikes Norcal CCW)
  12. I’ll take it
  13. I’ll take it
  14. No thanks. Not looking to sell at the moment