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  1. Looking for Slicers Peanuts or Skaredy Up for others too...
  2. Cool reel. Out of my price range. Thanks anyway
  3. Interested. Condition? Price?
  4. Looking for a lefty VS150
  5. BMs

  6. Just go over and ask. Take turns while casting. We slammed gators last night and there was like 7 of us within 15 feet of eachother
  7. Ecotric. Good luck
  8. Offer retracted
  9. Don’t listen to anyone! There either lying or clueless. Find a spot you like based off structure and go back at night. Ignore the crowds.
  10. I have a used Tiderunner I can sell you in your size. $42 shipped
  11. Thanks for everyone’s input so far. I really appreciate it
  12. Hi everyone I have a Shimano Saragossa 6000. Initially I loved how smooth it is. It doesn’t stick at all and is a real pleasure to fish. I fish back bays 3-5 nights a week. I am realizing how important is to work the lure super slow to get the strikes some nights. The problem that I’m having is slowing down this reel. It seems to turn itself! Very hard to stop and slow down. Just my opinion. Would a reel like VS 150 help me in that department? Will it allow me to work the lures slower? May be a stupid question but I appreciate the help of the more experienced guys.
  13. You could be learning a lot if you’re keeping a log. Do the opposite of what you’re doing! I would also genuinely save your time by not going during the day. Go at night to different places and different tides. Just my two cents.
  14. I gotta pass. I thought the other two metal lips were still available.
  15. Who are the makers?