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  1. I don't know how amazon affiliate sales work but I'm surprised amazon provides transparency into what was ordered. from a privacy pov, I'd expect them to simply give you order totals. I suppose if I came up with this in 10 seconds, it's been discussed and debated ad infinitum...
  2. it's stereotyping when you use blanket terms like "urban d's". the media, conservative and liberal, in the interest of making money, are polarizing the country by exaggerating us vs them differences. I've posted about this before: I'm liberal on a lot of social issues but, having owned a business, have first-hand experience with unfair taxation and regulation, which has left me to the right of many conservatives on fiscal policy. IMO, If we're being thoughtful about politics, we need to think about positions on an issue by issue basis. I read the NY Times. And the Wall St Journal. And the National Review. I refuse to watch CNN or FOX...actually, I don't watch tv. best,
  3. there's no need to stereotype dems vs reps, this shouldn't be about politics, it's following the science and applying common sense, just as you've done.
  4. before this thing got started there were zero cases in nj. All it takes are visitors from other states to create a cluster and off we go again. I'm wearing a cloth mask in stores, cost me nothing (I've already paid for the mask), don't understand why anyone wouldn't protect their neighbors/friends until we have a vaccine.
  5. seems pretty smart to me. obviously, a 6x6 space won't work for social distancing.
  6. you are correct it's a finer grind however If your dough is tearing, it has to do with your dough formulation and/or management process. Most NYC slice joints use all trumps flour, not 00, and if you've seen them stretch and/or throw dough, you know they don't have a problem with tearing. it is true that some nyc pizza places use a blend of 00/high protein flour, most of those places are baking hybrid Neopolitan, in the 700F range. check with the place you got your dough recipe for their oven temp. Or post the name of the place here, I may know the temp. If you'd like help making pizza dough that doesn't tear, post your recipe and management process here and I'll help. Otoh, if you're happy with your pizza, that's all that's really important. best,
  7. chunkah, that is one beautiful stromboli!
  8. it also depends on what style your baking. NY style = bread flour but AP flour will work just fine. king arthur is a great brand if you can find it or have it. If you have an over capable of 750+, it's unmalted ap flour that will work. I like grande mozz, which the majority of ny slice shops use. Can't purchase at a grocery store but my local pizza shop is happy to sell it to me for $5/lb, which is less than I pay for mozz anyway at a grocery store. if you live in the ny/nj metro area, get a 28 oz can of scalfani crushed tomatoes, push it through a mesh strainer to remove the seeds/skins, add a dash of oregano and salt, good to go. apologies if you know all this, might help others. good luck and enjoy!
  9. last one, white pizza
  10. detroit style
  11. I ordered a pound of SAF IDY from amazon for $13 shipped, frozen will last 2-3 years. Alternatively, you can make a sourdough starter, it takes about a week. Not sure what type of pizza you're making but no need for 00 in a home oven. It's used for 750-1000F bakes. Also, any unmalted AP flour will work just fine as a sub at all but the highest temps.
  12. ny style
  13. a voice of reason from the wilderness
  14. Not only do I completely support your right to decide but encourage you to ignore this overblown dem/lib/fascist hoax/conspiracy.
  15. love this, but suggest changing to next time anyone talks about science they should have their face punched in.