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  1. wow, thank you salt deficient for all that detail! I've been reading about ugly stiks which seem to occupy a nice place in the value curve. I used to teach tennis and often would see beginners with expensive, advanced racquets which offered nuance for the advanced player but actually got in the way of a beginner's improvement. I'm thinking anything more advanced than something like an ugly stik might be lost on me? best,
  2. this feels a little like the "plastics" line from The Graduate Are you suggesting the key to catching stripers in the Hudson is using herring as bait? Makes sense since it's a native fish...
  3. thanks for the encouragement! the guide is very reputable, past president of the local surf fishers club. salt deficient, I've been looking on online for the past week, anxious to give it a try. Have been thinking about purchasing a used rod and reel here or on craigslist but probably makes sense to try a bunch of the guide's equipment before diving in.
  4. In our town, it's $10 per month but after 6 months they hit you with a $40 "maintenance fee". A number of people also complain about canceling their membership but the billing never stops....actually, it's come up enough that I believe it's an intentional practice. having said that, as a retiree, I can go when it's not busy, it's clean, free classes, and good equipment.
  5. Hi, we recently purchased a place in st augustine fl, visiting for the first time, would like to try surf fishing. I'm really a beginner when it comes to fishing, have been out for stripers in nj five times, fished a lot in the lakes behind our house for lake bass as a kid but never received any instruction. I'm thinking a lesson or two may cut off a steep part of my learning curve. there's a very reputable teacher here who has different rods/reels for me to try, can opine on bait/rigs, help learn to read the surf, etc. I'm guessing most people are self-taught but at 63, I probably don't have 15 years to figure this stuff out make sense? best,
  6. Hi, I'm somewhat new to fishing, live in northern westchester, the hudson is about five minutes away. I understand there's a striper run every year, lots of people casting from the shore. Anyone have a sense of what tackle I'd need to fish from the shore? Also, I believe it's not safe to eat fish from the Hudson. Seems a little strange, aren't these the same fish that are eventually caught and eaten off of NJ? thanks, any and all help appreciated! best,
  7. thanks for this, I've been looking at various internet sites for just this information, nice to have it from a trusted resource!