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  1. dang, I left my 13 foot rod in fl, I have a daiwa reel here in ny, anyone have a suggestion for an inexpensive 13 foot rod I can learn with? once the snow melts, I'll find a local park for casting practice.
  2. i had a little cut last week on my index finger, grabbed some duct tape from my tackle box, wrapped three times, easy peasy. i had no feel on my casts but it kept me fishing. duct tape, never leave home without it...
  3. Here then is my 5th ground cast. I had some better results before this cast but figured I'd learn more by posting a dud. This flew around 70 yards, pretty much a line drive. to my eye, it seems obvious the release point was way off but the rod does seem to be loading up a lot more than the OH cast. I'll leave it at that, again any and all feedback appreciated! also, if it's easier I could post on YouTube and add a link here. best, My_Movie.MOV
  4. well thank you tommy, your post felt like Fed giving feedback on my forehand! We do a lot of uncoiling in tennis and it really all starts with bending our knees. Over the course of teaching tennis, I've come to realize everyone thinks they are bending their knees a lot more than they really are and in fact, I went back and watched your videos again and noticed you have a much deeper knee bend than me. I'm guessing it's complimentary to tennis in that we get the big muscles in the legs, shoulders and chest doing the heavy lifting by creating lag (loading/unloading). as for my ground cast, I finally edited the video (it was way too long) and slowed it down some. It was taken before the first video so I didn't have the benefit of your suggestions but I did have the benefit of watching your videos a bunch before I gave it a try. best,
  5. thanks for the feedback! I did several shadow casts (no rig) outside the day before, pretty tough, with tennis we take shadow swings in front of a mirror and get instant feedback...not so easy with a 13 foot rod. Anyhow, during my shadow swings I found it was easier to find more pull with my left by changing grip pressure. Again, going back to tennis, we try to hold the racket like it's a potato chip that we don't want to break so I figured I'd use a very light grip with my right hand and a somewhat harder grip with my left. if nothing else it helped me be more aware of what each hand was doing. best,
  6. thanks so much! i’ll take a look at what tommy f has to say, i’ve enjoyed his videos. i played tennis in college and rotational energy is a big part of stroke production. if you take a look at my chest start to finish, it rotates towards the ocean. are you talking about something different? i have an awful off the ground cast i need to shorten before posting, the rod loads up a lot better but my release was way off resulting in a much shorter cast. hopefully, i’ll garner a little more feedback in the meantime.
  7. new to surfcasting, took a lesson a year ago at a field, then the pandemic and forgot it all. casting here a 13 foot 3-8oz surf rod, 15lb mono with 40lb mono shock leader throwing a 3 ounce sputnik. second time using rod, my sense is this flew around 100 yards, during lesson I did best with off the ground casts, flew 150 and I could feel my body and the rod loading up, this just doesn't feel right. the kinetic chain is off and I'm not working the rod but don't know how to fix. any feedback most welcome! thanks! IMG-5183.MOV
  8. Hi, If I were to post links to YouTube videos,would y'all be kind enough to provide feedback on how I can improve my form? I grew up fishing from a boat so surfcasting is relatively new to me. best,
  9. indeed, sorry to hear of your health condition. Wishing you tight lines in the other parts of your life. best,
  10. grew up on the great south bay, made for a lazy day of fishing and delicious dinner. by the time i was done w college, we were skunked more often than not. interestingly i’ve seen some recent posts here in fl of people catching one or two from the shore.
  11. Hi, should I grab for $275? seventy wood choppers, jerk baits and crank baits plus forty five poppers/streamers. thought I might be able to keep what I like and sell the rest on bst to finance a reel.... best,
  12. I've only fished in the surf 5 times but around 100 yards. Before my first outing, I took an hour lesson for $60 with a well-known FL fishing guide/teacher in a park. He had me pendulum casting 150 yards by the end of the hour with a 12 foot rod, 4 ounce weight. Unfortunately, the day after that lesson we headed home with the intent of returning in 3 months and then this covid thing happened. Fifteen months later, finally back in FL, forgot most of what I learned but watching YouTube videos has helped me get back to 100 yards with 3 ounces on a 10 foot rod in the surf. Honestly though, I'm finding it a lot different casting in the surf, with the people, wind, noise, water, sand and sun than an empty, windless park so not sure that 150 was ever translatable to the surf. I played tennis in college and started teaching kids once I retired. There are a lot of similarities in the tennis and casting kinetic chains. I have the type of obsessive personality that I'll have to fight tooth and nail from spending 3 hours a day improving my form and distance. best,
  13. thank you all for the great suggestions! I probably should have been clearer in my OP, we have a 2nd floor condo on the beach so I just have to get the rod down the stairs (which has a tight turn) and through the locked gate. It doesn't sound like much but I have a backpack, sand spike, beach chair back pack and sometimes our dog! At some point I'll probably take a cooler too, so getting this stuff squared away is a big help. To date I've been setting it all up on the beach and yes, as others have pointed out, it does take patience and care to thread guides and attach the rig on a windy beach. At this point, I've made every mistake one can make so it's getting quicker. To answer Zak's question, seems like everyone throws bait here for pompano, whiting and red drum. best,
  14. how much eddie?
  15. Hi, Looking for great condition, 6500 Spinfisher , Spinfisher LC or Akios spinning reel. tia,