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  1. As others mentioned, I went out Saturday morning and no fish. I tried a few different spots, saw lots of bait and even bird activity but no hits and no splashing. However I did see 2 seals... unusually don’t see them that often and usually not till mid winter, I’m guessing they were feeding on the bait.
  2. Just to add to some of the reports tonight, before dark on the way home from work- bait everywhere! On the beach. Didn’t see any blitz action but the way the bait was moving there was more then likely fish on them... only saw a couple of guys fishing... I didn’t stick around long to watch
  3. I personally love a lighter setup almost all the time... if you where to go with one multipurpose rod, the 7’ st croix mojo surf is a great example. I use this rod most of the time. I can cast just about as far as someone’s with a rod in the 9ft range due to the guides. It’s fun with smaller fish and has enough back bone for large fish. In fact I use it for a boat rod as well, for the few times I’m out nowadays. I have pulled in 35# plus fish with it easily. Anyways- if you have a fresh water bass rod maybe give that I try one day, it will give you a good starting point and you may just end up liking it. I’m always surprised how far I can cast and catching small bass is super fun and can still get them in without wearing them out. Although top water plugs don’t go so well...
  4. This morning before first light into sun up... moco. a couple of shorts, like very short. Shortest fish I got this year... happy I brought my freshwater bass rod, was a lot of fun at least. clear water, flat and some bait around as discribed by mc55. I couldn’t tell what the bait was, but saw it - was scattered a bit but a lot of it. and saw a few obvious fish in it, here and there out of the corner of my eye. Of coarse the green Ava worked but they really loved this small boone needle fish that I picked up years ago... real slow.
  5. Missed the last few (warmer) days... but got out this morning in moco and it’s getting cold again! Anyways, same reports as others, Ava’s with hits on the teaser. Tried throwing some other stuff, had a hit on a sluggo but nothing else seemed to work. Was out before first light to sunrise. I thought the water looked fairly clear, but then again it was kinda dark out so idk
  6. Good point gcjeep! I didn’t even think about blue fish! I remember pre-sandy where you would hear of (or even witness) a blitz on the beach but come to find it’s only blues - then walk away to find another spot- “It’s all just blue fish... I’m looking for bass” at the same time not wanting to sacrifice your plugs paint job lol ... not anymore! I think all of us would just love the chance to have our tips bent and drags spinning... anyways, I’m all about catch and release while caring for the fish’s health... but I feel like something else might be at play
  7. Interesting thoughts... i don’t spend as much time fishing as most each season- but I noticed a huge and drastic change after Sandy. That seemed to be the turning point for me for the beach. Fish were still caught from the boat, but the surf was much less productive. Where pre-Sandy it was pretty much always fish, schoolies - if you knew where to fish (rips etc) and of you wanted bigger fish- find the bait and birds and other flock of fisherman . Anyways- I just feel like something with the bottom changed drastically with Sandy- weather what ever held baitfish in tight is no longer there- or the needlefishs habitat changed - idk, but something changed at the point
  8. Interesting topic especially in light of bob the garbage man lol I enjoyed reading and picking a few tips up. I don’t have any good advise since I only caught one chunking from the shore, plenty from the boat but that’s a little different. Funny thing is that chunking is how I started stripper fishing! I grew up fishing the rivers and freshwater with my father... But I moved to the shore when I was in college. When I was in my young 20 my old man bought me a surf rod setup and gave me all these frozen herring. He used to catch them, freeze them and use them for bait for strippers in the Chesapeake bay. Anyways, I had a freezer full! And I would truck down to my fav surfing jetty, which was tall and easy to get on at any tide- and walk out on the end and toss some chunks. I spent a lot of time out there, with my big white rod... cooler and even the old style thermos filled with coffee! Didn’t catch a thing! Lol I think I lost a lot of bait, but I didn’t know what I was doing and was probably down there in the wrong season even. Eventually I got one! I soon realize that I had a problem with landing the fish, it was too big to get up on the jetty so I somehow walked it back to the beach. I was hooked... Anyways- soon thereafter when I wasn’t out fishing chunk -a blitz occurred (unbeknownst to me) and all these guys showed up and were catching fish left and right! I walked down and watched... then noticed one of the guys was a surfing buddy, Johnny G who quickly introduced me to the proper lures and how to tie a leader... thankful he showed me those few things! Thanks Johnny!
  9. Interesting thread... and what a mess we are in with our state. This sand issue drives me nuts (among all the other things as well...) just remember it’s OUR state and we have the opportunity for our voice to be heard through voting. That being said, please be careful who you vote for. Don’t just vote party lines, especially since partys have changed in the last 10/20 yrs. but make sure you take some time to read up on what ppl stand for and their agendas. And not just their stance on social issues or who they are... anyways just trying to say it’s important to take time to research! And also equally important to get out and vote!
  10. This morning was def adverse conditions, wind was honking more then 20 on the beach before light. But letup a bit at sunup. No one around early and no fish. When I was gearing up a guy pulled up and asked “is it fishable” and then suggested that it’s not... so of coarse that was in my mind at first even tho I have fished much worse conditions. Anyways, threw a few heavy things first, Ava, bucktail etc... hard to feel with the current. Found the best presentation being a top water bottle neck plug (idk if that’s the real name..) - casts perfectly of coarse anyways no fish.. and no one until sun up and the bird started working just outside the jetty, then the bus must have come by- I look around and there is like 10 guys all the sudden lol didn’t see anyone get anything i figure it was was the last shot until Tuesday so had to give it a go. Was cold but not that bad
  11. Reports have been sounding good in the past week!! I agree- get the word out about sandy hook... I heard that it has been happening the last few days as well...
  12. Freezing out early ... had one before first light in southern Moco, was only out for 45min. Got em on an old yozuri I think called the crystal minnow. Nicer fish then I have seen lately. Not huge but had more weight and a better fight then recent fish I caught... I was stoked! Didn’t see any noticeable bait around but I left at sunrise.
  13. As far as cold hands go... IMHO I don’t think there is an answer... mine are always frozen. When it gets real cold, I use a pair of my old neoprene surfing gloves. Still cold. Saw today at horrible freight they had some nice “cold weather work gloves” thick wool with the rubber dipped palm, 2.99. I’m gonna try them. Sorry, I don’t have a VS so idk about casting with one with gloves.... I got my reel like 30 years ago from a polish kid named Irish Greg Someone else mentioned wrapping your metal metal reel with electrical tape. Very good idea. I had this stuff called “silicone self fusing tape” that works awesome! It’s thicker, rubbery and no sticky residue. Make sure to follow the directions, you have stretch it. Works on all kinds of stuff, I used it to seal up a torn ball joint boot on my truck...
  14. Havnt seen the sign yet, I live close but don't fish/surf squan that often... but its no surprise. but totally not cool. They should have put an "at your own risk" sign instead. Very Very sadly there have been tragedies there in the past... so much so that years ago (im unsure of the present) the local ems would perform regular drills for saving ppl on the rocks