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  1. Nice!!! Stay close to your buddy… maybe there will be future trips!! Sounds like a good time
  2. Bigger is always better
  3. Nice job!!!
  4. Sounds familiar but I don’t think I know him on a first name basis… same age as me …
  5. it’s really not that bad, just hard to get motivated! I probably have surfed with him since that’s the area I surf and live, not the exact area as my screen name would suggest…
  6. Interesting, thanks for sharing… good reminder that this is fishing and things change and fluctuate throughout the years…
  7. I haven’t seen any, but I haven’t been targeting them per say… but they are a very fun fish to catch. I think they get a bad rap due to their teeth and the lousy taste compared to game fish. anyways, I agree with the Sandy statements- before that everyone tried to avoid bluefish lol and it seems like everything is a few weeks late this year- so maybe they will show up in another week or two like… hopefully anyways!
  8. Speaking of weather patterns- we went from that crazy NE week long blow to now, I just looked ahead and now there is a good bit of heavier south wind forecasted!
  9. And so I have heard! I have seen a lot more people driving around with rods this year -more then ever… although somehow thankfully I have managed to avoid them - I believe it’s due to where I am in life with family and kids and work - that my current fishing hours are really only a small amount of time at an odd hour when I guess everyone is sleeping idk plus I avoid all the ‘known’ spots. anyways reminds me of a term me and some buddies would call the summer time surf crowd- “summer pros” they would show up at a spot that we had been surfing all winter- in the coldest , biggest of days, only one out- and then warmer weather comes and they show up and would automatically paddle around you and the rest of the lineup to the best peak position and then continually paddle battle everyone for waves and move closer to the peak for like 2 to 3ft waves, you know small waves. And they always had the top of the line most expensive gear… my only thought is that they don’t have the true passion and most likely will not be around in the years to come, a passing fad … I guess time will tell
  10. No big head here! Staying humble.. I got a lot to learn…and even more after that…someone once told me that you can never stop learning, and it’s true… thanks again HH
  11. Haha! Thank you Sir! And thanks for being a great teacher! Gill
  12. I was just thinking about this early this morning.... its a very short window and that week of NE wind seemed to scatter things a bit -for better or worse idk but i figure its saving me some gas money lol... but Goldy it does sound like you got some good fish this spring so far!! with the cold weather lasting so long into early spring (march) and all the other strange weather patterns, I personally feel like its going to be a late season again , like last year it seemed like the whole year was 2 to 4 weeks late like a moon phase out of timing or something idk. just my thoughts... who knows- its fishing after all! If its like last year, I have written down in my log that fish were being consistently caught to the end of july. although these fish you did have to work for, and know where to go- they were not the fish in the barrel like we can all so easily get used too this time of year. but hey its fishing! its nice to just be out on the water
  13. Very interesting replies, I would like to hear more! I, similar to @Heavy Hooksetter, have not had much success (if any!) with black! So reading others feedback in interesting to hear. I remember years ago a couple of my buddies had a spot that they continually caught at and only at night and only apparently with black bombers. I gave it a go (not at the exact same spot- but at places with fish) and didnt catch anything! I always did well with white at night or brighter colors or natural colors. I also found it curious as to why black? to me it didnt make sense, i guess using my human eyes and senses anyways. but i know fish eyes and senses are totally different- so we cant rely on that! And i remember people saying to hold a black plug up to a dark sky and it has better contrast then white. idk if thats true or not... BUT im not discrediting anyone here- its just not been my experience. Burple on the other had has continually produced for me, even at dawn with some light. maybe i will give black a go again, when ever i have time maybe i will make a black and white plug identical and see if i notice a difference. if i catch on one- switch to the other... I have read some interesting research on fish eyes specifically striped bass- they 'see' by using their eyes and lateral line combined. and apparently the one color they see best is chartreuse (a study looked at different light wavelegths and found that the wavelengths closest to this color where recognized easier) but im not sure if this test was at night or day.... my thought is this- if the fish uses the lateral line and eyes combine- maybe the fish finds the plug by feeling but cant really see it until its right on top of it- and ends up kinda getting smacked on the side of the mouth and hooked? do you guys who catch often with black ever notice irregular hook locations, like on the side of the mouth? instead of the front set of hooks right on the corner or top of the mouth?
  14. i dont have those exact rods, but similar. I have an 11' penn battalion and a 10'6 fiblink super monster, both casting rods and rated 2-6oz. The fiblink is an off brand like berrypro. i have 2 fiblink rods and Im pleased with them. The super monster is like a clone of the battalion, but smaller in size and also thickness. The handle is not as thick as the penn- but thats personal preference.... i like thicker handles for a conventional set up- but for spinning idk... anyways- the penn is a bit heavier too- but its also higher quality. i have stepped on my penn a couple of times, tripped once and its not effective. its durable and thicker. in my opinion the range is also more then 2-6, more like 1.5 to 8oz. The penn seems a little faster as far as action. the fiblink seems ligher- but its also shorter and smaller and maybe the handle diameter makes it feel lighter. paying the extra 40$ on penn youll get nicer guides and seat ect, but thats not to say that the fiblink is junk. both nice rods- just personal preference. so over all, the fiblink is just a slightly slimed down version of the penn, they may even be the same or similar blanks.
  15. Nice @TKSurf!!! Which plug did you catch ‘em on?