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  1. Doesn’t @DeeMonee have a head shot of himself in his avatar? Maybe we should take his lead and change all our aviators to actual head shots of ourselves?
  2. ... you know not many fish are being caught when guys are posting porkroll instead of fish.... and I can’t blame them!!!
  3. ... it’s not even a good pic of the fish! Is that a lollipop in his mouth???
  4. Out this morning... another beautiful morning- nice and clear looking water... very fishy looking after reading one of @MC55 posts- I got thinking about the chompers so I decided to go on the gator hunt this morning, usually not my thing but the beach hasn’t been producing much... but forgot how enjoyable it is! No fish tho lol only a big ol seal swimming around - at first I saw swirls in the water and got excited but was only the seal lol still beautiful and a good time.
  5. Nice fishy looking water this morning... beautiful out there, nice sunrise- west wind... praise God
  6. I think I may have seen you guys out there this morning too.... even if the fishing isn’t that great- and it’s a little crowded lol it’s always very encouraging to see a father and son out fishing together - and to see the joy in the kids eyes just being out with his dad ...
  7. You did fine... better then most... sometimes it’s better to keep the lure out of the mouth... specially expensive lures..
  8. Ghost town this morning... and not wonder it was freezing with all the wind... errrr back to the gloves
  9. @UncleJohn Thanks for sharing- good read!
  10. Hey Jim- good point , thanks... I had one floating around me this morning- half alive swimming in circles and upside down... @DeeMonee good stuff! Hope I run into some of that action... not that I like blue fish, but I can’t remember the last time I caught a blue from the beach....
  11. Wow the Blues are in town!!!! Sounds like a good sign!! @ND74 I find it very strange as well that the bass are not going after the sick bunker... interesting
  12. .... another beautiful morning out there again today- Praise God. very fishy and nice looking water.
  13. Real nice looking water this morning, light wind and clean. Small wave action. Had one follow my needlefish right to the beach... then we made eye contact and that was that.... errr As @suntzu mentioned, all the sand at all the spots that I had scoped out just a short time ago changed... along with my fav spot. But I think I found a new one today so I’m excited!
  14. Out front this morning, felt like just a classic spring morning- nice warm sunrise and pods of bunker stretching along the shoreline about 2 jetty lengths out- all doing their happy flips... just beautiful after a long winter
  15. I can attest to CRC Marine Heavy Duty Corrosion Inhibitor. I haven’t sprayed my truck with it- but I do use it on many various other things where I want to keep rust / corrosion at bay- and the stuff is amazing. Never comes off and stays waxy as mentioned. I believe the instructions mentioned that if you want to remove it you’d have to use solvent like acetone. @faithless about how many cans of CRC did it take to do your truck? Maybe I will do that next time instead of oil