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  1. @ksong thanks for all the great info!
  2. @ksong what is the warranty on these rods??
  3. @ksong can these rods handle a 4-5oz sinker for bait fishing? Basically casting out and leaving the line out? I have had some issues in the past going to heavy and have the line break with others
  4. So the big question issssss Tsunami or Suzuki?
  5. can you show actually show how the spring And metal piece should lay when installed??
  6. Anyone selling a used century?
  7. Carbon surf I was looking into as well. if anyone can vouch for it please let me know as it’s a contender for sure
  8. Looking for a good surf rod around the $200 range. something capable of throwing 3/4-4oz range. thanks in advance
  9. Very helpful sir, thank you!
  10. Hey guys, Took apart this old reel I had to do some cleaning and learning and made the mistake of taking the bail apart. can someone tell me how to reassemble this part? Where does this metal piece go to assemble this again? Please explain through my pictures and draw on them if possible. Sometimes through words it’s hard to piece together. thanks in advance!
  11. This is great to know will try and dig some up
  12. I would try to be civil and work something out. If he keeps giving you a hard time, stand your ground and be prepared to defend yourself.
  13. Good to know thanks for thx for the info!
  14. What size sinker is usually used with sabiki rigs from the surf?
  15. That’s great to hear. You just picked up some frozen shrimp or squid? Or from the seafood area in the market?