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  1. Gents, Heading down to Puerto Rico this January in the Aguadilla/Isabela area and looking for some advice. Has anyone fished the area? Whats running and what are they eating??
  2. Very helpful will check them out thanks
  3. Cool looks good. Catching stripers with these?
  4. What do you usually pair these with?
  5. Nice! You forgot to mention how many oz you used?? lol
  6. Good information, thank you
  7. To be a little more specific I plan to use the jig heads to fish with plastics (Berkly saltwater mullets, grubs, etc). I basically am asking for the range or what is typically used. I understand depending on the conditions is how to determine the weight. 1/4oz -1oz? 1-2oz etc. and can someone recommend to me what brand or a link to what they use??
  8. What weight jig head does everyone use for the surf?? Also what type? Colored head? Shad head etc. What works best???
  9. What size hook/type?
  10. Very helpful thank you.
  11. New to surf fishing and a little confused on what hooks to use. what is everyone using and why?
  12. Def seems a lot more complicated than I thought. Now i have to ask, what about pouring your own plastics? Any hazards involved??
  13. Essex county NJ
  14. Ahh ok guess I’ll stick with buying them. Hate to lose them they’re not that cheap. Anyone use alternatives???