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  1. Refuse mouth to mouth, you're life might depend on it. That is all.
  2. Will **** Joe leave the basement to attend?
  3. Extra protection, might come in handy
  4. " In 1856 “Spiritualism, a Satanic Delusion, and a Sign of the Times” by Pastor William Ramsey included this passage: 2 One of the most striking proofs of the personal existence of Satan, which our times afford us, is found in the fact, that he has so influenced the minds of multitudes in reference to his existence and doings, as to make them believe that he does not exist; and that the hosts of Demons or Evil Spirits, over whom Satan presides as Prince, are only the phantacies of the brain, some halucination of mind. Could we have a stronger proof of the existence of a mind so mighty as to produce such results?" I professionally dealt with that bastid for 28 years, in NYC. And, yes there is a bogeyman. You don't want to meet him, you will never be the same person you are. Sincerely, CPalms, take care, it was fun.
  5. Time to masticate my Italian repast. I bid you all a fondue or a fond adieu. Rise, Patriots, Rise, Save the Union! Vote Trump.
  6. Glad you find vandalism, arson, looting, murder and rape amusing. What is your P.O. Box in Seattle, I'll send you a case of Skittles and Gatorade. You OK with lime flavored.
  7. I think he posts here under the name CPalms or Hairy Palms, something like that.
  8. Your mind is in the gutter.
  9. Sharp as a marble, you are.
  10. No, my knees, all the riots I have been in, it takes a toll. Don't forget your knee pads...when skateboarding, that is.
  11. Are you bucking for Master Baiter on the SS Biden?
  12. Bring it.
  13. Never thought I would see a 300 lb. bearded man in a g sting, wig and tutu teaching kindergartners in a public library the wonders of his lifestyle. Never thought I would see black clad skateboarders defacing the Lincoln Memorial. Never thought I would see the wigger Shaun White calling for the destruction of Churches and the degrading of Jesus Christ. Never thought I would see the FBI attempted a coup of the US Gov't. etc., etc...
  14. I don't think bicycles are allowed on the Turnpike.
  15. So is trying to turn the USA into the next socialist Sweden like the DNC wants. If you had half a working brain you would understand the patterns emerging.