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  1. IBSP, got there during outgoing, couple of fluke on AVA. About a mile out there was a flotilla of boats, counted about 25, all sizes; and birds going crazy.
  2. Power Pro. Tip: After you put it on for first cast put heavy lure or sinker, 3-4 oz and give it a good cast. Reeling it in sets the line nice on the spool. Don’t forget you backing, nobody needs 300 yards of braid.
  3. Great video. I slowed it down, he was spraying McCormick Ainse on the chunk.
  4. Great idea, will be trying that. Thanks.
  5. Never cared for the tournaments, could be a good thing. How do you set a record when the limit is one at 35” max?
  6. I came to my senses a few years ago. 15# bluefish casting into a blitz. Fish mouth sealed shut. 2 hooks above the upper lip, 1 below the lower lip, removing the treble I felt so bad about it. Thinking this pretty pointless and stupid what I am doing. Switched over to barbless single hooks, just keep the line tight, easy enough to do. If it does wiggle off it is not the end of the world. Not like I am going to starve if it gets away. Least you can try is to cut off one of the hooks.
  7. On two separate occasions brought different people out to fish. They lose lures not thinking I have to actually buy them. Yes, let them dole out the money for the lures before going out.
  8. What a great answer, thanks.
  9. ...but that is what I am asking, any clues to water clarity in weather/tide times reports?
  10. Muddy at IBSP and remembering being told a long time ago the fish don’t like the grains in their gills.
  11. Before you head out what would you look for in weather/tide reports to know if the water is clean or stained?
  12. New to this area, not surf fishing. Seems a lot hype from tackle shops and no substance. Can’t blame them for wanting the business but this IBSP is way, way over rated.
  13. Not new to surf fishing, just the area. All tides, hours, winds. Pretty slim pickings, if any. I was a pretty steady surf caster up in Staten Island, monster blues and 40-50 lb stripers off the beach and coves, blitzes were the norm and if it is any consolation I went through what happens when Army Engineers do shore restoration. Fishing took quite a bad hit, for about 2 years then Sandy came along reshaped everything. Nevertheless, todays newspaper: Afraid this will be the new normal for a couple of seasons around these parts.