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  1. Not too awful yet...only a few greenheads hitching a ride on the windshield...can't leave the window open too long before the wife starts shrieking though...the Northern Diamondback Terrapin turtles are out in full force looking for a place to drop some eggs...we counted 101 turtles yesterday on a run out to the end of the road by the Rutgers station...never seen anything like it
  2. Black Necked Stilt seen off Seven Bridges Rd LEH this AM...while dodging the Terrapins
  3. Madness this AM on Seven Bridges Rd...Wife and I counted 101 Terrapins in under an hour to the end of the road...the ride back was like a turtle slalom run...quite a few were on the side of the road digging a hole to place their eggs.
  4. If you want to learn more about Diamondback Terrapin nesting around Seven Bridges Rd check out the Great Bay Terrapin Project established by Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ...they have a web page with a lot of information. Also, there is an app called iNaturalist which allows you to report a sighting...you can register and add yourself to the "Great Bay Terrapin Project"...if you spot one (alive or flattened), snap a picture on your phone and report the observation through the app. You can also browse through recent sightings around any location.
  5. Saw this guy on Great Bay Blvd this AM...deep scar on back...he was just in front of this sign that went up Friday night...creative homemade sign seen too...they are on the move for sure
  6. Pair of Black Necked Stilts at Forsythe NWR this AM...sorry for the lousy zoom...they were at quite a distance...thrill to see though...many Terrapin Turtles were out taking in the sun...great morning
  7. so local...but just had to reply...I drive to Forsythe NWR for bird photography about every morning...this was such an awful pia...share your sentiments...and fyi...at the outset they proposed to flat out close Rt 9 there and detour
  8. Mussels for breakfast at Forsythe
  9. I had my doubts the Egret would be able to get that fish down whole...took him a good 5 minutes but he prevailed.
  10. Clapper Rail making a lot of noise this AM at Forsythe and another Yellow Warbler from the weekend
  11. Blue Grosbeak and House Wren at Forsythe NWR this AM
  12. some Warbler action at Forsythe this AM
  13. Little Red Bellied Woodpecker...
  14. Flicker pair at Forsythe this AM