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  1. I saw the same. The people there don’t let anything go.
  2. Great thank you for clarifying what I thought was incorrect. Appreciate it. -Mike
  3. Hi Everyone, (Newly acquired boat) The picture below shows the two batteries. You can see the negative battery charger lines connected and the 2 positives are not connected but on the top negative it shows the red line but with black connector. This isn’t right correct? the black line should be going into the negative connector? Thanks in advance don’t want to switch it unless I have a second opinion cuz I think I am correct on it’s not how it should be wired
  4. awesome thanks i appreciate it
  5. I will be holding it.
  6. Can anyone give me any advice for a rod using live Mack’s for stripers from a boat under 100$? I’m thinking to match it with a penn battle 2 4000 thanks mike