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  1. No thanks. Not at the moment. I appreciate it
  2. Looking for ccw cigar Danny’s and jetty swimmers.
  3. Pm coming. Thanks
  4. Rm smith: all are new and unfished except for the peanut in bottom left. Wonder bread and bunker jigsmiths are loaded. Herring jigsmith is standard. 300$ shipped for the lot striper bites: all new and unfished except for the 2 rip rats. 135$ shipped for the lot pikies: Eurojett small pikie fished once afterhours xl pikie: had a skin on it. Not sure if I fished it or not. Looks new minus the groove. 50$ shipped for the 2 lefty and big fish prey: lefty is new and unfished as far as I can tell. Prey has been fished. 75$ shipped for both
  5. I’m not sure. Honestly I don’t think I fished it. If I had to guess I would say lower. Doesn’t appear to be a surface pikie
  6. Pm coming thanks
  7. Actually I want these gone. I’ll do them for 275 to cover shipping
  8. Thanks for the offer. I’m going to hold at 300
  9. All yours pm coming
  10. Keeping as a lot for now. Thanks
  11. sounds good thanks
  12. Hey Steve. I have an all black I can trade. It has been fished once or twice. Still in great shape.
  13. Looking for a cigar danny or 2. Any color. Used or new is fine. Thanks. happy thanksgiving
  14. CCW

    I’ll take #3 dp
  15. I’ll take the blind white darter
  16. Looking for a handle arm extension for a vsx150. Don’t care about the color. Thanks
  17. Is the handle arm is the extended version and would it work with a vsx150? If so I’ll take it
  18. I’ll take them
  19. Is there anything else you would want for it?
  20. Looking for cigar dannys. Have classic danny in bunker and small danny in white/orange to trade small dannys new and unfished classics been throw a few times. I can take better pics later today if needed
  21. Thanks. I’m gonna pass on that for now
  22. Its in good shape I’ve only thrown it a couple times. I can post pics when I get home.