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  1. I’ll take them
  2. Is there anything else you would want for it?
  3. Thanks. I’m gonna pass on that for now
  4. Its in good shape I’ve only thrown it a couple times. I can post pics when I get home.
  5. Still looking for a cigar danny. I have alot to trade.
  6. I’ll pm you too
  7. Alright I’ll do that. Pm coming
  8. The bunker classic is already claimed unless I get a cigar. I have a gas one or an all white as well. Both have been fished a bit. I’d do one of those and the small for both darters and a single hook jetty
  9. I’ll do it for one of the single hooks
  10. Ok thanks. Might as well show me the jettys
  11. Ok. I’m really looking for a cigar. I’m gonna hold off. Let me know if you can think of anything else you want for it.
  12. I can’t do 2 ccw. I can throw in a new rm danny?
  13. No not both. Anything else you would want for it?