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  1. I’ll take the Conrad
  2. Go dig through that bin
  3. Bump
  4. No thanks
  5. Looking for a jj3. I have jj2 or giant danny to trade. Both are brand new
  6. I can do any 3 of these
  7. I’ll take the cowboy Jr
  8. Yes it’s definitely no good. Addiction can/will turn the most moral man immoral. If drugs are not the situation then he’s just born scum
  9. Good luck. I gave up it is what it is. Karma will do her job one way or another
  10. That explains it.
  11. He got my buddy and I for well over 300$. He recently denied my Venmo requests too. They definitely got a lot of money from a lot of people. I’m assuming its all drug related.
  12. Bump. 500$ shipped
  13. Lowest I’m willing to go is 500 shipped