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  1. Congratulations Zak, this has to be one of the dumbest things ever posted
  2. Take them back to Walmart and get a refund...
  3. Going back a few years Mojo surf rods earned a reputation for snapping and having their reel seats come loose; sorry to say but it was way more than just a few dozen. I would assume STC fixed whatever was wrong and hopefully it's not happening anymore. The two Mojos I had didn't get much use before I sold them and they were both fine. STC is a good company to deal with if and when you do have a problem as they stand behind their products and have a good rep for customer service.
  4. Hey Tim, 13 pages of suggestions for improvement and some gripes registered. Think you're doing a fine job with SOL and have been for the 14 years that I've been here and will continue to be as long as SOL is with us. Thanks for the camaraderie, laughs and the endless supply of degenerates who make this place somewhere we all want to be. I think you're doing a fine job with SOL just as it is.
  5. Losing a parent is a kick in the gut. Just remember you'll meet up with your pops again down the road. Thoughts and prayers to you and your family.
  6. Let's face it, any number of SOL members would love to have their anal area probed; no doubt a lot of jealous people reading this. Good luck with the scope
  7. Is your Beretta a 9 or 45 and how accurate out to say 75 yards? Think they make a lot of sense for HD.
  8. Have no love for Nancy Pelosi or the Democrat party in general but when these four "squad members" infer that even Pelosi is racist, you know the term has now completely lost its meaning. Trump is no racist and anyone with some smarts can see he's using this situation to force the left into defending probably the most anti-American members of Congress anyone's ever seen; at least in my lifetime.
  9. Had hoped to get some additional feedback and surprised nobody else has tried this mod. Wonder if anyone has tried different modifications for a Glock trigger that worked out or do you guys prefer to just leave them stock?
  10. As usual it was those damn Irish again...
  11. The guy's a loudmouth obnoxious douche with a Napoleon complex blaming the world for his own shortcomings.