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  1. No denying he/she/it cuts a fine figure in that uniform and look at all those ribbons awarded after being sworn in just today; hold my beer Audie Murphy...
  2. If that happens, where would Staten Island send their garbage?
  3. This is the Public Health Service and when appointed to this position they hold the same rank (O-10) as any 4 star officer in US Miitary. Not only that but AFAIK while in uniform they also must be saluted by members of the miitary.
  4. Now that we have elevated Rachel Levine to 4 star Admiral, I predict this whole Covid-virus thing will be conquered and over with very soon...
  5. I prefer the real name - Patagonian Toothfish
  6. Speaking in tongues is biblical...
  7. Greeks and diners go hand in hand, maybe a second career in the making?
  8. Now you can be denied life-saving medical procedures due to vax status... Cleveland Clinic Bans Severely Ill Ohio Man From Kidney Transplant Because The Donor Isn’t Vaccinated The Cleveland Clinic appears prepared to condemn some patients to death with its requirement that transplant donors accept a Covid-19 vaccination. By Nathaniel Stewart October 13, 2021 The Cleveland Clinic, a world-renowned surgery center and provider of modern medical miracles, announced Friday that it will require both transplant donors and recipients to have received a Covid-19 vaccination. Michael Ganim is a 52-year-old man from Cleveland dying from kidney failure. He has been a Cleveland Clinic patient for years and on the organ donor transplant list since last October. Ganim’s polycystic kidney disease almost killed him in March 2020, and he and his family have ridden the emotional rollercoaster waiting for test results and donor matches ever since, all the while praying that a suitable kidney would be found in time. On June 23, 2021, those prayers were answered. Sue George responded to a Ganim family social media post pleading for help. Testing ensued, and by early August the clinic’s transplant team confirmed George’s kidney was a viable match. On October 4, the Ganims and Georges met with doctors for a routine pre-op meeting and the clinic scheduled the transplant surgery for October 13. But on Friday, October 8, after a year of looking for a matching donor and just five days before the life-saving transplant, the surgery was scuttled by Cleveland Clinic administrative policymakers and their new “safety protocol.” Ganim has received a Covid-19 injection, but it turns out George hasn’t. The transplant team has known this for months. As George told ABC’s News 5, “It was never an issue, and not one doctor out of those doctors we’ve met with mentioned that it was an issue except for the pulmonary doctor who just tried to persuade me to get the shot and that was about a month ago.” According to the Ganims, the clinic’s transplant team has been sympathetic and even apologetic, but the doctors’ hands are tied by clinic rules.
  9. Disheartening to see how many sheep will willingly and obediently ask for more pressure when they find the government's boot placed on their throat...
  10. There was major a sick-out at the Jacksonville Florida ATC center over the weekend which contributed to the flight delays we're seeing. This isn't getting much press, it could easily spread and cause more flight interruptions and great emabarassment for the regieme. I guess to show strength Biden should fire them all?
  11. Interview with Commercial Airline Pilot
  12. It's safe to say that everyting going wrong for the past ten months is deliberate...