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  1. Good to know at least one millennial age college student appears to actually have attended their classes and came away with an education for the effort. At least this young person looks to have developed the skill to apply reason, logic and critical thinking in the real world and will avoid the victimhood trap being set by the political class.
  2. I with you on that and also think the least they can do is pay us back with interest
  3. Didn't realize he lost a that much of his audience but wouldn't be surprised. Listened to him regularly for years but stopped in 2016 when his pro-Cruz anti-Trump ranting got way too tedious. Only occasionally listen to him now, mainly just to get his take on certain issues. His TV show on FNC seems to be doing well, he's a good interviewer and has a whole different personality on camera.
  4. So calling out the present and the past two Speaker's of the House and the sitting Senate Majority Leader is not standing up to anyone with clout? What you say isn't really what you meant and of course you're never wrong. Got it.
  5. You can't be serious; he routinely has called out establishment/swamp Republicans like Cantor, Ryan, Boehner, McConnell, Collins, Mrukowski, Flake, Corker to name a few.
  6. Interesting thing is Levin was a big Ted Cruz supporter and was anti Trump during the primaries, up to and even after the election. Since then he's basically done a 180 and for the most part seems to support the president these days. He is very bright, interesting to listen to and a Constitutional scholar. When he starts ranting on his radio show though (which he doesn't do on TV) you have to turn him off or you'll get a headache.
  7. SUP

    SUPS, blow up kayaks and Float tubes. This thread was doomed to go homo from the start... Another SUP owner
  8. SUP

    SUP pretty much suck but nobody who bought one will admit it There’s a place I stop into for a beer or lunch sometimes where you can sit outside right on the water. Maybe 200 yards away is a place that rents stand up paddle boards by the hour. People are all excited when they first start out but more times than not, by the time they make it to where I’m at as they paddle by you hear “this really isn’t much fun” or “this isn’t what I thought it would be”. Typically they go maybe a1/4 mile, turn around and head back to return them. Can’t believe anyone would actually buy one without trying it out first. Life is too short, get a nice kayak and go enjoy yourself. Typical SUP owner
  9. Is your belief limited to the killing of innocent people only in houses of worship? That could be construed as you’re OK with killing innocent people elsewhere. Why not just say you're not on the side of terrorism and indiscriminate killing; period?
  10. And a Happy Easter to all from those in Orlando...
  11. Just figured it was a brand new gun if it's under warranty; with 3K thru it it's beyond well broken in by now. The procedure will work, I've used it, but it's a PITA. Some piece of hardware (maybe more than one?) is failing and unfortunately without spare parts to swap out you're stuck. Agree with you on Glocks, I own 4 and have to say none of them have ever given me any trouble at all. They aren't pretty but they work and run well. Best of luck with your shield.
  12. Not yet, but someone better hurry because they are sagging and drooping lower down her body with each passing day. Without proper support, she no doubt would look just like the South American indian women in National Geographic back in the old days.
  13. Intermittent failures can be very hard to diagnose. Remenber reading that some early production shields allegedly had similar problems back in the 2012-13 time frame but if you sent this gun in under warranty it must be new, right? You also sound sure it's not a mag issue either; right? Personally would give it a very thorough cleaning and lube and then put 400-500 rounds through it and allow it to fully break in. Would also run some heavier 147g ammo during the break in and not use any hollow points or +P either, just standard FMJ only. If you’re still having the issue after all that, considering S&W already changed out the ejector and extractor things won’t be so simple. I’d try to find someone (maybe at your gun club?) with a shield that’s working OK and swap out the entire slide assembly between guns. Using the exact same ammo to test with, see if doing this fixes your problem and moves the trouble to the other gun. If so you now have to look at what component in the slide assembly is failing. Swap the slide assemblies back and then change out one component at a time between the guns. Main spring assembly would be my first choice, then the barrel and then slide itself (seriously doubt your issue would not be in the slide assembly but remember, anything is possible). You should be able to pinpoint what's causing the trouble folowing this procedure. It is a PITA but you'll want to know that you checked it out as much as possible to see what’s actually causing the problem before sending it back to S&W again. If you don't know anyone with a similar gun, a local range might be able to help you as many rent this particular firearm and would let you test yours out for the rental fee. Not fun to do but aside from giving it to a smith or sending it back to S&W again you don't have much choice. You might possibly luck out and spare yourself all this by just complaining loud enough to S&W and see if they’ll give you a replacement gun but I doubt that would happen. Others here may have different or better suggestions. Whatever you do, good luck!
  14. Apocolypse Now is a classic whether stoned or not, but way better stoned...
  15. Actually grew up within AOC’s congressional district in Queens until I was about 13. The old neighborhood at that time was solid working class. I can tell you without hesitation anyone spewing socialist trash would not have been tolerated much less been elected to public office back then. Demographics changed dramatically since and it’s a whole different way of thinking these days.