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  1. Just amazes me the man has been dead for 40 years, gave this interview 48 years ago and all of a sudden out of the blue he's deemed controversial and an issue is being made of it. Like it or not he is an American icon and was a great actor. Really not surprising though as the same people making this an issue have also been trashing the founding fathers as racists and tyring to erase the legacy of Confederate Civil War heroes and the like. Wonder how long before someone declares Mount Rushmore a racist symbol and demads it be demoished? This stuff is getting way out of hand and really getting old.
  2. We all learned as kids the only way to stop a bully from pushing you around is to confront them and bloody their nose. The media in this country has developed a habit of smearing people and at times attempting to destroy people's lives solely for political/ideological reasons. No way this kid was hurt to the tune of $250 million but if this goes forward and is successful; think of it as a bloody nose for WAPO and Bezos.
  3. Over the past 48 hours Twitter and a number of liberal websites are suddenly outraged and screeching over an interview John Wayne did with Playboy Magazine back in 1971. By today’s standards there’s definitely some provocative stuff there concerning race, political views, homosexuality, etc. and it looks like the media is doing its best to fan the flames almost 50 years after the fact. Supposedly the story is starting to get some traction on social media, remains to be seen where it goes. Can’t help but think it was created to distract from all the publicity Jussie Smollett is getting. Fairly long article too long to post, here's a link to it if anyone's interested in reading. https://pages.shanti.virginia.edu/Wild_Wild_Cold_War/files/2011/11/John_Wayne_Playboy_Int2.pdf
  4. Should he actually be charged with a crime, his legal defense will no doubt concoct some ruse to dodge any major criminal charges and he’ll likely walk away relatively unscathed. Consider he’s black, gay, preyed upon by toxic masculinity, a target of our racist criminal justice system and an obvious victim of white privilege. He’s also a member of the Hollywood elite and just so happens to rub elbows with the Obamas and a number of other very influential people. I’d say Jussie looks to have earned himself a pretty good shot at most any Democrat political office he chooses.
  5. New breakfast cereal that wiil sold excusively at Walmart
  6. No, not the phony made up made MAGA guys... I meant he'll say that he was driven to do this because of racist, privileged white people in General. Wonder how long until Reverend Al gets involved?
  7. Pretty much always looked pale, sweaty and generally unhealthy whenever he appeared on TV. As for being a Democrat, he was normally quite sensible and actually sided with the Republicans on a number of issues; seemed like a decent guy.
  8. Him blaming the whole thing on racist, privileged white people? You forgot one...
  9. Fishing Addict, here are links to the articles by Rumble Fish mentioned above, they are really good reads. http://www.stripersonline.com/forum/thread/417339/reading-the-water http://www.stripersonline.com/forum/thread/537410/reading-the-water-again
  10. "Indonesian police torturing a man by locking him in a cell with a live, two-meter-long snake while taunting and laughing at him. Police in Indonesia’s easternmost Papua region apologized, but also claimed that the snake was not venomous and they spared the suspected thief a physical beating. In the video, the handcuffed man, suspected of stealing mobile phones, screams in fear as his interrogator laughs and a voice can be heard threatening to put the snake into the suspect’s mouth and trousers." R.T. News At least they said they were sorry...
  11. Rotate that thing a bit and it might be able to pass for a certain female body part as well...
  12. Interesting responses all around guys, much apprecited. CCB I remember reading Rumble Fish's posts many years ago and agree there was some real good info there. Really just wonder when and if conditions are favorable and fish are being caught close to shore unless you're specifically shootng for a trough or something why bother throwing your bait out as far as you can. Next time I see someone doing that, will make a point to chat with the guy and see what they have to say.
  13. In addition getting Nadler all flumexed, this guy Whittaker had Shelia Jackson Lee all indignant and howling as well; a good man. Looks like Barr will get confirmed as AG next week, lets hope he has pair too.