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  1. As I said, Covid...
  2. You didn't post a meme to entertain or be funny, you posted an anti 2A political statement. Try growing up sometime and instead of pointing fingers like a child when you get called out, be an adult and admit your wrong.
  3. Why don't you keep the political crap in the ASS BABY where it belongs...
  4. 6" S&W 686 is the one gun I would never part with...
  5. Mostly criminals. Flunk out of a prison work release program and they set you up with a YT channel.
  6. Maybe sweetwater fly fishing to fill the void? Stay well and best of luck...
  7. Forget the soy boi shave clubs. Get yourself a Merkur 34-C safety razor and some Feather double edge razor blades; you'll be all set.
  8. This happened to an idiot BLM protestor in Cali yesterday; I chortled and thought it might help cheer you...
  9. Sad to say you're probably right. I’ll still take the 100 to 1 odds that people like her will always stand out, do the right thing and ultimately come out the winner...
  10. Agree, her parents must be very proud. After a bleak few months, seeing a young person like this helps restore one's faith in our country's future...
  11. 19 year old from Billings Montana pilots Black Hawk and co-pilots Chinook helicopters for the family business. She worked fighting the wildfires out west.
  12. Best to Melissa, prayers sent...