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  1. Didn't even know what a mullet was until about 10 years ago and had to uee Google it to find out. Never saw one in real life...
  2. Something tells me you had a mullet...
  3. Good advice Rocky. A three month rental Jan-Mar will give most people all the Florida they need or want at the best time of year to be there.
  4. Great looking and shooting rig there OH, that's exactly what I'd like to get...
  5. I think we'd all go back given the chance, they were good times...
  6. Relocate to Florida, live inland away from the coast, buy in a gated community and think you'll escape huricanes in the panhandle? Sending dick pics was a far more intelligent idea...
  7. Sang two of the most overplayed and annoying songs of the 1980's. RIP...
  8. You are 100% correct sir, my bad...
  9. Hoping Ruger/Marlin will reintroduce the 1895 45/70 with walnut stocks; not a fan of laminate. Used Marlins made in the "good" years from New Haven command outrageous money for years now.
  10. They better think this through carefully. People are now dealing with outrageous heating bills, many starting to hurt financially and it's a month before Christmas. Nobody's in the mood for anymore mask BS.
  11. Repeated stomping to the front of his head?
  12. Exactly but our society no longer wants to actually reacognize mental illness, they try to normalize it or lay the blame elswhere...
  13. Shooter at the gay night club in Colorado was young non-binary white guy and Walmart shooter a young black man. We all know however the real threats are from older straight, white conservative men.
  14. Don't you have a flag burning to attend rather than your usual shtick of mucking up threads with your obnoxious, whiny, BS?
  15. Exactly! Thread needs more Admiral Levine to get it back on track so I give you this gem: You all know the Admiral but may not know his date. That is Sam Brinton who is the deputy assistant secretary of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition in our office of nuclear energy. These two were our country's representatives at the French Parliment's Bastille day celebration last summer. They seem to make a nice couple.