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  1. I'm glad you weren't seriously hurt and can enjoy the season before you move.
  2. It sounds like you agree with my objective analysis your situation. I'm sorry if you were offended by me being straightforward. There are hundreds of miles of coastline to explore and get away from the crowds and I know for certain you'll catch fish if you can make the time to explore a little bit more. If you want to discuss tactics of finding new spots away from the crowds feel free to PM me and we can talk.
  3. Be careful making assumptions about people you dont know. I dont even own a bright headlamp you are whining about. I fish in the dark, alone, and away from noob spots and catch fish. You sound very disgruntled and are failing to understand the point of my post. If you are going to fish at noob spots like the breachways and other easily accessed spots, expect headlamps to be shined into your face by noobs. Simple as that. No amount of whining on the internet like a child is going to change the fact that noobs will be noobs. This isnt a hard concept to grasp. All the time you spend whining on the internet you could be scouting new spots and catching fish.
  4. This car came flying down the dirt road past me one night this summer and came to a screeching halt about 5 feet away from another angler packing his stuff up in the trunk of his car. The car blocked the other guys car in and 3 people got out and ganged up on the angler packing his stuff up. I overheard screaming about headlamps while they were fishing at a spot. Two people were almost hit by a car because of headlamps. So much whining and complaining from grown men and even violence from grown men about headlamps. Just grow up and get over it. Dont go to spots where noobs are if you dont want headlamps shined in your face.
  5. If I was a headlamp noob and I read your original post I can tell you for sure I would not listen to you based on the insulting tone of your post. I was fishing near someone on the beach that had a head lamp on for a while as he was casting. I've seen the guy before and just went over to him and explained the fish dont like the light and he would catch more if he turned off the light while casting. He listened and then proceeded to catch fish. I cant recall a single experience in my life where insulting someone has made them listen to me and learn something. Maybe try a different approach next time. I'm not trying to have an arguement I just figured I'd say the post struck me as counterproductive.
  6. It will never change there will always be inexperienced fishermen shining headlamps at you and on the water. The choice is to either complain indefinitely or accept this as reality and move on.
  7. I'm surprised at how many older fishermen are giving up striper fishing because the numbers arent what they were before. Its like the going got tough and they all gave up and started complaining on the internet instead of fishing harder.
  8. Good job on the write up keep up the good work.
  9. I have been off the water for about a week and probably wont be able to fish for at least another week. The end of September and fist few days of October I had some fantastic fishing and beat my personal best bass. I was from grinding it out and taking multiple skunks between productive trips. This summer and fall have been discouraging but have also forced me to try and learn different techniques and learn. I am hoping with the dropping water temperature more waves of fish come in and stay for a little bit. It looks like November might be a high fish volume month at this rate. I plan on grinding this season out until it's time to take out the deer rifle. Good luck to thos grinding it out also.
  10. I enjoy fishing sand but this season the open beaches bear me have been absolutely dead since june unlike other years. I dont know for sure what factors are causing the fish to not setup on beaches they typically do every year but I moved on to the boulders for now. The "go where the fish are" line has been crossed for me and I've caught some of my best fish ever at the boulders this year. That being said I am hoping the late season schools of small bass still do their thing and make an appearance on the sand so I can have some action making the sand worth going out on.
  11. Buy cheap and replace every other year. We arent wading trout streams here.
  12. For every plug you lose in that manner a 30lber is soon to come your way.
  13. Just go fish and be ready to move to other spots if necessary.
  14. I'm sure it's not fun playing life catchup in your 30s and retiring at age 77. If that's the risk involved I'd want the cards stacked more in my favor.
  15. I just dont see any job social media related as being stable enough to take the risk and forgo the traditional career route. What happens when the fad is over and theres no money in it anymore? Move on to the next social media fad? I dont like the idea of my income flow being dictated by whatever policy change youtube decides to implement this month. I'd encourage the kid to do what makes him happy as a hobby and not set his expectations that hes going to one day raise a family and start a retirement fund on income from striped bass fishing videos. I know there are people out there that are successful doing this but there are far more who are not.