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  1. I think people spending $350 on pliers to cut line and unhook bluefish sums up the lack of critical thinking skills present in the public today.
  2. It's been windy as all hell since March on the CT/RI coast. Terrible for kayaking. I've been fly fishing the estuaries by just picking locations where the wind is in my favor and going at it.
  3. I use my 704z on a 10' GSB and it's a joy.
  4. Not much action for me on the western beaches in soco this week. I've seen bait and seals. Anyone having any luck over here?
  5. For a $400 reel in 2020 manufacturers should absolutely be able to. The gear on the crosswind shaft is only a few millimeters thick in the first place so tolerance variance of almost 100% is unacceptable.
  6. I saw some sea robins tearing into grass shrimp on the surface a few mornings ago. It was cool to watch them stalk the shrimp in the shallows and then hit!
  7. It is up to you to decide what you feel is right. Nothing wrong with feeling guilty and then assessing yourself afterwards to determine what you feel is ethical.
  8. What country are your rods manufactured in?
  9. Thanks for the info. I'd like to take my kayak out after this cold front.
  10. This cold front seemed to kill the fishing for me also.
  11. Is the quonnie breachway ramp open?
  12. Legal and ethical are not the same thing. You just have to use your judgement. One person keeping a limit of trout everyday for a week could essentially destroy a creek's population without breaking any laws.
  13. I used one of those plastic grocery store bonus points cards and cut a washer out to the exact size needed. I too am not fond of the bailless reels so I just tinkered until I got something to work. The bail has not closed once on me while casting. I am surprised nobody has posted this idea before.
  14. I put a plastic washer in between the bail screw and rotor to create friction so the bail stays closed. Just tighten it down. It works.
  15. Just remove the bail trip components from the reel so it wont flip shut when you cast. I did this with my 712z and it works great, just close the bail manually.