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  1. Thanks very much!
  2. Thanks!
  3. Good point. My LB966 lands them handily. I properly revive them and let ‘em go. Looking for something with the same power but lighter.
  4. At the spot I fish no weight needed. Just a 5/0 inline circle hook snelled to a 30# test 28” leader. Eel swims to the sandy bottom..nowhere to hide. Poor eel!! I’m looking for a blank no more than 7 1/2’. Maybe I’ll try the rod building forum.
  5. Caught a striper 39” couple of weeks ago from shore. Used my Daiwa SS 2600 w/14# mono. Rod was my Fenwick LB966 cut back to 7’8”. Want to try a lighter rod. Fiberglass is pretty heavy. Thanks again
  6. Thanks to everyone!
  7. That’s a great point! I’ll have to rethink my blank choice. I’m trying to use the lightest and shortest rod I can get away with. I’m fishing from shore. Calm inlet, sandy bottom. Thanks again!
  8. Thanks for the response!
  9. Thanks I’m building a rod for eeling. The blank I chose is rated up to 2 oz lure weight. Wondering if the rod will handle a 12”-16” eel.
  10. Anyone have an idea what a 12”-14” live eel weighs? thank you
  11. *