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  1. Thanks for sharing
  2. Yeah, I have a report too! MOCO yesterday out front at sunset. I didnt get a touch. Saw some washed up bay anchovies, large, like 4" long and saw other bait in the water. Small pods which looked like very small peanut bunker and also saw some foot long cigar shaped bait jumping every now and then. Could have been herring or tinker mackeral. Hard to tell what bait is around this time of year because it could be anything. There was also a disoriented juvenile dolphin that beached itself. It drew a large crowd. People were calling 911 and taking videos. 3 guys sent it back in the water but it was acting weird like it was sick or something.
  3. Is this the reports thread? I had to go back and click on it again. Thought I clicked on the wrong thread. Just sayin...
  4. Yeah been happening for years that way. Very smart, close off foot traffic along the surf line and still allow patrols with beach buggies and trucks above the surf line. Makes sense to me, lol!!! Certain people have ignored the signs and just go fish where they want in the dark of night, I would never, wink wink...
  5. I never thought I'd see a "bug blitz" but now I have. Incredible amount of bugs last evening at sunset where I was in MOCO out front. I refuse to fish em, only cause I'm stubborn and I like casting and retrieving plugs. They are the predominant bait right now and the fish are on them. I coaxed a 24" bass and a 16" fluke into hitting my plug but from what I saw I could of had one after the other on bugs. Crazy! Never seen this many bugs, maybe beach replenishment gives them good conditions to thrive? Idk.
  6. Just got in. Fished moco for about 2 hrs. 1 small blue. Love "going nocturnal" (as Sudsy put it). Beautiful inky, black night and not a soul around. As far as the crowds I just shake my head and stay away. I get it though in a way that people are getting crazy from staying in but it's too heavy a price to pay. These are strange times.
  7. It wasn't large but it was cresting with white water all the way in about a 1/4 mile off and no boats or nothing around. I've seen em before. It's not a myth. I always like looking out into the ocean when surf casting for anything out of the ordinary. Like breaching whales. Can see them at times too.
  8. Had a good morning 5-7am MOCO out front. 3 bass 25" to 28" and 1 blue about 7 lbs. all on topwater. Saw a rogue wave which was cool and the lowlight of the morning was catching about a 3-4lb Sea Robin with a huge gut on a pencil popper, not foul hooked, he ate it. That was a surf fishing first for me. Also saw a large fish about 100' out (looked like a striper but seemed too large to be one) poke it's head out of the water up to its' gills. I know, sounds strange but it happened. I've seen sturgeon in the surf in this area but it was not a sturgeon. A very active morning in the beautiful Atlantic surf.
  9. Fishing early AM Saturday, golf tee time around noon Saturday. Sunday tee time early morning then rest and finish the weekend with some night casting. Sunday night is my favorite night to fish cuz all the crowds go and most are getting ready for Monday work. Usually surprised to someone in the spots I frequent. I have to be at work Monday at 7am also but gotta get your priorities straight.
  10. If you have a 2019 pass it will be honored for the rest of the 2020 season. That's the way it stands now.
  11. Thought they would be there again last night, they were not. Such is surf fishing for stripers. There one night, gone the next. MOCO 8 to 11:00pm. Very flat and clean water. Good cloud cover to lessen the brightness of the moon. Did manage 2 small blues so avoided the skunk.
  12. Awesome picture.
  13. Good night in MOCO last night. 8 to 10:30pm. Broke the oceanfront skunk for me finally this year with a small blue that ate a pencil at sunset that was almost as long as the fish. When it got dark got 4 bass 28" to 31". Pluggin. They were hungry and hitting hard. Love that!
  14. Great post, lotta truth and experience there and I can relate to a lot of what you said. Just the one point you make "...you just have much better access to them.", is the whole shooting match to me and a very large and major difference between the 2 as it relates to stripes. Thx
  15. Moco last night. Ocean side skunk going strong for me this year. Haven't had a hit out front in about a half dozen attempts.