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  1. Lex lures. I have some.
  2. 1st, thanks vets for your service and sacrifice. I believe you're the reason I'm able to enjoy incredibley beautiful nights like last night, in the surf. Got 9 bass and 1 blue (surprisingly). Nothing big but one was a keeper and all between 24" and 30". Nomoco from 4:30 to 7:30pm. Sand eels and spearing as far as I could tell in the water. One of the most beautiful nights (weather wise) in the surf I can remember in 30 yrs. Could of and should have fished all night but left em biting for another day. I now have that luxury to call it quits early and get some rest since I now live 5 minutes away, something I'm not taking for granted because I know many travel distances (as I always did) to chase bass. Back at it tonight, obviously.
  3. I'm sure they will choke down a bunker with the bunkers' abundance as of late, but their diet mainly consists of small fish 1" to 12" range. This is evolution. Just like the new breed of bunker chasing surfcasters there are bunker chasing gannets. I will adjust my original thought and say that pre-bunker boom (1990 to 2010ish), gannets were a good indicator that sand eels were present. Nowadays they could be diving on whatever. Off the gannet thread. Back on the sand eel thread.
  4. Idk wtf that means but I guess you know all surf fishers in the area and what they catch??? Is that it? And it was over a week ago. I've been skunked last few times also.
  5. A lot of so called surf fisherman nowadays were introduced to this challenging lifestyle, (yes lifestyle, it's more than a sport or a hobby) via a bunker blitz where they bought a $20 pencil popper and caught a 30lb. bass to post on their FB page or instagram. So that is the caliber of surf fishers we have out there who don't care to learn things about surf fishing. I'm thankful for other surf fishers like you Haycreekrambler who bother to learn.
  6. I see were back on the gannet thread. Yeah and what would I know, I've only been fishing the surf for 30yrs but haven't posted here 4,000x so I know bubkiss. The idea of a gannet feeding on a 4lb bunker is actually funny, and whales eat sharks not plankton. Do a little research on that new thing called the internet. TimS you're a class act along with DaveS and Sudsy etc. But go on ban me. It ain't gonna work out. Bye
  7. Tospeak directly to adams54 thread, a good way to spot sand eels IS the presence of gannets diving. They DO NOT forage on large bait fish. "Northern gannets also forage for fish while swimming with their head under water. They eat mainly fish 2.5–30.5 cm (1–12 in) in length that shoal near the surface. Virtually any small fish (roughly 80–90% of their diet) or other small pelagic species (largely squid) will be taken opportunistically."
  8. Check YouTube. Gannets sure "waste" a lot of time diving on sardines all over the world. And this isn't a gannet thread, it's what I thought was a really interestung topic started by adams54. Didn't mean to derail it with my knowledge, or lack there of, to the gannet "experts" here.
  9. Last night out front and round back Nomoco. Disappointing skunk. Nothing interesting or good to report other than the water was very fishable, looked fishy but no fishes.
  10. I'm pretty sure this is true but I've always been told (and believe) that when you see gannets dive bombing offshore they are diving on sand eels.
  11. Last night Nomoco 8 to 10 PM. 2 decent bass both were 27". Inhaled the lures so they were hungry. Black redfin and mag darter. Pretty much the only 2 hits I got. Did see a washed up whole bunker and thought it was someone's dead bait but it started flopping so that was nice to see scared up onto the sand by something. Headed out now to scout a few spots in daylight then fish sunset into night. Barometer should fall at some point tonight so there is hope...Good luck all!
  12. Great story! More proof...thanks Anyway, last night after sunset the boys were out with their miniature suns on their heads shining in every direction except away from the water...just sayin. I just stay quiet. There are plenty of other places to find fish. It would be nice though if these youngins would read a book or two by Daignault, Robert Post, Muller, etc.
  13. If that is true a call should be made by who ever witnesses it. Bastages! 1-855-OGT-TIPS
  14. Gone through many. Do not buy Frogg Toggs. They are actually some of the most comfy waders I've ever had but they developed a tear in the boot. I sent em back to the company and it's taking them forever to send me a new pair. They won't refund me because I didn't buy directly from them. I believe the best companies always will cater to the customer. They don't, very stingy IMO. Anyway, I hear LL Bean has good ones and I'm hearing good things about Sierra lately. Definitely breathable.