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  1. Went crabbing awhile back at the railroad tracks. So a sketchy ass dude going into the Bush for some reason. But saw a ton of trash crab lines fishing lines chicken packaging and cans...
  2. I've heard people calling and complaining and being taken care of.
  3. Surprised theres no limit.
  4. How does the chunks taste? I asked them before and they dont me those are treated
  5. Drop charges
  6. Know any place I can just buy? Went last yr had a decent day don't know if I want to do 300'+ again.
  7. Talking about off the boat fresh. That **** dont stay good long
  8. You guys was talking about ghetto fish fries awhile back it stuck to my head
  9. Any body know where I can get fresh while Whiting silver hake in ma?
  10. Man I wish I had your problem
  11. That's one of the problem. They check the people that usually have a license but leave the people that usually dont alone.
  12. I dont know what's the point of epos if they dont really do nothing to curb the poaching.
  13. I should swing by see if I can learn some new tricks
  14. I think they call them a poor man's salmon
  15. How are they compared to the yozuris