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  1. Party should be over soon porgies!
  2. Lucky someone was around
  3. Cash is king
  4. Red hot right now started looking 5 months ago. **** holes was selling for 75k to 100k over. Finally got a offer accepted 58k over waived inspections 20% down crazy.
  5. How do they become contaminated? Thanks for the info btw
  6. Pics won't load but if quahogs maybe gets washed up the shore are they fair game?
  7. Pan fry that sucker
  8. Employer might contest it though.
  9. Keep feeding wild animals. They will be the one suffering in the end.
  10. Is he close to Boston College when I used to work in the area stupid things would be aggressive.
  11. First time eating tonight pretty tasty I actually like it better than tog
  12. I actually used wired the other day cause there was blues around and I ended up with 3 schoolies
  13. *
  14. Hmart and yes