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  1. Something to be said about a shop that knows you by name and the gear you’re using.
  2. I have no problem giving up the black to Rockfish… it does appear that he got in before me. Fair is fair.
  3. Will take the black n gale.
  4. Cool. If you find them, I’ll take them.
  5. Still available?
  6. For starters, I wear glasses. So, I was out on a rock a few nights ago and got knocked off by a rogue wave. I call it rogue because I couldn’t see it rolling in as my lenses were fogged over. Looking for advice/tips on how to reduce or eliminate the fogging issue. Thanks in advance!
  7. Will take the last one if it’s still available.
  8. I can do that.
  9. Tight lines, Bill…
  10. I’m in…
  11. Would you take $30 shipped for the bottle darters? The FishLab is out of my league.
  12. Will take the X-Raps…
  13. Finally, one for the lefty’s!
  14. One slip with the tool, rounded the “teeth”. Searching for a replacement. Not the sturdiest of tools. But then again…I was the one that screwed it up.