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  1. Packer Postules
  2. If you don’t have passion the requires at least an occasional alarm to wake you up, your not going to do well in retirement.
  3. Zombie Zits
  4. I’m in favor of all of us living in world in which our superiority can be challenged by a wild animal. The weakest of our species need to be culled.
  5. Not easy to find in the Kansas City area: citrusy, hazy, double or triple IPAs. Great hot weather beer!
  6. When it first became available, I thought Plan B (the morning after pill) was going to make the abortion issue moot. I greatly overestimated the intelligence of the average promiscuous woman. I naively assumed that when they realized they had not taken reasonable precautions, a quick stop at the drug store would not be too inconvenient.
  7. I don’t have an answer to your question but I also have an older dog with mobility issues. We made him a ramp to get off and on our rear deck. I’m sure you will figure out a way to accommodate his needs. Old dogs are just so worth the effort. Good luck.
  8. Aggressive and other self-absorbed drivers have caused me a lot of frustration over the years. I’m a retired career cop so for the first year and a half of my career, as a patrol officer, I got to do something about it. After that, just like the rest of us, all I could do is stay out of the way and fume. Since retiring about seven years ago, I have aspired to disregard all of these fools, other than the attention required to avoid an accident. I’ve made progress but my attitude occasionally regresses when a particularly moronic driver’s actions leave me wondering how such a fool can hold down a job that pays enough to be driving an expensive car. Sh*t heads in oid beaters no longer linger in my mind once I’m out of their path but clueless drivers of luxury cars can still raise my blood pressure. Why do so many drivers believe they have the reflexes of a NASCAR driver and lack the common decency of using turn signals? It seems as though drivers of Teslas, BMW, Audis, Porches etc. don’t even know turn signals are a thing. I feel some guilt for wishing these people would die a painful death. Can anyone help me finally get these idiots out of my head?
  9. Jimmy should realize the SOL Community only puts out this much effort for those they really care about. You can keep this thread alive with just an occasional reply; otherwise sit back and enjoy your celebrity status.
  10. This is BS. Why do both sides keep touting fake news? Just stupid. It’s so easy to check for accuracy!
  11. Those are all great, especially the St Bernardus, which some would classify as a Quad. I had my first one of these today; really good. It’s maltier and more complex than most IPAs. The bitterness is not over the top.
  12. I’ve got to try all of those, especially the Dragon’s Milk. One of these andI I should be done for the day. Should be…….
  13. These lefties are just like the slave owners and traders in our country in the 1800s. They argued that blacks were not people and property rights were more important than the lives of African Americans. Just substitute fetus rights for slaves rights and women’s rights for slave owners rights and you have the same disgusting inhuman argument. With the morning after pill available over the counter, why is abortion still such a big issue? These irresponsible women and their apologists are as disgusting as humanity can get.
  14. Good New England IPA. 8.6 abv, 16 oz but it’s my birthday weekend and I’ve already played tennis and mowed my 2.5 acre yard today!
  15. I guess all the women in his life have been skanks so he thinks it’s an insult.