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  1. Buck tails sebile magic swimmer sp minnow ss darter ss needlefish
  2. I’ve been getting those pop ups for the past 3 days. I just sign out then go back in
  3. Greenbacks are for fresh water, the buckskins are for saltwater they’re great & a tough boot
  4. Damn that sucks worst feeling ever to lose your gear. Hope he gets it back
  5. Jamie is a great guy. Love my flatlander belt & 2 tube surf bag
  6. Great shop always stop in before I hit up the charter boats in sheepshead
  7. I release 100% of my stripers, I would take quick pic & boga weight then send her on her way. Plus a fish that big & old tastes like SH*T.
  8. My VS is registered you could show your serial numbers all day nobody can’t use them
  9. I also agree with putting up city & state on your sales so I have the options of picking up or getting it shipped.
  10. Super strike darters, needles & poppers stay in my gear up bag.