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  1. Mineral oil 10 cc’s or BB’s
  2. Buck tails, Buck tails, Buck tails that’s all you need.
  3. Go with tsunami air wave 9” & tsunami shield 5000 they’re tough & right on your budget for surf fishing.
  4. Absolutely no down side for using tactical anglers clip. Pros- never having to cut your leader and tying knots every time you change an lure. And it doesn’t effect the swimming action either, and they don’t open up on you while fighting a big fish. Unless your using bootleg clips
  5. Buck tails sebile magic swimmer sp minnow ss darter ss needlefish
  6. I’ve been getting those pop ups for the past 3 days. I just sign out then go back in
  7. Greenbacks are for fresh water, the buckskins are for saltwater they’re great & a tough boot
  8. Damn that sucks worst feeling ever to lose your gear. Hope he gets it back
  9. Jamie is a great guy. Love my flatlander belt & 2 tube surf bag
  10. Great shop always stop in before I hit up the charter boats in sheepshead
  11. I release 100% of my stripers, I would take quick pic & boga weight then send her on her way. Plus a fish that big & old tastes like SH*T.
  12. My VS is registered you could show your serial numbers all day nobody can’t use them
  13. I also agree with putting up city & state on your sales so I have the options of picking up or getting it shipped.
  14. Super strike darters, needles & poppers stay in my gear up bag.