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    Just a regular average joe from Orange County, Virginia that likes to fish occasionally.
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    Fishing, Hunting, Offroad , anything outdoors basically
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  1. Hey all how's it going? I'm at a bit of a crossroads here and need some help. I'm trying to figure out which rod I should buy. I've heard some decent things about both brands but I figured I'd turn to my Fishing community for some legitimate answers. I'm fairly new to Fishing. I found these two on Ebay for sale and im about to buy just not sure which one is best. Any thoughts? Thanks FG Scott TIDAL Fly Rod • 9 Weight, 9 Ft, 4 pc KastKing Royale Legend Casting & Spinning Fishing Rod 1 & 2 pc Bass Fishing Pole * Any and all suggestions are welcomed thanks guys.
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