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  1. Do you know how much a polar bear weighs?? -Enough to break the ice
  2. I have no idea what that is and I dont know the difference.
  3. Today from 9am to 1pm, I fished off of a pier and then a smaller dock for four hours and somehow caught/felt nothing? I know fishing can be a test of patience and resolve sometimes but I was expecting maybe a little action? I used this two hook rig I had and a porgy rig I bought from a tackle shop with no luck. I used squid strip bait bought from the Duffy Bait Shop and slowly pulled the bait in using the jerk rod thing to make the bait seem somewhat alive. Saw fish popping up in the water all around too. Anything I'm doing wrong?
  4. I'll definitely do this next time. Thanks for the advice!
  5. I did pull but it felt like my Walmart rod was going to break...
  6. Not very fun though. Feels like I'm littering too when I have to cut the line.
  7. Fished for four hours and caught nothing lol
  8. I just went to Duffy's this morning. Fished for four hours and caught nothing.
  9. Just today I fished for 4 hours from the shore and lost two lines and a lure from getting stuck on stuff on the bottom!
  10. Already have the registration. I’m not trying to pay for a fine! What hook would open me up to the most amount of fish if I’m not sure I want to target anything? I’m tryna catch to eat if you know what I mean.
  11. I actually found this spot on shore where you can throw your line to shore to an abandoned pier with almost nothing left. Should be some amount of fun. I'll definitely go to a bait and tackle shop the day of and get some fresh bait and ask a couple questions. That black fish is really really ugly... I find myself looking up words and fish in each sentence because I have absolutely no idea what anything is but I'm excited to be learning! Thanks for the help.
  12. Know any good, entertaining fishing youtubers?
  13. I've used ham deli meat before and that's worked pretty well. Bacon also works very well.
  14. Thanks for the help. Maybe I'll try my hand at using a lure later. Now, I'm no expert knot maker but can I just use a medium sized hook and some clam or worms and a medium weight to target both Striped Bass and Flounder on the North Shore? I'm going to be fishing in some sort of inlet.
  15. I can assure you no serious democrat was ever thinking about Oprah. When I heard about that, I audibly groaned. Another person with absolutely no political experience would have been terrible.