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  1. Hello again Tony: Thanks for your response. I would like the 1/4" black, 1/4" clear and 2 mini 3/16 clear. Total 4 @ $16.0 Is this OK, PM me with your Paypal address and I will pay you. Thanks Joe
  2. Hello Tony: I would take 4 of the Corsair 1/4" clear and (1) 1/4" black if you have it. Would pay $6.00 each sent to Gloucester, Ma Please advise Thanks Joe
  3. Thanks for the heads up. If you just have clear, that's fine. I can color the tubing Joe
  4. Hi: Sorry , no link. Read the article in the Feb 2020 subscription magazine. Check the ON THE WATER WEB SITE, article is not there. However, if you are interested in sand eels, there is a good article on their web page,
  5. I shipped hundreds of rods using the Post Office triangular boxes. Just mate them together and use plenty of packing tape or duck tape. The tubes are free. You must stay within the PO dimension guidelines.
  6. Have you ever tried an Alcedo Micron ? First ever ultra light. Mine was sitting on the shelf for about 10 years unfished. Put some 6# line on it and took the grand kids to a trout pond. I forgot what a pleasure these little reels were to fish. Expect to pay $100.00 +/- for a good used one.
  7. To: Kirona fly I would like 2 to 3 feet each of the following in 1/4" or 3/8" diameter: Clear Black Green Yellow Please advise
  8. Thanks for the offer. I would like to pass on the 1/2" black and gold mesh
  9. Looking to buy some E_Z body or Corsair mesh tubing. Prefer clear and black. Does not have to be full length (3 feet). short pieces ok if more than 6"
  10. The latest edition of ON THE WATER, FEB 2020, has an article on Coop and his Floating Sand Eel. A nice tribute to a legend, Fished with him in the early 1980's There are a few pics of the Eel. I have tied the Page eel, but i will tie some of Coop's for this season.
  11. I have had it in Hanover, NH on the Dartmouth Green I do not know how it is prepared. It comes sliced on a bed of lettuce with some type of special sauce. It looks like sliced jelly. The Chinese girl, who worked for me, would not tell me what I was eating. She ordered in Chinese. She and the waiter had a good laugh. I believe the restaurant was : Mrs Woos Try it, you might like it. We would not eat the food she brought into the office after Chinese New Years Party. Sooooo,will eat a lot of stuff , but not everything