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  1. I guess u can’t throw challenge flag on a penalty
  2. Doggie liked tail and lateral line sections DDDF56A2-6A51-4FC2-B5D5-0E1B7A05651A.MOV
  3. Owww Smoked striper thumb
  4. Sounds good even though I was responding to your text about beach replenishment that you posted in an epic ‘shooting fish in a barrel’ moment.
  5. If anyone knows someone looking for wilderness systems radar 11.5 I am selling. Used it four times. In my 60’s little heavy for me and usually go by self. Would have to buy the helix peddle system separately if wanted to peddle. I bought couple perceptions I can move myself and works fine for back bay fluking
  6. Where we were most of the morning birds were just dropping down and picking peanuts even though no fish on them especially on shallower points.
  7. Just saying the number 1 beneficiary of beach replenishment is beachfront property owners and second is shore businesses. Beach replenishment does not help most who do not live on beach front because they are more affected by flooding from bay. remember tripping on surf clams but they have never come back inshore in this area because of changing water temperatures. National Fishermen (Commercial Fishing magazine) has stories about how stock is now more located off of New England. processing plant still in NJ but that’s about it.
  8. South OC got one keeper old fashion way on mambo on a point before sunrise. Fish blew up around 1230 watched buddy and couple other guys catch for 5 minutes then done
  9. Me too first time up that way on beach since last day of fluke. Nice to see cuts and troughs re-established. Did catch one “piece of shad” and this poor guy hour after dark who must have been fleeing carnage up north and wasn’t looking and ran into my hook in dark
  10. Used to work at clam aquaculture facility many moons ago. We would stack minute clams by hundreds of thousands in bread trays with screens back in bay. Eventually have to use hands to clean mud and debris away from clams. Was constantly bit by a type of sand worm between fingers not to mention mud crabs. Who knows put something like that in bay u might have a bunch in spring
  11. I think you will find it’s easier to go fishing and sacrifice the sleep when they are that young (unless you have others) harder to get away as they grow and want you there or at their activities. I think water clarity will be ok with perfect west wind
  12. This is focusing in different direction in the sky but was watching a show on NJ public TV about artists from south Jersey area who claimed the water vapor from the wetlands creates the best sunset colors anywhere. I agree.
  13. Agree they are late sleepers and seem to go to bed early at least out front
  14. Cape may county zoo the best but now everyone will show up. That’s a full day with gang like that
  15. https://apple.news/Abayb-eXNScyDM3nnV5FPmg good news for next week for the army corp anyway