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  1. Baby red hake caught a bunch of stripes feeding on them one night way down south jersey. Those were bout 4 or 5 inches though.
  2. Interesting article from Mass. https://vineyardgazette.com/news/2019/06/25/commercial-striped-bass-season-opens-amid-concerns-about-fishery best part is comment section with commercial and rec guys arguing. Seals and sharks don’t get chance to defend themselves
  3. I guess something wrong with it didn’t post. Call geography of risk interview on npr with Gaul.
  4. I posted an interview with author named Gaul on surfclam page. Pretty much covers history of development and beach replenishment. Highly recommend when u have time.
  5. Usually do. The year of Sandy caught 4 including 2 keepers off the beach on January 18. 42 degrees water is pushing it but doable
  6. After they regionalized sewage treatment and released in ocean the flow in the metedeconk River was greatly reduced. Most effluent from the plants is tertiary treated and is really not that bad. It would never pass but I know people discussed that as a way to increase flushing of barnegat bay. The breach in mantoloking they closed up would have worked better.
  7. The conservancy for Chesapeake Bay has been trying to institute tmdls total maximum daily limits of pollutants throughout watershed. Think about the political obstacles they encounter from places so far upstream. I know someone lives on Chesapeake he had horrible year fishing. Only place he could find stripers was under duck blinds with spot. Bay heats up in summer creates dead zones in lower cooler waters and fish have less places to survive let alone thrive. NJ got no leg to stand on with conditions of both Delaware and barnegat bay.
  8. Sorry one last thing they tagged fish from Chesapeake for the mycobacterium study so if you see a tag take quick pic if there is info on it(not sure what it would be). They have not received info on tags not sure if fish died out or just not caught. if new fish regs do not improve stock they think this myco may have bigger role in population decrease
  9. According to authors by age 5 90% Chesapeake stripers have disease with some just exhibiting lesions internally. I was always under impression that Chesapeake had different refs because it was main breeding area as well as area of breeding success. My apologies to guys that want to chase the reports.
  10. Chesapeake Bay Journal has a story this month about mycobacterium and its potential impact on striper populations. They think 90% of Chesapeake stripers have bacteria by age five which could be leading to reduction of population in conjunction with overfishing or in lieu of it
  11. https://www.npr.org/2019/10/17/770812863/geography-of-risk-calculates-who-pays-when-a-storm-comes-to-shore
  12. You could google Nj congressmen by county. if you sell a $300,000 house in NJ you pay $3,000 in taxes for selling ur house that go to shore protection. I assume most people don’t realize to they sell there house. It’s a 1% tax on value of house sold. Kind of a hidden tax and only when u sell so most people don’t complain or organize to complain about tax. Makes beach replenishment easier to sell then if everyone paid the tax. they will always sell beach replenishment by saying the state’s economy depends on shore. also flood insurance rates did not go up after sandy because of nj politicians along coast. Kept building boom going which keeps replenishment going. We all pay more in homeowners insurance to subsidize those living in flood prone areas. All sucks.
  13. Nj funds beach protection projects with transfer realty tax as matching funds for federal funds. The state will have to cover more of costs going forward. Transfer tax is 1% tax everyone pays when sell house. Many people do not know this and if they did might not be happy bout it. Especially if don’t go to beach.
  14. Posted some time ago that army Corp funded 100% of beach replenishment after Sandy but state would be in the hook for more and more to maintain beaches. NJ funds it’s share by charging 1 percent tax on u if u sell your home. U sell ur home in hopatcong and never go to beach u still help homeowners at beach. U want to do something other than whine tell ur congressman u don’t like this. Studies show building up dunes and pumping sand only really protects rich beach front homes. Back bay flooding still affects most of others. The guys with lots of money smart get tax payer to protect their home sorta like pro team owners get taxpayers build their stadiums. i fish ibsp no beach replenishment no clams. Year after replenishment mole crabs back and doxan back. Do an are the tiny clams that are purple orange and white. These guys come back because they are more tolerant of warmer water. whining on here does no good need to educate yourselves and fight smart if you want something. also I have picked up four bundles of braid fishermen threw or dropped. Perception is everything. If u want public on your side don’t look like slobs that don’t care.
  15. Who do you think was blaming 1/3