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  1. No problem with the couple shops reporting there. They provide pics if u want conditions reports.
  2. The State Park is quite peaceful until reports then you have fat guys sleeping in cars everywhere. I think a lot of fish put the brakes on about halfway down Jersey coast and then move back up into Hudson River complex. Body of fish moving south usually way off sj coast unless peanuts travel down coast and even then they just passing by quickly cmc.
  3. Sorry some of us are busy working and doing other things. Bottom line wasted tax dollars by the state funded by the capital Budget from the state which comes from Transfer Realty Tax. Sorry I was in hiding your internet muscles intimidated me.
  4. Beach replenishment is funded with ACOE funds and state funding comes from the Reality Transfer Tax. Not from local taxes or the economy at the shore. So NJ residents who sell their house are charged an additional tax to fund beach replenishment. Got to do your homework young man
  5. Very good article but we will hear crickets from the politicians and unfortunately for the crowds that hit beach their attention has turned to other stupid endeavors. unfortunately the state committed to paying for future replenishment after Sandy. Feds paid for basically all beach projects if state committed to maintenance of beaches Avery ten years. Maintenance now required every one to two years hence need for more money. want to be really pissed out of state people who own beachfront contribute nothing but all nj residents do when they move only way to fix these politicians is get rid of campaign contributions. You get a set amount of state money to campaign and that’s it. F the special interest and their secret contributions
  6. For what it’s worth they have known for years they were gonna spend that money because the agreed to it right after Sandy. Transfer reality tax is used to fund beach replenishment from state side. so if you sell your house in Warren County out near Delaware Water Gap feel good cause your paying a tax to protect the guy with a beachfront property. The schlubbs that live back near bay not so lucky they will still flood out from back bay flooding. the liberal media don’t line the pockets of the NJ politicians but beach front property owners like Ivanka Trump and her Husband Kushner who I heard The Don calls Meathead (aka Archie Bunker) grease the pols. Wake up your getting played
  7. I was not fishing but couple weeks ago last day fluke season on beach NE wind multiple times had to take degraded plastic off my line. As much as I dislike beach replenishment the amount of trash we deposit in the ocean is a much bigger threat to fisheries and other wildlife
  8. If one is that concerned about taking a picture of a fish because it stresses it then one should not slam a hook into a fishes mouth and drag it against its will to a beach or boat. I would think that is both much more painful and stressful for the fish
  9. SOCN county round half dozen fluke one keeper. There were little tunny outside bar and they did come inside for little while still not sure if u could reach with that north wind. Was rigged for fluke and was not gonna try and make switch. Saw mullet sporadically
  10. Last day fluke is tomorrow Sunday 19th correct
  11. Walked on beach 430 saw rain coming turned back to it for 10 minutes. Tropical like. Took off one ounce bucktail and put on 3 ounce weight over two dropper loop gulp. Figured fluke moved off lip and they were out in trough. First two caught were keepers so called it then.
  12. Silver dollar
  13. Saturday afternoon super low tide but before got bout dozen fluke 2 keepers. One had a dollar size calico in his belly hard shell and looked a little alive. Also good haul at low tide but was sinking up to my calves.
  14. Agree rather fluke fish any day. Ralph knissel aka reel doctor who used to write Delaware Bay report told me where to catch keepers all summer but I prefer to chase fluke and crabs then. know another bait shop owner who has shown me cows caught from rocks middle summer south Jersey
  15. Jeez sounds like we’ve gone from summer beer season to fall WHINE season