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  1. I’ve had the same pair for about a season and I’ve been pretty impressed.
  2. I called VS and they said that it was not registered.
  3. I'd like to bring it back to life, but if VS is willing to send me a new reel i definitely wouldn't complain. I'm also wondering how much I would end up spending in order to make this reel usable again.
  4. The spool was on the reel when it was found.
  5. I have a vs200 USA built reel. The serial number is in the 4000's, how old would that make it???
  6. I find that the SS tends to cast a lot better than the talkin popper, especially if you get the loaded SS with the black eye. In calm conditions I use the talkin popper which casts fine, but once the wind or sea conditions pick up ill throw the SS. Both catch plenty of fish.
  7. This was found on the South Fork, it looks silver now but it was originally black.
  8. It was found in the surf on the East end but not anywhere near Calverton.
  9. The serial number is just over 4000. Any idea how old this thing is?
  10. The spool was on the reel when it was found. My buddy thinks he may have it around somewhere but according to him that was the most corroded part of the reel and was definitely not usable.
  11. That would be awesome. I’ll give them a call tomorrow. When I spoke to them today they said it hadn’t been registered, which I guess is a good thing.
  12. Wow that’s good news! How would I go about a warranty? Claim I’ve owned it and happened to leave it under water? Lol
  13. I don’t believe it’s been opened at all
  14. Yea the flyer spins fine. When I turn the handle it feels pretty geary but no problem spinning it at all.