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  1. Maybe try hooking an otter tail or piece of pork rind on the back to give it some flutter
  2. BG 4000 would be perfect for that setup
  3. Not sure of the exact specs on the rod but I have a Shimano Compre 7’6” that I feel comfortable with in almost all situations. I’m in the northeast so I’m not too familiar with redfish, but I use it for everything from porgies to stripers and false albacore. I have it paired with a fierce 2500. Very light combo and it covers a very wide variety of fishing
  4. I’ve tried casting live eels over the past few years and have had mixed results, but they definitely seem to catch larger fish. I don’t have eeling down to a science at all, so I was curious what conditions you guys prefer for eeling. Are eels more productive during the fall than the spring or are they always equally effective?
  5. Dryft waders go for like 220 I belive. I got mine on sale a few winters ago for 199. Totally worth it
  6. I started using Trapper hooks a few years ago. They look very weird but perform excellent on all soft plastics. Not sure of the exact size off the top of my head tho
  7. I know a lot of guys on here HATE the mojo surf. I’ve only had mine for a few weeks an I haven’t really tested it yet, but so far it has been great for plugging. Seems like it would be fine for eeling too although I don’t do much jigging so I can’t comment on that. Mine is a 10’ 6” with 2 tips. You can get both top sections from st. Croix that will both fit on the same bottom section, makes it pretty versatile in terms of what it can throw. One tip is rated for 3/4-4 I believe and the other is rated for 2-6.
  8. Personally I would pair that reel with a 9' or 9'6" rod. Tsunami trophys and airwaves are both great rods for the money. Also look into Tica. I don't own any ticas but one of my buddies uses them for everything, seem like excellent rods for the money.
  9. Anyone swap the trebles on a redfin for inline singles? I want to maintain the same action. If anyone has swapped trebles out with success, which inline (size/brand) would you recommend?
  10. Been fishing this reel for the past week or so with zero issues, reel feels great. Curious of the limitations of these reels. Has anyone has any experience with pushing the limits of these reels in terms of offshore fishing? Is it worth it to bring this reel out chasing school size blue fin? Maybe I should start a separate thread but if anyone has any info I’d be interested.
  11. Striper Pursuit and A Season on the Run
  12. Don't overlook the Battle and BG.
  13. It was kinda a joke. This this was a min the drink for god knows how long.