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  1. If you’re free on Wednesday I’d like to check it out in person. I’ll be in the area
  2. Ok thanks
  3. Can you send me some pics?
  4. How much are you looking to sell it for?
  5. Nice gun but I think that’s a bit too short for what I need. Thanks for posting though.
  6. Pics when you get a chance please.
  7. Looking to get into spearfishing. Might be a long shot but if anyone has it be theyre willing to part with let me know. I’m on eastern Long Island and would prefer to meet in person.
  8. Which model blank is the white rod?
  9. I’m in
  10. Thanks for the advice
  11. Would you guys say a card is still necessary in a relatively new relationship? Just wondering, I don’t want to get in too much trouble lol
  12. I do about the same. Can’t complain too much for a full size pickup
  13. Sounds like our trucks are optioned nearly identical. mine came with the 5.0 v8 but i was wonder how the ecoboost motor drove. Im happy with my choice but i wouldnt mind squeezing a few more mpg out of the truck.
  14. The F150 with the STX package is a great buy. It’s essentially a base model truck with a sport package. The package gives you a lot of amenities that you wouldn’t expect to see in a base truck. Comes with painted to match bumpers and 20” wheels. I bought a preowned 2017 with 25,000 miles a few months ago and I love it. Mine also has a few additional added options like a locking rear diff and automatic rear sliding glass window.
  15. Also interested. Can you take some more close up pics?