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  1. Anyone see if it’s open now? Might just stop by myself to check it out and update yall.
  2. Barrel swivel or however you like to connect braid to mono. A foot of space then a dropper loop and another foot or two feet of space to the tactical angler clip. People have their own preferences for colors on teasers, black/blurple/red at night and etc
  3. Went out today w my dad at the JB Piers, bunker chunking. Not even a skate.
  4. I believe it is. I was walking along the beach there two weeks ago and decided I didn’t want to make the trek and I saw a fellow fisherman coming from the jetty. I asked him how he did and he said he was onto some schoolies but eventually the cops kicked everyone off because of what happened.
  5. My apologies, Mark. Was reading the post too quick.
  6. Meat is white and firm!
  7. Just saying that there is absolutely no shame in enrolling into a community college for your first two years then pursuing the four year. I’ve met so many people who wished they’ve done that instead and saved the money. That being said, Bing and Buff are good choices as well.
  8. Yep! Not a lot though. I enjoy seeing the pop culture references to costumes or the “edgy” teenager costumes.
  9. That was one of the funniest videos I’ve watched in a while. Reminds me of my dad!!
  10. I saw some fatter ones posted on the *******in app caught towards Rockaway
  11. I’ll match that offer!!
  12. SS - schoolie on diamond jig outgoing tide
  13. Maybe he ate it...? Crazy accusation you’re making over just a photo.
  14. Fortunately I have never seen anyone drive onto the beach. I have been stopped to check for a nighttime fishing permit.