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  1. Those old motors were deffinitly great motors. Had a few myself some yrs. back. I think that one is still the old double hose gas tank set up? If it is it CAN be change to single dispite what a dealer may tell you. Done it with the help of trixies outboards. Anyway, your problem of heating up. You say you changed the impleller. Now, did you also change the housing that it sits in? Extremely important to do so. What happens is the housing starts to pitt inside and at speed it looses suction, at least sucks less water and you start to over heat. The old impeller may look ok but they loose there flexabilty after a few yrs (rubber starts getting to hard) so they suck less water. I'm almost positive it has a thermost in it. A little bulge in the back of the head. 2 screws hold the housing on. Good luck with it. Walt
  2. BigFish I owned 2 125 hp chrysler force outbrds on 2 diff. 20ft boats and had good luck with both. Use to run 15 to 20 mile out with them and never had any problems. Big thing was use GOOD oil not cheap stuff. There was a force dealer, i say was, cause don't know if he's still there, in belmar. Going north pass party boat row make a right before the draw bridge, then the first left. He's on the right if he's still in business. Don't recall the name though. Good luck Walt
  3. can't honestly tell yu which wire it is, just know that it run's off the alt. Walt
  4. Islander The tach runs off the alt. not the batt. That's probably what one of the wires are you can't figure out Walt
  5. Island Most diesals have a wire off the alternator to run the tach, is yours working? Also, alot of alternators won't charge much of anything if the batteries are too low. Because an alternator was put on recently don't take it for grant it that it isn't a defect, it happens. Walt
  6. Sounds like the vineyard is the place to be. Thank you for the replys. Walt
  7. Hi Guys The wife & I will be taking a few days off in sept. to visit your great state. We plan to go to either martha's vinyard or nantucket. Not sure which cause we've never been to either. Would like your opinion of which of the two has more to offer in things to see etc. Shame i won't be fishin Thanks for your help Walt
  8. Mike If it's a monday to thursday, the Sands can't be beat for price. The wife and i have stayed and lost $$ & won. It's clean and close to the convention center. The price it right at $39 per night. You may have to get a club card but no big deal. http://www.acsands.com/ Walt
  9. Paul Keep the faith. I will diffenitly say a few words for you and your family. Good luck Walt
  10. Hy Guys Happy anniversary and all the happiness in the world. Walt
  11. Hi guys I usually sit on the side lines but had to chime in on this. The wife and i love to ride. I use to have a trump bonneville back in 68. Had numerous bikes since but now have a 750 honda shadow. Nice bike. Funny it was said that someone towed a honda through the rockies, well, i have a good friend out in arizona. He ownes 3 hogs but rides an old honda 4 most times. His buddies (with hogs also) keep busting when is he goin to ride his hog? His reply, when i don't have to keep towing you hd guys in anymore My dream bike, and i will get one one day, is a new Indian Chief The wife and i both are in love with them. Sorry to ramble but guess that happens. Walt
  12. I know how you feel I will diffenitly say a prayer for the little guy and yours. Keep the faith. Walt
  13. You got it
  14. Tim Best wishes for a happy and healthy birthday. I could have sworn you had one of these last yr. too Walt ------------------ Swfly100@aol.com
  15. You Got It Walt