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  1. Hi all, I have a rod needs a simple repair. One of the ceramic (?) inserts on a guide chipped on a swivel. I am looking for someone local-ish (I live in Watertown) to repair it and maybe put a new butt on the rod (he he). I know this is a simple repair for anyone who knows what they are doing, but that is not me. The only place anyone has been able to point me is at Plum Island. Is there a shop closer than that to do simple repairs? I asked at Arlington Bait & Tackle and he could only come up with PI. Thanks...
  2. I have been thinking of doing just that. Buying blanks from here and dressing them up seems like a good winter project.
  3. I have forced myself over the past two seasons to use bucktails. Read Skinners book 4 times last winter, will probably read it 6 times this year. I am getting the hang of it and only landed my first fish off them this year. I am/was not new to fishing, but bucktails were something I never used before. My beef with them was that I hate losing tackle, but if you are doing these right you are going to pay Poseidon's toll. After losing many, I am gaining confidence and am happy that I have given myself another (potentially potent) option to work with.
  4. I will probably go back to the RI show this year. Last year was a good day, I went mostly for the bucktail seminar and was not disappointed. Like walking into a casino, when whatever I have in my pocket is gone, it's time to leave.
  5. Nevermind...
  6. Not to sound dense, but what is conservation equivalence?
  7. This all sounds like good news. What will, or could potentially be done to these folks as a result of this? I don't know much about any of the sausage making, but could or will this result in a genuine positive result for the fish stock? Especially if Cooke simply ignored the quota to begin with?
  8. I have a Bigwater 7'. I used it all last year and it was fine. I didn't really like the whippy tip, but if I ever need to pull a car out of the harbor, pretty sure this will do the trick. I splurged on a Tsunami Airwave for myself overt the winter (divorce present) and wow what a difference for not much more money.
  9. I have a pair of Cadis I just got this year off Amazon. They are listed as Caddis Men's Attractive 2-tone Tauped Deluxe Breathable.... yadda yadda. They do what they need to do, fit me fine and didn't break the bank at $110.00. Longevity I can not speak to, initial quality is very good...
  10. Oh wow. Never crossed my mind to search Alibaba for anything. There goes the rest of my day. Thanks!
  11. This is my second post after being a long time lurker. This season as a whole has been very inconsistent. I have managed to land a bunch of small to micro schoolies, I think one keeper (not sure as I am 100% C&R)and nothing of significant size. My idea of significant is 36" and up. I spent time in Nahant, Revere, Lynn, Boston, and Quincy different times of day/stages etc. I am not a 20+ year hardened fisherman, and I can not get out 50 days a year but any chance I get I am out there. I am going to give it one more go for the season either this weekend or next but not sure where yet. Probably head to Quincy, hopefully I can end the year with a bang rather than a thud.
  12. I'll add Lloyds Lures based in CT. I have a 2 oz. metal lip swimmer from him, it is a nice solid piece. First post, so here is my HOF awesome/terrible Dad joke: Where do kings keep their armies?... ...In their sleevies!