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  1. the lamiglas model that I use is discontinued i think - over 15 years old. I recommended my buddy a Fenwick eagle model eag106mh-ms2. 10'-6", 3/8 - 1 1/4oz, mh, 10-20#. it's $79.99 but found it on sale for $50. he loves it. it's a little whipper then my lamiglas but still hauls in stripers off the beach up here - bay area. kicks ass up north at the mouth of the Klamath for both salmon and surf perch.
  2. started out using a 10' salmon/steelhead rod. rated 1/2oz - 1 1/2oz heavy rod. does great work with the 110 and yozuri lc hydro's - cheaper then sp's, cast longer, has better rings and hooks. 3500 daiwa reel with 20 braid. throw this all day no fatigue. 2oz and your lobbing casts. I do have separate crab rods to snare with 13'. changed up to 11' okuma rockaway with 5000 lc reel. I feel it at the end of the day. I'd keep the reel as small as possible 4000 filled with 30 braid.
  3. all parking lots open in Pacifica also
  4. yes if you didn't know - here in kommiefornia, if you keep the mum perch and the babies come out in the ice chest, they are counted as part of your limit. twice the ticket if it's a redtail perch - must be 10 1/2" to keep.
  5. would that be a straight retrieve or popping ? never knew how to work those kind of shaped spoons. yes, I'm in kalifornia
  6. people in the bay area catch salmon off the pier with floats, but how about off the beach surfcasting ? spinners are around an ounce but what other lure would you use ? there's a mention of buzzbombs, but mostly used for jigging under a boat.
  7. what size hook do you use and have you rigged up any other lure the same way ?
  8. was wondering if there could be a separate one so we don't have to weed out east coast west coast stuff ?
  9. but are they catching anything in the eastbay ?
  10. google and all I get comes up is facebook and groups through facebook. do you still have his info ?
  11. don't know if this is the right spot or not, but was interested in a lure he makes. don't have face book so I can't message him there. thanks
  12. which braid brand do you think has the best abrasion resistance ?
  13. any plans, any time to hit kommiefornia coast ? bayarea on down to monterey ?
  14. this is the way to start off the new year 2020 everybody ! great health, wealth and prosperity to all. be good and if you can't be good, be careful. cts
  15. have j braid on another reel. haven't had the chance to use it yet.