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  1. Herring in my area.
  2. Literally filled my livewell in 10 minutes yesterday. Two weeks ago was a different story.
  3. Actually finding a car has been harder than fish recently! New car dealers have no inventory.
  4. Haha, I was using voice to text, just corrected it.
  5. Curious to hear how everybody’s season is going. It’s been a little bit strange for me compared to past years. Finding mackerel has been very easy and finding them close to shore as well. Not a single pogie school found in my area north of Lynn. Several times have had to work harder than normal to find schoolie. However I’m excited to say I’m finding very large fish up to 40 inches on rock piles shores and structure that last year wasn’t so easy. I’m even finding cows on hot days in the middle of the afternoon which, in years past I would struggle with that more.
  6. And wife
  7. anybody fishing the pogie schools yet or is it too early?
  8. Yes they do, lol
  9. Trolled umbrella rigs in the rivah tonight, nabbed a few small schoolies. Saw a lot of guys fishing from shore. Very happy to see the season start back up!
  10. Agreed. Around this time last year it was like a switch was flipped. I think it was the herring in the harbor that did it.
  11. I haven’t put a ton of effort in but have been watching the fish finder pretty closely, I maybe marked one striper. I’ve been ground fishing mainly. Any day I bet someone will have pics of a bass caught on the north shore!
  12. Anybody trying for hold overs?
  13. Anybody doing other fall fishing besides stripers? Haddock, sharks, tuna? Just curious.
  14. I love the sunshine in the background lol.
  15. Been to busy to get out recently. Hoping to find some action this Sunday.