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  1. Would this be a good reel to chunk from shore with?
  2. Any chance you'll be up in MA anytime soon?
  3. My wife read a story from a local meteorologist today that we only had 3 weekends this summer that it didn't rain.
  4. I love a good storm but I'm grateful Lee went East. Lee had the potential for some serious damage that could have changed the lives of many.
  5. Appreciate the recommendations people gave on a reel, ended up with a Saltist 3kMQ, 20lb brain to 15lb leader on a 7' St.Croix triumph. I get it now, these are the funnest fish to catch that we get up here. Went out with a local guide who had us into them within 15 minutes. Had shots at them all morning with a couple swirls just couldn't hook one. After hours of chasing them around I finally came tight. What an awesome fight! Ran me the entire way around the boat then took a blistering run. I couldn't help but laugh at how ridiculously strong these fish are. Already trying to organize another outing at the end of the month.
  6. Just want to confirm all the reels have been sold, correct?
  7. Going out on a boat Monday looking for Albies, I've never targeted them before. Anyone have a recommendation on a budget albie set up? Fish Northeast has stradics, battle 3 dx and saltists on sale. I was thinking a 4k battle 3 dx, not sure on a rod. I'd also like to use the reel for tautog and backwater fishing from time to time. Appreciate any advice anyone is willing to share.
  8. Whens the surf supposed to pick up from this storm?
  9. It looks like the Kevlar Nor'Easter is discontinued, any idea if they'll be releasing a new version?
  10. I use the Simms Guide Guard neoprene socks that go up to the lower part of my shin. I've Never had an issue with blisters.
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