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  1. Just been hanging out there for awhile now. My wife loves the stream so this will constantly be on in the background.
  2. and to fill his spool
  3. Second this. Terror ridge are excellent and have held up very well.
  4. Perfect I'll take it, thanks
  5. Looking for one or two Surf Asylum needles, Black/Blurple preferred. Let me know what you have, Thanks! @NIGHT STRIKES Saw you had one in another post, user hasn't responded to you yet but I'd be interested.
  6. Wouldn't even look at anything else I threw at them, switched to a pencil and was pleasently surprised.
  7. Landed a 37" this morning in Quincy on a pencil.
  8. $3.55?? South shore I'm seeing $4.20+
  9. I've Never tried a cup of coffee that didn't taste like crap.
  10. Any interest in After hours Sr needles for your beast darter?
  11. That's great to hear, Thanks for the update Charles. Tom Fote is a scumbag
  12. Lol what? You're kidding..... right?
  13. Striped Bass

    Boulder already gave you a general direction to start looking, even gave you some hints. I don't fish the North River and don't know the spots. I spent 20 minutes on Google maps and found at least 4 or 5 areas that looked promising for access and parking that could be the spot he mentioned.
  14. Striped Bass

    Hop in your car and go check it out. Like Mikez said Access and parking are a huge part of this game. People won't just spoon feed you info on their spots, Especially on the South Shore. Some spots only have parking for one vehicle, no sane person is going to give that info up on a public forum. Boulder gave you some really good info and a great place to start looking. Part of the fun is figuring it out yourself. Stick around, there's a lot of info on here.