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  1. Jersey really is the disgraceful stain of the north east.
  2. Is it hard for them to understand or do they choose not to understand.
  3. Cheers, I appreciate the info
  4. Took two days off last week hoping they'd be up here. Didn't seem like many were catching up here so I decided to drive down to CT to the mouth of the Housatonic for 24 hours to fish. Only caught 8 smalls but I was stoked to be catching bass again. Some locals had reported some 30lbers caught further up river. I've never fished CT before but I think I might make it new yearly tradition to go down for a chance at some bigger fish.
  5. I'll take it. Please PM payment info
  6. This can be attached to a belt correct? If m12 buys the dividers would you take 150 for the bag?
  7. I've never been but my buddy loves that it's a shithole. He said everyone goes to Vegas but the real degenerate shitbags go to AC, so AC it is.
  8. Sounds good. I'll dm you to set up a time to meet.
  9. I'll take it for 400$. Where in Ma are you, I'm in Weymouth
  10. .
  11. Understandable. Would you mind taking a measurement from butt to the reel seat for me.
  12. It's also cut down 6" which really isn't what I was looking for. Would prefer one that hasn't been cut down but if the price was right I could have been interested. Why are you selling it anyways, not a fan?
  13. I'll pass. He charges $470 for a brand new one, thanks anyways
  14. How much are you looking for it
  15. Bump