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  1. Could have put a little more detail into it lol line,drag etc
  2. Could have put a little more detail into it lol line,drag etc
  3. How much would you asking btw ? thanks
  4. Sorry had something  come up and had leave the state. Just got back around. Sucks for me but at least you got rid of the rod. Hopefully it works out next time thanks 

  5. Btw what reel did you have this paired with?
  6. Ok I can meet after work tomorrow closer your way.
  7. Cool thanks I can get back to my later today with a time for tomorrow. Working in Cotuit.
  8. If you could respectfully take $300 I can meet tomorrow in the cape if that works for you. I’m working in the cape but just moved to Westport from EG. I have been wanting one of these ODM rods for a while now. Than ks
  9. Gonna have to pick up a couple been hearing nothing but good things about them. Best colors?
  10. Mojo still available? working in cotuit thanks
  11. Wtb 1-2 surf plug bags. Any conditions as I am looking for a deal. ODM,flatlander,commando quality. Anything from 2-6 tubes I am looking for. Just moved to MA from RI and work all over MA & RI. Would like a in person meet but not a deal breaker. Again looking for deals and mostly any conditions thanks.
  12. Thank you
  13. What size would a medium be ? thanks