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  1. Almost tripped over a sleeping seal one night haha. As for surfcasting around seals, still caught fish.... stripers, fluke and herring.
  2. Yea came up towards surface near bridge. Couldnt believe it and few others caught glimpse of it too. as for black drum, seen babies like 5-6” in the backbays only a few times. This was last summer.
  3. Love the round power knob on the 5k. Still light and great for surfcasting. Even handled a huge cownose ray last summer.
  4. I have 2 okuma 8’ in med and med heavy. Use it for summer flounder in the back bays where I might need a bit more distance. Feels good throwing 1/2 to 1 1/2oz bucktails. Paired it with both 3000 and 4000.
  5. I used the 9’ last fall run for stripers in Li surf. I was surprised how easily the rod handled lures to 4oz during the moon tides. Anything from 1oz and up felt good. Didnt try anything lighter though.
  6. I saw some sheepshead in Long Island waters last summer on 2 separate days. It was exciting seeing them near the surface. It was definitely a rare sighting.
  7. Once Josh responded to my email so fast I thought it was a text.
  8. Fluoro for stripers, mono for fluke - most cases
  9. SS needlefish - 3oz yellow
  10. Gosa and slammer are winners. 4k could not take a splash. Water got in and sent it to tsunami warranty. Received the same defective reel. Im done with tsunami products.
  11. Agree. Great service.
  12. Sorry to hear. Im in the same boat- delivery delayed.
  13. I got an email back in summer after filling out the order. Submitted order and never heard back. Covid hit them hard. Hope they can bounce back soon.
  14. Using the mustad 4/0 I felt that i was missing some hits. So i tied on some feathers to a 7/0 and worked like a charm on few nights.
  15. Nah 2 weeks ago SS LI beach.