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  1. Try Rodgeeks. They might be able to help. They are partnered with St Croix.
  2. Yes, I rememember the call boxes on the highways. I am talking about fire alarm pull boxes that are still in use and are effective. Everyone has cell phones, but in an emergency people can get hysterical, shook up, confused about where they are if they don't know the area. With the pull boxes, the fire department gets the location and can dispatch help immediately. Vandalism is always a risk. I mistakenly referred to them as "call" boxes instead of fire alarm pull boxes
  3. The rescue stations will most likely be vandalized as they were in the past. Along with the stations, they should consider fire call boxes at those locations. When the box is pulled, all available resources could roll especially when they see the location. The infrastructure is already there for the boxes. I think there is a fire call box at the end of Newton already.
  4. I'm going fishing. See you in the morning.
  5. My choice would be a Diawa BG 4500 spooled with 20# braid. I have one on a 9' Lami and have never had a problem.
  6. My choice would be a Diawa BG 4500 spooled with 20# braid. I have one on a 9' Lami and have never had a problem.
  7. A couple of 2×2s fastened to the rails, with self tapping metal screws or thru bolted will work. Cheap too!
  8. New London CT daily newspaper
  9. Robin, stick to mono on the 704 and or the 704z. They are not braid friendly unless you like knots.
  10. Milky, I wasn't talking about someone teaching a kid how to fish or anybody with a health issue that limits what they are able to do. I'll step aside for a kid that is learning anytime and offer tips just as was done for me when I was starting out. Pretty sad that you have to stand guard because someone loses all sense of decency over a fish.
  11. Far from the madding crowd is where I go. I can't deal with the talkers and watchers that wait till some fish pop and then its bombs away for a few minutes. They aren't fishing. They are casting and catching. The majority of them will not expend any energy to find fish on their own. I'll go to some of the least hospitable spots I can find to get away from them.
  12. The only reason I mentioned it specifically is because the bucketeers have already found it. As annoying as they are they know how to find fish.
  13. There are three different lots, WFD, Shelter Harbor and Shady Harbor. They are all private and security for all three is provided by WFD. During the season they let us in to fish after 6 and they want you out by 900-930 in the morning. During the off season, come and go as you please. Local police would do a drive thru occasionally. They did have some issues with a few bucketeers that refused to leave one morning but other than that its been a good deal. The sand trail has been open with no issues that I know of.
  14. I've been fishing the SoCo beaches this week and I can't complain other than the size, only one fish over 30" I have found them in the white water up close on the beach here and there and also in the rocks. No big numbers of them at any one time or place but a few in the morning and a few in the afternoon. Pretty much blind casting everywhere, but one mid morning they were all over the white water that was making up from the water coming in from three directions at a very rocky location. Either spooks or poppers fished slow has worked for me.