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  1. You still have that kazkazi dorado?

  2. What a bunch of knuckleads.
  3. What vac packers do you recommend? Light duty, like 40/50 fish a year. Small kitchen. Where do you like to buy from?
  4. Thumbs up on every post, thank you!
  5. in your 70"s and doing two consecutive days on the water. i wanna be you in about 20 years.
  6. thank you all!
  7. yes! that's on my mind too.
  8. Great convo, thank you! I’m a paddler. By the end of the day less weight really matters.
  9. You still have that K Dorado 2 available?
  10. Thinking of cooking some scrap lead in to jig heads. Gonna work outside and use all precautions. Thinking of using some scrap. The lead will be dirty. Should I skim? Will it be ok if I don’t?
  11. Anyone who’s switching out tremble hooks on their lures. What are you doing? Singles, doubles, crushing barbs? What’s working what’s the effect?
  12. Is it worth it? Is it really better than just baggies?
  13. Should anglers talk politics? Are we smart enough, honest enough, put together enough? Every good political convo I’ve had w an angler ends with, “forget this crap, let’s fish.”
  14. Post a link where you found them so I can compare? Thank you!!