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  1. they'd sell each other by the pound.
  2. Definitely, deep blue has a good rep. I‘m gonna try them this year. Also try Rob Rodriguez at South Florida Kayak Guides. He gave me an Amazing day that ended w a sailfish. He just won the 2020 ekft sailfish smack down w four in a day.
  3. Anyone know a good place to rent a good fishing in the Ft laud to West Palm area? Found one in the keys but none farther up.
  4. Good Winter Destinations? Can anyone recommend good kayak fishing destinations down south? It’d be a place with good fishing and good kayak rentals available. Thanks!
  5. Still available? I’d like to make an offer
  6. boat guys don't get it. we can sit right above it all and get hits again and again, lol!
  7. following, great question. i'd love to kayak fish through the winter. JBay, south shore, NY harbor. any advice?
  8. High vis orange Length: 4.75m / 15.58 ft Width: 0.605m / 23.81 inch Weight: 26kg / 57.32 lbs Max Angler Weight: 95kg / 209.44 lbs Capacity: 155kg / 341.72 lbs Live bait well Fish box/Center storage about 7’ long Easy to reach rear storage hatch Four rod holders push plate pedal rudder system Anchor trolley mounts Rear bungee storage area Light use, minor scratches Full disclosure: the boat is tail heavy to accommodate your catch in the hold. you’ll want to push your fishfinder battery or about 4lbs toward the front of the fish hatch for the best ride and performance. Lists for about 3k delivered from overseas. One short season use. *
  9. bled then smoked or pickled.
  10. lotta current and snags there, use heavy lead if you fish the bottom. pm me.
  11. What a bunch of knuckleads.
  12. What vac packers do you recommend? Light duty, like 40/50 fish a year. Small kitchen. Where do you like to buy from?
  13. Thumbs up on every post, thank you!