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  1. Skunked 2 nights in a row...
  2. The schoolie bite turned on around dusk last night, were hitting the smaller striper swiper. Finished a retrieve and had one hit the lure right by my feet as I was pulling the rod tip up, scared the crap out of me. I'm going to try and fish the evening outgoing tide this week and see if I can get into some larger sizes.
  3. That's a great looking fish.
  4. Did a Quincy dawn patrol Friday morning. Schoolies were hitting the kastmaster but they seem to be getting even smaller. I think I need to find a new spot or start fishing all nighters, or both. I really enjoy my spot but I'd like to start getting some decent sized fish
  5. I use waders on the regular fishing a sandbar with a strong current going over it on the outgoing tide. About two weeks ago was fishing my spot, someone started chucking bait, landing their setup what felt like about 20 feet away from my three o'clock, and it was kind of stressing me out. So I decided to cross the small channel that separates the sandbar to the far side, to get myself a little more space, and there is often more fish on that side as well. But I was going a little early, I usually wait until I can tiptoe over, but thought I might have to just take a kick or two before being able to stand again on my tiptoes. Started across and realized I had underestimated how far it really was, and had to start doing a side swim, holding my reel above the water with one hand. I don't have a belt on my waders, started to feel the water trickling in, and thought to myself maybe this wasn't the best idea. Was worried I might not make the sand bar before getting swept out by the current. Kept my cool kept swimming and finally felt some sand under my tiptoes, was able to hustle up far enough to stop the flooding. Realized there was a fair amount of water in the old waders, and shuffled out to a dry spot to empty out. Luckily I had left my cell and keys in the car so I didn't get those wet, but was pretty soaked from my short swim. Need to get myself a belt before I try anymore wader swimming.
  6. A lot of my neighbors are getting their yards treated, and I think the mosquitoes are piling up in our yard. Usually it's the end of the summer when they start bothering me, but they are everywhere this year.
  7. Got skunked today, tried a spot on the the Neponset today, schoolies going by but not biting minnow, bucktail, swimbait, or kastmaster. I should have tried the one epoxy I had with me but didn't think of it.
  8. Going to need some shorter waders...
  9. I've been getting lots of schoolies, mostly on a white Al Gags swim bait, but they are also hitting white minnows, a white bucktail with a white trailer, and most recently the smaller Atom Striper Swiper. I've been trying to fish dusk on an outgoing tide, but that only lines up every other week. I need to drag my lazy but out of bed for some dawn sessions, but I'm not a morning person, so I'll need to work on that.
  10. Is it true that it was an old missile silo? My father in law had a house that was built on stilts facing Spinnaker island. The high tide would come up under the house. It was a great spot but the rising cost of flood insurance charged his mind about the location and he sold it. It was cold and windy out there, and the house needed a lot more work than your typical home. I miss that place but understand his decision.
  11. Spinnaker Island in Hull.
  12. I finally splurged for a Gear Up 3 tube bag. Very nice bag and seems incredibly durable. I figured I'll either have it forever, or if I didn't like it, I could sell it. I bought it online when the lockdown first kicked in, would have preferred to check it in person in a shop, wouldn't mind checking out the ODM Surfwave bag, but I'm happy with it. Fits a tall boy perfectly in the side pocket, and another will ride on top with the cover closed perfectly.
  13. Just ordered the Ram rod holder and mount for my paddle board, excited to get it and try it out. I prefer the sup because it's a lot easier to move around. I'm going to need to figure out a paddle leash setup. Going to try and keep my gear light and just take the lures I can fit in the lifejacket pockets.
  14. I think either end of Wollaston Beach would be okay if there's not a lot of wind, but watch out for the low tide, wouldn't want to get stuck in the mud.
  15. Yeah it's a crazy wait and the parking lot is a zoo. We usually get drinks and let our boy play with the few toys they have on the patio. I like the Cambodian place nearby but the wife is not a fan.