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  1. Not north shore, but Soup Shack in JP is my favorite, although I don't get out there very often.
  2. I haven't been getting out much but did a drive by today, definitely a lot of boats out there. I only had a few lures with me so figured I was probably outgunned by not having live bait and did not stay long. Maybe I'll have to get a treble hook and some circle hooks and take a ride back out on a day when the commercial guys are not out there and it's hopefully not as crowded. Doesn't look like the best place to figure out live lining bait on a busy day in a smaller boat, although I did see someone in a kayak out there. I was only there briefly did see the environmental police boat go by but they didn't stop. Again I haven't been getting out much this year but I have not seen as many bird parties in Quincy bay this year. Hopefully will start spotting some soon.
  3. Cheaper than taking it to the dump.
  4. That's some next level stuff right there, thanks for sharing!
  5. I can see the metro Boston area being less than ideal after coming from RI. I like getting out early in the season or after labor day as the crowds tend to thin out. I'm a relative newbie and it took me about 3 seasons to get a slot sized fish at my local spot. Waders or a willingness to swim make a huge difference so you can get away from the meat huckers and fly fishermen. Fishing after dark helps but be mindful of people out partying on weekends. I think you'll adjust and figure it out and find a few spots you like. I often fish just to get outside for a few hours and enjoy the alone time. But you might want to spend your first season checking out as many places as possible just to get familiar with them, and start revisiting later. Good luck!
  6. Have seen similar groups around the Boston area the last few months, in addition to the regulars who are out all year.
  7. Just ordered a net from Amazon, will see how I do. Watched a few YouTube videos so I'm probably practically an expert, but should practice in the yard before I try it off da boat.
  8. Yeah I might blow a hammy trying to get into a wetsuit nowadays. Especially with my wife's cooking the last ten years, I don't know how far neoprene will stretch before it fails. Good news is I now bob like a good damn seal with my head out of the water, could probably float around like that for days. But getting out of a wetsuit I find to be even trickier, when you're wet cold and tired. I've talked with surfers who keep a gallon jug or two of warm water in their vehicles. They keep it in a cooler, and wrap towels around the jugs for more insulation. When they get back to the vehicle they pour it into the wetsuit, helps warm up and rinse off.
  9. I have a wetsuit, but after reading I think I'll stay high and dry in my waders. Maybe if I was closer to 30 than 50 I'd give it a shot.
  10. Damn man, glad you are okay.
  11. Got to my spot Friday early evening. Was cloudy and spitting rain or fog, some of my favorite type of weather for keeping folks away. Was pretty slow until I got a big bite and landed my first slot sized fish. Been fishing this spot for years and was starting to wonder if I'd ever catch a keeper on lures, or if I'd have to start hucking bait or eels. Maybe I'm a slow learner, but it took me a long time to figure out where the fish hold in this spot, versus where I thought they were. Got it on a beat up 3/4 oz white Al Gags whip it fish, easily released, and she swam off fine. Got a smaller schoolie afterwards and then nothing. A few swirls chasing a pencil but no hits. Good to be out of the schoolie zone.
  12. I guess I'll put a few in my bag.
  13. I got out Friday morning, fished the outgoing tide until 1pm or so. Got 1 small schoolie, and what felt like a big fish that hit a white Joe Baggs darter, but spit it out quicker than my ex. I seem to have trouble getting a hook set in anything but schoolies. I keep my hooks sharp but maybe it's just a timing thing I need to work on. Was a few other folks around fishing, no one encroaching, but I need to start getting out after dark.
  14. Not fish related but ended up needing antibiotics. About five years ago went hiking for 3 nights, had a crazy pimple on my lower neck, was really itchy and irritated by the time I got back to the car. Before the drive home I popped it and "cleaned" it up with hand sanitizer and triple antibiotic cream. Thought it was all set until it swelled to the size of a golf ball. Headed to the doctor, had it sliced open, and got put on antibiotics after they took a sample. Not something I'd want to deal with again.
  15. I actually like a dunks "regular" if they get it right, but more and more often I get something not even close to what I was expecting.