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  1. Bring back Zachary's
  2. I think I've seen nip bottles sold in plastic sleeves, so it's easier to buy like 6 at a time. Very good saying about the bottles, I'll have to remember that one.
  3. Looks like a fun spot, and at least it's not another Dunkin Donuts going in.
  4. Went out Saturday afternoon fished the outgoing tide, nothing yet for me in the Z.
  5. Life jacket also makes it a lot easier for search and rescue to find your body. The 1-10-1 Rule is pretty good as well, get your breathing under control in the first minute, then you have about 10 minutes of functioning control over your body to survive, then another hour before hypothermia incapacitates you.
  6. Always reminds me of Bloom County, but it's even worse now with online shopping...
  7. I think if the weight is all spread out on the board you should be okay. If you put all the weight in one spot or if your body weight were over the limit then it might affect the shape of the board and it will be harder to paddle.
  8. I'll have to double check, but I don't know if the Marina Bay ramp is a public ramp. I think the closest official public ramp would be out on Hough's Neck by the Quincy Yacht Club. There's a few other spots you can launch a kayak from, but for a big concrete ramp you need to use the Hough's Neck ramp. That's pretty amazing about catching Cod right there by the tanks, would be great if they came back. My grandfather used to fish out of Milton on his friend's hand built boat, but that was probably way back in the 50's and 60's. He used to give a lot of fish to the neighbors. Unfortunately I don't have many details about his fishing adventures, other than he got out regularly on a weekend day with his buddies.
  9. I heard someone riding a jet ski hit a moored boat and was killed. My fishing buddy used that put in a lot and is a bit pissed about it's closure, there's not really many other spots that close to the city. He also said there is a much better ramp on the other side of the bridge by the gas tank, but that's been closed due to 9-11 type security concerns for quite a while. Hopefully they'll figure it out and re-open the beach for this season.
  10. Hey man, good job getting three generations out, and kudos for your patience.
  11. New England used to book out for the summer even before covid, but if it's anything like last summer, going to be a zoo...
  12. Black Creek in Quincy are back.
  13. I read somewhere that people throw welding blankets over their traegers for cold weather smoking, and hold them in place with magnets.
  14. I "smoked" bluefish on my gas grill last September but it was a bit finicky. Used a smoker box with wood chips over one burner, stuffed 3/4 of the grill lid opening with some aluminum foil and sil pads to build up heat, was able to get a low temperature but any type of breeze can throw it off. But the finished product was very good, and also made some pate as well.
  15. Thanks I'll give it a shot! It's often about 20 feet from the end of my retrieve, so maybe I'm getting slack in my line as the lure approaches shore.