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  1. 8 hours ago, SouthCoastSurfFishermen said:

    Not to certain as to why previous statements have been made to presume anyone would "lock down / hog the tip of a SoCo BW"- when in fact there is more than enough room for 4-5 guys to comfortably fish any of which BW is mentioned if done correctly...

    I think we are misunderstanding each other. I think you're talking about fishing slack or incoming while I'm thinking specifically outgoing. If done correctly... How is a rotation during the outgoing not correct, but ridiculous I think the term was? Yes you can put 3-4 guys at the end and you'll probably catch fish. But I see more bigger fish get caught when you use rotation during the outgoing to get to where the fish are. I wasn't complaining about BW's being crowded, on the contrary, I accept them for what they are. People show up when they can or want, I don't judge them for getting there 3 hours after slack. I wasn't "making excuses" for them. I simply don't judge others when I don't know their story. When I don't want to deal with people, I don't. I have other spots. Now if it's not the outgoing, then I totally agree you pick your spots accordingly without crowding someone that was there first. I'm all for that. I'm not gonna try to push anyone out during incoming or slack. I'm not gonna stand in line during slack, lol. If I'm there first and the tide isn't pulling, y'all gonna have to wait for the tide to turn for me to move. Then I will gladly get in line for my chance to reel in a keeper size.  

  2. To those who criticize the ones who show up late...

    Put yourself in their shoes! Maybe they just got done pulling a 13 hour shift at work? Maybe they were tending to their kids? Maybe this was the only time this week they got to go because they work two jobs? So they pick a BW because of the certainty there will be fish there because this the only chance to go this week at all? All the while you are lucky enough to have the luxury to have the time to scout for fish? I'm sure this isn't the case for everyone, but it is for someone. 


    If there aren't enough fish in the ocean that you need to hog an outgoing tide at a BW to yourself, you must be pretty damn important is all I'm sayin'.

  3. 6 mins ago, rolm said:

       The channel seems to call fewer cuddlers (props to daignault), I suppose because people rarely come equipped to fish the channel properly.  And the further out on the rocks you go, the fewer will try to venture out behind you.  But it happens.  If you've ever been out on a midday blitz near a breachway, it's an absolute crapshow (dare I say a Montauk-level crapshow).  Nowhere is safe from cuddlers and crossed lines. 


      Low-hanging fruit.  The easiest spot will _always_ be the busiest regardless if there are fish there or not.  I took my son out last evening on a tour of spots I haven't taken him to before.  One of them was $MOST_POPULAR_BREACHWAY (like you could spotburn that place).  Weekday, incoming tide, 3 hours before lag turn, and there were 8 ppl on the easy side, 4 on the soft side, 4 on the beach, and a boat in the channel.  We stayed for 30minutes and saw exactly 0 fish caught.  My son was casting the pocket next to the rocks: the moment he came over to talk to me someone stepped into his bootprints and started casting.  A middle-aged man mugged a spot from an 11-year-old boy. 


      You might ask why were all those people there if there were no fish?  Because there are a ton of references to the place in (even pre-electronic) literature, and you can park, walk 50 feet, and cast.  It's easy to find and easy to access, and people will choose an easy spot that someone once told them holds fish over the hard task of finding a spot themselves and putting in the time to learn how to fish it.  It's all about the instant gratification and the trophy pic to justify the trip to friends and family.


      Cultivate the not-easy spots.  I still fish breachways often (off-tide times and turning tides), but I have other spots to go to when they get busy.  Not enough spots. I'm always trying to find more (my mid-bay game is still weak).  Not enough hours in the day. Stupid job...

    Solid advice! I would of pushed in someone who jumped in the shoes my 11yr old. Kudos to you for not, lol

  4. If you don't like rotations, don't fish them. It's that simple. To claim a PUBLIC property at the end of a BW during an outgoing tide all to yourself is ridiculous. And if you try to, then you probably deserve what comes to you, lol. I've met a lot of great guys standing in line at several BWs. When you get a group that knows what they are doing it's painless. When I'm sick of it or find it not worth the wait I bail. It's that easy. 

  5. 6 hours ago, Capt.Castafly said:

    It a shame there is no public access. The breakwalls were built with Federal dollars to control flooding and storm damage. 

    It's probably the only Federal Project in RI without any public access. There should be access along the entire stretch. Not sure is this is true or not, but I heard there was a natural opening to the west a little bit. They close off that, built the new breachway. Those homes along the breakwall became water front properties. Also it's a navigated waterway. There shouldn't be any docks hindering boat navigation.  Money talks, where we can't walk.  

    Cool vid! I want to buy a drone so bad!

  6. My first trip to a jetty last year the guy who was showing me the ropes posed this question to me...

    "Is your life worth $100?" 

    Well ya...

    "Buy a damn set of korkers"


    So that's what I did. As for seeing others climb out on the wet rocks in plain old sneakers I prepare by telling them "Hang on, before you go out there let me dial 9-1- and wait". Thankfully I've only seen one person fall after not heading warning. Resulted in a broken finger though could of been much worse. 

  7. Closest I can find is this one on eBay. It's also a Hurricane. So it looks like the mystery is solved. I realize there are better plugs out there today than this cheaply made knock off from long ago. It was more of a nostalgic thing for me though. It felt great each time I hooked into a fish with his last plug he fished with, call me sentimental. I seen him at the nursing home the other day and was telling him about one of my recent days standing out in the surf and I caught 12 bass in a row with it, 3 were borderline keepers. It made him smile, which made me smile even more. Thanks for the time and effort gentlemen. It's appreciated! I'll probably grab another SS next time I'm in QL. 


  8. 22 mins ago, BassAssasin said:

    Hurricane , this one didn't swim but sounds like your popper served you well.


    Well hot damn! So close! The mouth is definitely different than my grandfather's but I bet you are correct with the brand after seeing this. If you look at my pic the face is much more flat without the "U" shape mouth. Thanks for sharing! 

  9. 11 hours ago, rolm said:

      Took my son out fishing at a "popular south county location" last night at dusk through the end of the incoming to the start of the drop.  Mostly calm conditions, but every few minutes there would be a set of 3-4' breakers. 

       Continuous small bass and blues.  Couldn't see what they were on, but in nights past they were hitting primarily small-profile plastics but now they were happily taking full-size surface plugs. 

      We left with the fish still biting when the lag tide turned.  Can't keep the kid out too late... yet.

    A little blonde boy with camo waders on?

  10. 10 hours ago, valentine said:

    I have no idea who the actual maker of that plug is but it doesn’t really matter. It’s a common design known as a “Polaris” and any decent shop or online source should be able to get you re-stocked in a variety of sizes and colors. Manufacturers offer that style plug in plastic and wood. While both will catch fish well I am partial to plastic for it’s durability and it’s consistency. One Wooden lure doesn’t always perform  the same  as another one even though they may look exactly the same.  Wooden lures  can get waterlogged, chewed up and they are made from a natural material which has enough variations in it that those slight differences may cause  one lure to behave differently than another one which looks exactly the same. Superstike makes a nice “Polaris” style plug which they call “Little Neck Popper.”

    That’s what I’ll suggest you buy. With proper care that plug will serve you well. 

    The Most important thing  you can do to take care of your gear is to give it a freshwater rinse after you use it in saltwater. I rinse everything; rods, reels, even lures. You’ll be surprised at what that simple act will do for the longevity of your tackle. One final thing and others have also mentioned it; that snap swivel attached to the plug is a cheap brass, probably made in China, piece of hardware which you should avoid. Brass hardware like that is cheap and fails easily. That’s the kind of hardware sold in big box stores and is purchased by people who don’t know better. Now you know better. There’s actually no need for a swivel at all . You only need to have a quality snap to  attach your plug to your line. Any good tackle shop will have good ones. I like Duo-Lock style. Some people will argue that you should tie your line directly to the lure because a snap can change the action of a lure. I never found that to be much of an issue and I need the ability to switch lures quickly. You’ll get it all figured out. Good luck!

    The guy who first took me taught me to hose everything off when you get home. EVERYTHING. So I listened to him. Makes me feel better hearing the same advice from others. And I'm not using the snap swivel, I promise!!! lol I like using the TA Clips for swapping lures quickly. Thanks!