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  1. great leads and ideas fellas, thanks!
  2. past Two nights, cmoco, 6-9 nothing. Tried Ava, jig egg with slug go, jig head with curly tail gulp, mag, cordell bomber, buck tail, kastmaster., storm shad..nada. Slow retrieve, quick retrieve, mixed it up, jigged it. Not sure what I’m doing back is lpkilling me that’s for sure. Will try again tomorrow night
  3. Tell me more about that 3 pc travel rod!
  4. Thanks for the replies. I’ll look into that Plano but I swear last time I saw it it was over $100. I like the plastic vent pipe idea, thinking about that as well. I will prob keep the line on the reels. Do the rod cases have a place for lures?
  5. Anyone have suggestions for a good case I can use for airline travel. I have 2 spinning reels and 1 9’ and 1 6’ rod. Traveling to Aruba and Mexico this spring and summer. thanks.
  6. Last night moco outfront, nada. This morning 7-9:30, same. Although two beaches north a couple guys were hooking up pretty steady. None looked keeper size, can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong but I’ll be back at for the outgoing.
  7. BillHHoo, nope. It was small and they creep me out
  8. CMoCo Out front last night 4-6pm, pretty much slack to ebb tide. No bait or birds but I got a small fluke and a skate. Looks like it started to hit after 6:30
  9. Wow to all of those reports. They were echoed by a guy who was coming off the beach tonight as I was going down. Mad I missed it! Nothing tonight...
  10. Out front cmoco a little sudsy but clean. Saw no bait fish. Hooked a couple fluke on a Kastmaster I was bumping along.
  11. Cmoco outfront before sunup to about an hour after. Nada.