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  1. I have a 1386 I might be willing to sell. Where are you located?
  2. Any interest in a 11' East Coast Special 3/4-4 ? Just had it built by Marco Parino
  3. Picked up a East coast special 11' 3/4-4 blank last week. Having it built now Wish I could have gotten the striped bass special. What are the differences between the two?
  4. When will you be back in the area to demo one of the 11'?
  5. I have this rod I bought from here. Would need to get what I paid for it 150.00 if you are interested. Would have to meet in NJ somewhere Thanks
  6. Paid Thanks
  7. 44.00 for the pair? I will take them
  8. Can I ask what half mount means?
  9. The blitz is a belt bag with three small tubes and some bucktail loops.
  10. Why don't you wait and go to Striper Day Jamie will have a few new ones there. You just need to get there early.
  11. To me it would be one day.
  12. I will take this. Send me your PP info via PM
  13. How much do you want to sell it for?