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  1. Understood
  2. Y Understood .... now im gona be called “cute” again by the same clown?
  3. Dude threw me out for five years BRO
  4. Forget it!
  5. You shot the flare!
  6. Dear god lol
  7. Tim check my Posts, and PMs. u wont find anyone in this community that I didn’t try to help. Heathcare wise, even a post to u about caths.... im actually good for ur community.... i try to make it a better community everyday...
  8. Good night
  9. Someone shot a flare... np
  10. Attica!
  11. NP im out.... not snitvlle but, around the corner... congrats on 20 years! Thx for the warning
  12. True story ... for me as well
  13. I think u went to some half azz community college and became a cop.... cause ur illiterate and a bitch
  14. Define “us” ur the only dumbass i get PMs over
  15. Did they name the deer yet?