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  1. Everyone calm down. Take it to the main and definitely dont name the charter
  2. I had two positive cases that lived in one room, trached, peged and shitting thru tubes that never gave it to there neighbor. With the same cna and nurse taking care of all of them...... they exhibited no symptoms and were entirely a symptomatic.... thats a false positive
  3. Varies from place to place
  4. Not how fat i roll em
  5. Nice
  6. In your defense im seeind alot of what i call false positives
  7. Im on the front lines, see it daily and dont give a eff of political charts.... im in the sand
  8. Understood... i can only speak of what I see, personally
  9. I like hot dogs
  10. Never ever voted, i hate all politicians equally
  11. Dont do sports as much as i should! Hunting/fishing thats my sport
  12. 2 nd waves here and im working alot so forgive me if some time goes by before i get to u
  13. Been on the front lines since she came to nyc to mostly S Nj and MOSTLY Snj. Ask me anything. Im not a doctor or anything else. This is not medical advice Just a blue collar worker on the front lines since inception.
  14. Very common dingus especially when intubating
  15. 2nd waves comming! Short or not to short