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  1. Located in Newport News, VA
  2. Meet you halfway, $165
  3. Not looking for trades right now, thanks
  4. Used St Croix Avid Inshore VIS70MLF 7’ Medium Light Fast Spinning Rod. Rod is in great condition, no damage with minimal normal use wear. $180 shipped
  5. Sold to MrB
  6. I can do $480 shipped. Lowest I can go with what PP is gonna take plus insuring it.
  7. SWC
  8. Thanks, same to you
  9. Appreciate it but $500 shipped is the lowest I can go.
  10. 5.7:1
  11. Thanks for the off but going to have to pass
  12. Thanks for the interest but not looking for trades at this moment
  13. Price drop $515 shipped