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    Physician assistant in north Jersey, originally from CT. I've been fishing for largemouth bass since I was a kid and have been surf fishing for several years now. Trying to get more into this hobby recently and really excited to learn more and land some big fish.
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    Physician assistant working in OB/GYN

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  1. Looking to put together a cheap light combo for my girl to use when she fishes with me. Mostly for small metals, diamond jigs, or paddletail shads. Tackle world just restocked their Jigging World Onyx surf rods with a 9' model rated to 2oz. This seems to fit the bill, would likely pair with an offshore angler tightline 7000 that I have sitting around. Or possibly a Penn Conflict as those seem incredibly light and cheap. Any other options I should be aware of?
  2. So youre a 36-37, are you saying this is too big or too small for you?
  3. Been trying up north in the back, today as well as the last few days, with no luck on bucktails or paddletails, always with a teaser. Saw an ice slick in RB on the 2nd. Should've used the ice and brutal wind as a sign to go home, but i stuck it out anyway, with no fish to show for it. Pictured is the ice slick, not as cool as a fish but I've never seen the ocean start to freeze before last week.
  4. That makes sense, tough to work them well with a kot of water movement. The river where i typically use them is pretty slow and shallow which probably makes it easier.
  5. I dont see amyone talking about swim shads, are the soft plastics on jigheads really that much more effective than a tsunami or storm shad? I do alright wuth them but maybe i don't know what I'm missing with those jig heads/plastics.
  6. I use an MXL G2 on a Lamiglas Triflex 7040 and it's a great combo. The extra drag is definitely reassuring and worth the money if you need to work a little harder to horse in some respectably sized fish. I also had this reel on a surf rod very briefly and even though it has no magnet I was able to make some decent casts.
  7. If youre in the right place at the right time you can snag them with ease. Ive seen them packed so densely against the beach that some kids snagged them as bycatch on their hi-lo fluke rig. It necer hurts to have a treble hook in your bag just in case they come in close, fresh cut bunker beats the frozen stuff from the store every time.
  8. I learned on a spinfisher VI and still use it. Even more fun when you put a Slammer III handle on that reel. I've dunked it a bunch, used my rod as a wading staff, etc. The reel still works like new after some winter maintenance. I'd love to order a new ZB, but with how well this reel has done, I can't find it in me to spend that kind of money on a replacement.
  9. I worked out the cost today. Very expensive unfortunately, almost $100.
  10. They said they would supply the rods and tackle, but I never rent rods. I like using my own stuff no matter what type of fishing I'm doing. The tackle is what I was wondering about, but I suppose whatever they give out will probably be best
  11. Noted. And it's just a party boat out of Brooklyn. I'm not sure where this one typically goes. I'd imagine we'll be in deeper water like you said but thats as much as I can say.
  12. Do you ever use those tog jigs with the crabs? They seem about as simple as it gets. But ive been reading theyre more for a flat bottom and not for wreck fishing.
  13. I didn't even think of that, good call
  14. The guides are low riding so it would work for conventional too. If you're interested I can see how much shipping would cost, I've been having a tough time selling rods locally anyway haha.
  15. Got it. Thanks guys, that's reassuring