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    Physician assistant in north Jersey, originally from CT. I've been fishing for largemouth bass since I was a kid and have been surf fishing for several years now. Trying to get more into this hobby recently and really excited to learn more and land some big fish.
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    Physician assistant working in OB/GYN

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  1. Black/red alans dart for night time. Chartreuse/pink RB slopester for sunset.
  2. You're definitely right, and a lot of those companies come to mind when I'm thinking of blanks that I'd choose for a custom rod. I was looking more for a production rod that I could find before the tuna fishing slows down this year. Perhaps I'll just have to get a custom built and wait it out instead.
  3. Thanks
  4. I apologize if this is a silly question to start a whole thread over, but I can't for the life of me find where these rods were made. Does anyone know if they were made in the US or in China? For better or worse, I have been trying to stick to US-made gear and there just aren't any American-made jigging rods that I can find.
  5. Took my gf on an overmight headboat tuna trip this week. She had never been offshore. It was a rough trip. Great conditions and lots of life, but only one tuna runoff (which i lost) and one 5' blacktip shark for the whole boat. Even tried pot hopping after a slow morning, only to watch dozens of mahi actively avoid our bait and lures. But at sunrise, there was an excellent show of about 500 dolphins and 8 or 9 humpback and finback whales smashing bait, surfacing, and even breaching clear out of the water. Most of us were scratching our heads wondering where the tuna were during this whole event, but my girl was just watching in awe and said "this is the coolest thing i have ever seen. It made the whole trip worth it." I couldnt help but smile from ear to ear, knowing that she finally got to see something really memorable on the water. We really get to experience some awesome stuff when we spend this much time on boats or in the surf. Definitely helps to remember that when the fish aren't cooperating.
  6. Neat fact- they're actually the heaviest bony fish on earth
  7. I use 80lb mono for blues. For sharks i wont chance strictly mono. 1 foot or wire and then 6ft 200lb mono.
  8. Last year there was a nasty east wind for a couple days in september, i saw 3 or 4 of them drift in through the manasquan inlet in NJ... Pretty strong incoming tide pushed them way into the river. They looked so goofy and helpless, I always hoped they made their way back out.
  9. It still makes me sad that they discontinued the torque. Hard to judge without using the authority first-hand, but i doubt it will hold up to the kind of abuse that my Torque II has seen when i use it for lbsf
  10. They're rounded slabs. Absolutely worth looking into. The sea bass arent the only things that like them, i brought them to FL and got a few snapper jigging, as well as a 15lb albie when i was retrieving it through the water column. That was fun. Garone rods sells them.
  11. You might like the drag metal TG heavy jigs. I bought some to use for deepwater/offshore sea bass. They're made of tungsten, so a 2 inch jig weighs 150g. I had an 80g one that was about an inch long. The high density and small size helps the jig work with a very erratic and quick rise and fall action as you work it.
  12. Sure. Send me your info. I will not be able to get to the post office till next week or maybe this friday at the earliest, but the handle is yours
  13. If you have extra links for the orange seiko i will take it.
  14. How does $55 shipped sound? Here are some pics.
  15. Yeah i am gonna be away till this weekend, but I'll snap some pics sunday, sorry i saw it right before i left for work this morning haha