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    Physician assistant in north Jersey, originally from CT. I've been fishing for largemouth bass since I was a kid and have been surf fishing for several years now. Trying to get more into this hobby recently and really excited to learn more and land some big fish.
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    Physician assistant working in OB/GYN

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  1. Thank you guys for your help. It would definitely help to live close to the shore, as I'm sure I'd find myself pulling over onto the beach if I ever saw birds working or bait breaking the surface during my daily routine. I think a journal is going to be a big help, as will sheer persistence. I also think I'm gonna focus on a small few different lures that will help me hit multiple depths and focus on perfecting my use of those. Again, thanks for the input, persistence is gonna play a big part here.
  2. Thank you guys for the input. I live in Rutherford so chunking in the Hudson is by far the easiest for me, but I'm trying to pick some spots that I can regularly hit around the shore as plugging in the Hudson just isn't an option. I'm glad I'm on the right track as it's certainly frustrating to get skunked over and over. I guess persistence really is going to be key here. Trying multiple lures, fishing different levels of the water column, etc. Hopefully things heat up in a couple weeks.
  3. I have been looking for them, I think I'm going to order one or two on Amazon to read while the season warms up. The one hit I got this season so far was on worms, put a good bend in my rod but I missed the fish. I might go dig up my own worms while the bait shops are closed but I live an hour from the shore as it is.
  4. I've been fishing my whole life. But I only really got into fishing for stripers last fall. I caught 5 stripers, and they were all on bunker chunks in the lower Hudson River. In the several outings I've had at the shore, and in the back bays along the shore, I have never seen a striped bass. There was one night in November where I was fishing Shark River and something was slashing through a large school of peanut bunker, but whatever it was wasn't taking my popper. Now, I've looked up how to read a beach. I hop between a few jetties during my trips. I look for birds and bait. But I just cannot find the fish. I've filled my tackle box with poppers, darters, SPs, swimbaits, bucktails, metals. I just wanna have a successful day (or night) of plugging, and I feel like I'm taking all the right steps. Is there something I'm missing, or do I just need to fish more often and get lucky?
  5. Violators of what though? I've only seen reports of arrests where weddings were still held. Is anyone actually being punished for going out on their own? Last I heard, the Gov still acknowledged that spending time outside was good for physical and mental health.
  6. My gf works in the ED and I do OB/GYN which leads to a number of consults in the ED, so we're trying to stay away from people outside of work, whether it's our parents, her pregnant friend, or anyone really. Thanks for the well wishes. It's getting crazy out here. I leave my badge in my car most days and now my stethoscope sits with it on my dashboard, lol. I live a couple blocks from the Passaic River downstream from any of the dams so if I really want I'll just carry some rods down the road. Sorry for cutting down this quote but if I read correctly. This is the only portion describing individuals' permissions to travel, period? Seems strange considering nonessential personell still need to go to the grocery store, get their car fixed, get gas, etc. I still can't find anything about just driving around.
  7. I wonder if I'll be able to get away with driving to/from the beach if I flash my hospital badge...
  8. So have they announced the punishments for violation of the curfew, or how it will be enforced? I work in a hospital and i already know I'll be on my way home from work after 8pm, it's not like my workplace is gonna close. And if I'm fishing after 8, especially if I'm out on a jetty, way up the beach, or somewhere else far from my vehicle, how would anyone track me down to make me go home?
  9. Hello all, I've been surf fishing here and there for a number of years but recently decided to really try to get into it, buy some decent gear, try to learn when and where the stripers will be, etc. But I'm going on a charter in October and it's my understanding that we'll be doing solely vertical jigging, which I have very little experience with. My friends want to make charters a regular event for us, so I feel like I should invest in a decent setup of my own rather than rent the charters' equipment over and over. I live right near Jigging World and intend to stop in and put a a rod/reel setup together. They've been very helpful with my surf gear, but I just joined this forum and thought I'd ask around. Can anyone recommend any decent rod/reel combos that are in the $300-$350 range or under? What size weight should I use? Do I need a wire leader to avoid damage from bluefish or will 80lb mono suffice? I'll be using braided line, but do I need line that changes colors after every 10 feet or so to estimate how deep I'm fishing? And lastly, should I use bait like bunker, or a diamond jig, or one of the bucktails that I bought for throwing in the surf? Apologies for all the questions, but any help would be great.