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  1. Barr cannot change laws or reality to persecute his own agents. He can't change laws in general. Nothing to keep an eye on, no violations occured.
  2. Barr is not happy with the IG. Looks like a dud report. Another Qanon pipe dream bites of he dust. Go Deep State University!
  3. Do yourself a favor and get a somewhat sealed reel like a slammer III or Saragossa. I prefer the Saragosa, it's much lighter. Anyway both of these reels have been maintenance free for me for a while now and I am pretty rough on them. They get splashed, dunked and dropped in sand all the time. No issues. I just rinse and repeat, all smooth as new.
  4. It doesn't take a psychic to know your ilk believe such nonsense.
  5. Except for the ones here that deny that the Holocaust happened and the ones that think these guys are democrats.
  6. Yeah, maybe she associates with Trump's biggest fans.
  7. I have total cognizance of our government's history. Keep repeating yourself though, it doesn't make you correct.
  8. Says who? Independent Trucks still has the symbol to this day and they still sell trucks for skates. None of them are nazis.
  9. GOP held Senate from 1995-2009. The surplus was due to Clinton and Dem Congress previously. 2 years was an average, not an exact. GOP tanked it thereafter. The chart shows all. If you know history, you know who held majority. Dems started fixing it again, then Trump and the GOP are tanking it again. You only see with your goggles on, but look at the data and who actually was in charge as well at look at delays. There is no immediate remedy as you think and there is no specific amount of years.
  10. You have no clue....
  11. No I did not. I said 95-97 GOP started changing the budget. GOP didn't have senate in 93. You do not read. Look how the chart starts going down after 93, no correlation to GOP at all. Then when they take hold it continues to go down a little then it pops right back up when they get Bush in WH.
  12. Of course you do.
  13. Germany law prohibits the manufacturing of products that include the Iron Cross. However, they made a new medal using a cross. In the USA it is a Biker and skater clothier thing and has no ties to white supremacy here. I had Iron crosses on my notebooks in the 80's. I was a skater. Was I a nazi, no. Did I love the band the Cult and Independent trucks, yes. Did this chick deserve to resign, no clue. Never heard of her until today. I'm sure none of you have either.