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  1. Going to our nephew’s, there will be 14 of us. Typical turkey dinner with tons of food, no ham this year. My wife is making pineapple pie, pumpkin pie and deviled eggs.
  2. My nephew went through that exact procedure about 6 weeks ago, he hasn’t felt so good in 1 ½ years.
  3. Philadelphia needs more practice if they want to catch Chicago. They need to send a task force to Chicago to see how it is done.
  4. We are living in obama’s vision of life in America. Not brilliant at all.
  5. I had a stroke in January and I too have occasional searches for words, but not to his extent. The stroke aside, his policy decisions are stupid and dangerous.
  6. On January 2nd I had a minor heart attack with a stent placed the next day. On January 6th I had an acute ischemic stroke. It was quite scary to say the least. My wife and I were watching the last few minutes of a tv show just before bedtime when it occurred. My right side went limp, I could move but didn’t have control, there were now 2 tv’s, one up and one down, I had major problems talking and was very dizzy. Rescue came and took me to the hospital after working to get me stable. I received a tpa shot (clot buster) in the ER which probably prevented major damage. My recovery was pretty good, started walking with help the next day, speech came back although to this day I massacre a few words and have trouble sometimes thinking of a word. The only thing that seemed to have changed is that I now walk differently, my gait seems choppy to me and my balance is not up to par. Walking on small rocks the size of eggs makes me feel like I am trying to walk on basketballs. I wasn’t allowed to drive for 4 months. I do have my handwriting back, that took a while. Having another stroke is always on the back of my mind, that will not go away. I have fished a total of 5 times this year and am just as happy watching the fall run develop, already put my gear away, maybe next year. I have been on Plavix for 7 years prior to the stroke, will never get off it.
  7. The RIANG flies C130’s low level regularly. The C130 is a great airplane, spent many hours in them.
  8. It’s to keep his hands busy so he won’t be touching little kids.
  9. He was probably paid to keep his mouth shut.
  10. Litihium ion batteries do not need external oxygen to burn. Foam will not work on this type of fire. Water is all that will work.
  11. The Biden administration and the DOD are turning our military into a freak show. Time for major changes.
  12. The price at our local station went up 30 cents overnight. 3.09 to 3.39.
  13. These are locomotives at the Baltimore Railroad Museum. The 1309 has since been restored and is in service at the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad. It is 99.7 feet long and weighs 643,100 pounds including the tender. In 2020 it moved under it’s own power for the first time in 64 years.