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  1. DEM enforcement is a 300 pound boulder, has been for years.
  2. That was my thought!!
  3. These photos were taken the same day as the East Wall picture. Hurricane Katia was offshore. This is the first and only time I ever saw surfers at Beavertail. These guys were some pro surfers out of New Jersey I was told.
  4. East wall (not recent) before the rebuild.
  5. Dave Blankenship is among the missing.
  6. Trump's comments about McCain probably cost him many votes.
  7. Fox looks like they are dragging their feet for Trump also.
  8. Fox just called Texas for Trump
  9. Fox just called Ohio for Trump
  10. Arizona Repub senate seat was lost
  11. Fox just called Arizona for Biden
  12. Tuberville just picked up Alabama senate seat, +1 In the Senate for the repubs
  13. Fox just called Florida for Trump
  14. James list leading the incumbent 55% to 42%, big lead