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  1. It is called diverse hiring.
  2. Meh.
  3. He was probably wearing a fit bit and was checking it to see if he was still breathing.
  4. Peter is there, he will probably never be called on.
  5. 81 million votes were counted for him, I doubt that many actually voted for him, probably far less.
  6. I am waiting for the hook to pull him off the stage by the handlers.
  7. Is he on drugs?
  8. 11 marines and 1 navy medic have been killed.
  9. But we have a diverse government and everyone is getting woke. That is where we are and that is what is really important. What a disgusting administration we have.
  10. Dozens of service members injured per the pentagon.
  11. Death toll is now 10 US Marines.
  12. There is no insult to democrats that is considered over the top.
  13. We are screwed no matter what they do with Biden. Harris is a POC.
  14. I used those for a long time, they work pretty good.