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  1. My wife took this picture a couple of years ago. The fisherman's buddies were watching intently.
  2. A lot of them do not show up for me either.
  3. Snowy Owl at Beavertail Point, RI a few years ago.
  4. Nubble Light, York, Maine
  5. Sitting Bull?
  6. I have had worse years and I have had better years. But it's all good, to me fishing is a good time regardless of my success. Now that I am old and not able to fish places I fished when younger just going fishing is fun, catching is even better.
  7. Thank you.
  8. It wouldn't hurt to have a fire extinguisher.
  9. I haven't kept any fish in the last 35 years. The last one I did keep was for a friend of my inlaws that wanted a big striper (40 lbs) for a family cookout. Dropped it off but he wouldn't take it because it wasn't cleaned. Took it to a local orphanage, they made great use of it. I vowed that was my last one and it was. Never again!!
  10. I have the 9'6" and I really like it. I have it paired with a Penn Conflict II 5000 and have spools with 20 and 30# J Braid. My wife and I both have the 8'8" Elite and like those a lot also. I have a Slammer 4500 on mine and she has a Conflict II 4000, an incredibly ligth setup for her. She handles the 9'6" without problem. Tsunami Elites are a good buy, well made and fishable all day long.
  11. That was great, thanks for posting.
  12. I have been fishing a spot in the bay that has had tons of bait with 24-26" schoolies and small blues. The bait seems to have thinned considerably and the fish are not as abundant like they were a few days ago. I will move a little more south to see if I can find the tons of bait again.
  13. East Wall, offshore hurricane Katia, 8 years ago, surfing at Beavertail. The surf at Beavertail is also from hurricane Katia.