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  1. I want a happy ending to your story - suggesting you make a few calls to the closest commercial establishments.. Picture me on a walk, coming across your bag sitting there, and being a pessimistic SOB thinking of how many scumbags there are... I want to do the right thing. I pick up the bag... where did I drop it off?
  2. much appreciated your post
  3. you thought that because it IS that. ========= Bait !! ============
  4. this is why I was asking weed420.. i mean Seed420 *s*... about the stand. The stand #, if there is one on the part, will give the width association. The 180 side plates are the same diameter as many others, going all the way up to 140 Squidder width. You simply swap the stand, the frame posts and the spools. ID'ing the change can get a bit funky if the stand has no # or if the stand marking is in Penn's original stand marking format; line size and yard capacity. This stand (30-180) is the freshwater model, actually designed to fit down into pistol grips. The flat-base stand (30-180s) is the salt water version. No difference in material, just shape.
  5. thank you Bob ... not "cool beans" .. in fact, you're right. No beans at all.
  6. dessert
  7. super story... reading was like using thanks
  8. Spill the beans, Bob.. ======================= saying this to all, not strictly to Bob... ======================= Someone, anyone, taking females with roe can't defend the action as an effort to keep traditions alive for years to come. Neither can be the taking of shorts, There are singular Rights that are universal Wrongs.
  9. NYC is filling in the giant trench they dug at Potter's Field on Hart Island in anticipation of city hospital's morgues being overrun with Covid bodies
  10. This was fine, Joe. The pic was over-the-top and unconscionably uncalled for. !! Shame on you, Shame, I say. Shame on you !!... SEEE what you started !! *mumbles something about ... First there's plug porn, now there's merciless pork porn *
  11. 2. Items being offered for sale on this forum must not be offered for sale on any other website or in any other manner while they are offered here. Now you're even more well aware
  12. It's not right. Been haggling with a friend and daughter re/ arranging a Cape meet / pick-up. Tim S & Co. have guidelines for good reasons. now I'll .... it.
  13. I've only seen sea otters and when swimming on their bellies also swim more up & down like a dolphin