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  2. ohhh This thread is Baaahhd.. very Baaahhd !! *why am I laughing so hard??*
  3. Red River Beach, Harwichport
  4. There's only one way to say this, The ignorance you display suggesting that I created a fictional quote or that the doctorate-holding observer "doesn't know what they are talking about," prompts me to inquire of your degrees? and to ask ... if I suggested your response was fiction, what would you have to say? "The Science is corrupted by the system. I feel dirty, but as a scientist, what choice do I have? Work for the government or don't work. That's the choice I have." The quote is accurate, as is its message and its universality. He as talking about participating in a government-funded sham. He was talking about participating in a scientifically flawed process where the data is incomplete and the results tweaked to fit policies, instead of policies devised to reach results. Forgotten or overlooked, we fish upon aquatic equivalent of wild zebra, elephants, lions, and our technology has made us supremely efficient. Yet no one can argue that the policies we have in place have proved effective in tempering our ability to harvest today, or protect for tomorrow those species and environment necessary to sustain them. No one. . You and your closed minded compatriots are pediments to the progress we need to make in order to establish balance into how we predate upon wild species. I, unlike you, declare my bias. I am for outlawing dragging, buying out the fleet, putting you and yours into retirement and opening the door to 10,000 hook boats. The result.. Stunning improvement in the quality of the landings. More people earning a living on the water, More captains keeping an eye on each other helping to flush out the few; not a handful covering each others butts. Bring 'em on. Bring on the day boats. Bring on the longliners and tub trawlers. Bring on the jig boats. Inshore, offshore. The fleet will grow, along with every shoreside support industry. Mechanics, supply houses, boatyards. Targeted fishers, not the dragger way. Not the "everything & anything" way. While we're cleaning up, let's do some more good and revoke the handful of purse seine Bluefin permits out there. Let's put some more people to work. while we stomp on the "rights" of the few to the betterment of the many.
  5. what I am saying is relative to placing any value to the stat ... 84% (of the bass) were caught in the great south channel area in the months of September and October.... without knowing where all the observers were during the same time period. In the analogy, the observers are the streetlight, but like our targets (stripers) our streetlights move. The location aspect of the data observers collected is only valuable when seen within the context of its time period (in this case, Sept & Oct.) and in context of location of other observations within the same time period. (again Sept & Oct.) Let's take the 36,000# observed in the Great South Channel in Sept & Oct 2002 1.) Let's place 9 of 10 observers in that location (GSC) during that period - ( thus only 1 observer, Maine to NC, but not GSC) 2.) Let's place 1 of 10 observers in the GSC during that period - ( 9 observers, Maine to NC, but not GSC) 3.) Let's place 9 of 10 observers in the GSC during the other 10 months - ( 1 observer, Maine to NC, but not GSC) 4.) Let's place O observers in the GSC during the other 10 months and all of our 10 there Sept & Oct. Each of these 4 scenarios could have generated the same resultant 36,000#, but each scenario suggests a different conclusion. So without knowing where all the observers were during the sample period, no reliable conclusion is possible OR.. any conclusion is possible. "The Science is corrupted by the system. I feel dirty, but as a scientist, what choice do I have? Work for the government or don't work. That's the choice I have." I am not a mathematician, and so am unqualified to analyze statistics. Nor am I a trained scientist. On the other hand I've been on the salt nearly all of my life; more than 2 decades, commercially. Above is a nearly verbatim quote from a Federal catch observer, shared with me during a trip. He explained the inherent flaws in the system (beginning with the outrageously low number of observers), and the mathematical potential to jog data toward any given conclusion. According to him, the "conclusions" are predetermined by the assignments. Most of us here on SOL want to help move things in the right direction, but if we don't question the source we end up drinking the bilge.
  6. not seeing this mentioned
  7. Shag. you've gotten some good advice here.. highlights are.. 1.) recovery-rehab is different for all 2.) do the work, but listen and believe your body when it says Stop 3.) at no time will your recovery be a "push hard & tough it out" scenario 4.) recovery will come to you in (sometimes frustrating) plateaus (periods when it seems you're making no progress) and big #5, which you already know 5.) you do Not want to have to do this again
  8. thats the info I wanted.. thank you again
  9. The "cure' or "solution" of using backing is often offered yet... These are small capacity spools in normal proportions (unlike wide squidders or narrow mariners; each of those presenting their own indicative weaknesses) made of the same material and same wall thicknesses as larger spools. and so again I ask..... What issues? What damage? What evidence?
  10. a totally ridiculous and baseless stat on its own.. the same as saying 84% of car keys lost at night are found under street lights. would begin to form usable info if it was accompanied by stats on number and location of other observed vessels and location and number of unobserved vessels
  11. Thank you Jason.... saved me from having to make the same statement .. plus, a reminder.. The charts comparing recreational and commercial numbers are terribly skewed. Let's look at the process of generating the commercial numbers. An observer is placed on the vessel ... and it is under these eyes that the capt. and crew go about their (far from) normal manner of doing business. Drag and soak times are cut to a third or less of normal. What's not being considered here or on those charts is the death due to the wasteland created by beating the bottom flat and removing the vegetation .. Where cursed ghost gill nets wander on their murderous way, draggers leave a barren moonscape. *knowingly lighting a fuse* Bring on the Wind Farms !! Let's better the technology while repelling dragger brutality
  12. I just put 2,005 miles on the car, Friday 10pm - Thursday 8am... a Rod Run.. Ohio to Long Island, (1)... to Prov RI (2).... to the Cape to get those 2 wet... then to NJ (3)... and back to Ohio.
  13. I am in Providence Rhode Island headed south. I can adjust my travel times. What times are available to meet up with you in the areas you mentioned?