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  1. Bingo..
  2. Love when outsiders make sweeping proclamations like that, Your compadre Pakalolo does the same thing. What happens in your fanciful model when the end user, the one I say sets the actual demand, buys ground beef instead? Flesh out that scenario. Please included the impact of the collective financial loans created when one sells to another wholesaler on 30 day terms.
  3. Bingo Bingo - even if fear of winter winds leaves one cowering in the kitchen, the good ole 12 inch cast iron skillet can come to the rescue. Skin side down for a couple minutes, flip & peel the skin, a couple more minutes, flip one more time to caramelize the now naked skin side.. and Bingo Bingo
  4. clearly, you've no experience with any perishable market. There are many other factors in play; the biggest being the ticking financial time bomb comprised by perishable inventory. There is no Fact that one specific inventory can be sold at a price which exceeds cost. Wholesalers are Speculators. The point I was addressing was this: Pakalolo said "There is a constant demand for stripers in the wholesale market" .....but this is not Demand. Each rung of the Wholesale buyers' ladder is a Speculator. From the initial point purchaser to the final retail sales establishment, each buyer (and there can be many wholesale buyers of that one particular fish) is taking a calculated market position based on what they believe ... the Demand will be. Demand is established by the retail customer's willingness to purchase That specific fish (at a store or restaurant,) not as Pakalolo mistakenly believes, (at the wholesale level.)
  5. Half-right .. I am indeed prejudiced against any use of gillnet, just as you are prejudiced for. Admit your bias and your personally-beneficial basis. Yes, having crewed a longliner, I've seen hundreds of gillnets offshore, left to soak for tides and sometimes days. New Bedford, Boston and Fulton prices (were-are) much lower for gillnet fish because the product is vastly inferior to hooked fish. This is a fact, not an opinion, and it specifically addresses the quality of gillnet fish in general. Demand is measured at the retail level. Long lines at gas stations is Demand. Inability to keep a product on store shelves and people complaining to the government is Demand. Simply because something sells does not denote Demand. People buy what is on the shelf. Period. Gillnet fishing is by nature, Indiscriminate - first by specie and secondarily by size. To believe that mesh size can bracket fish, we must first ignore a reality which every single one of us has witnessed and knows to be true. There are skinny runner shaped stripers and fat cow shaped ones. This difference in shape guarantees that some skinny fish over 38" and some chubby fish under 26" will become ensnared. This too, is a fact, not an opinion. Please take your own advice. Please.
  6. simple Demand is not the driver. Availability is creating the market, Fishers catching creates the supply, supply creates the sales. The same situation exists now with Bison. No one is beating on Stop & Shop's doors screaming "I want my bison steaks, dammit.".. Bison sells when and because it's available. BTW.. you're description of how a gillnet can selectively fish a bracketed specie is akin to an academic lecturing a veteran on what combat is like. Wait, that's not it. ... It's more like what an unscrupulous used car salesman -- airline ticket to Hawaii in one pocket, ill-gotten gains in his other -- would say to a 16 year-old, as he tries to unload the last clunker on the lot. The difference being that the academic actually believes his own blather, whereas, the salesman knows what he's saying is total BS
  7. That's an opinion and even if we take it as Fact, commercial bass fishing is an avoidable load placed upon a specie needing to rebound. >26 and <38? ...Gillnets can not be 'bracket' fished. Commercial bass fishing, by any means, isn't even market driven.. It's promotors and supporters are purely one segment of commercial fishers who want "theirs now; the future be damned." ... dead on balls..
  8. If you can lay your hands on a side-cut ~ smooth edge can opener, you can make a descent cutter out of any can.
  9. and It's Dad's birthday .. born on Manhattan Happy Birthday, Dad.
  10. Perfect.. Perfect.. So true, .. and I feel it LOOOMING
  11. How does it fit your height and weight?
  12. 61, 62, & 65 ? if still available, plz
  13. as well as... I wonder what the foam is ... Any sampling being done?
  14. If ever in the need of a laugh, snap on the Closed Captions and see how it mangles a translation of Zeno's accent
  15. There are still one female and two males which are members of this year's class hanging around as they have been since fledging. Watching the males get their ruby throats has been a treat. The ruby begins as just a small patch in front. Looks like they are wearing a ruby necklace.