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  1. Oh. Well thanks a lot, Buzz Killington!
  2. Just fish it. That's how it becomes "worth" something.
  3. Holy shite! Jeffs back, and Franks dead? What a great ****in day! Cheers, Mammyrammers!
  4. Uploading pix takes ****ing forever!
  5. I just bought a ****ing flats boat. ****ing problem is, I only just learned how to fish from shore down here, now I gotta ****ing learn to boat fish too. I gotta learn the ****ing spotlock. I gotta learn the ****ing downscan. I gotta learn the ****ing sidescan. Fishing is a lotta ****ing work!
  6. Yeah, Ive been down here since ****ing May. Surprised you dont ****ing remember, I was ****ing down here when you other ****ers were down in the ****ing Keys, in May, mother****er!
  7. You insensitive ass! That poor guy is DEAD! Nothing funny about it! Still cant say **** here huh?
  8. They went like a rocket! (In the woodstove)
  9. He loooooved the cock. Probably still does.
  10. Last thing for tonight. I see that no one has yet posted Eds thread in the memorial forum. (Yes, we have one of those) :-( Anyways, someone should do it, and it ought to be done by someone who was VERY close to Ed. Someone with a lot of pictures, I hope. https://www.stripersonline.com/surftalk/forum/78-memorial-forum/
  11. When Vinny still had my boat, we got Eddy out on only one tuna trip. As always, we got one (at least) here we all are. I know, you cant see Ed. He was the guy who took the picture. :-(
  12. So, Eddy stories... About a hundred years ago, when I was still young, and strikingly handsome, Ed left his pimp hat on Terrences boat. Chuck, and I took turns wearing it, and just like Frostys hat, there must have been some magic in it. We got our (all of us) first mahi on that trip. I cant find the picture of me in it, but I think I have the Chuck pic...
  13. Oh, have no fear. It WILL affect you soon enough. GYNA installed the gantries, using taxpayer $s, know full well that the RI Trucking association was planning to sue the state, on the grounds of unconstitutionality. (Unlawfully taxing a SINGLE user group). GYNA knew shed be in a cushy Washington position, and her replacement would be the sap who had NO CHOICE but to toll EVERYBODY. I mean, "Hey, we already paid for the gantries"..... Do osh bags.
  14. Sadly, I will not be able to attend. Stew, I expect YOU to get everyone drunk, in my absence.
  15. Just spoke with him. Hes alive and just had some good news. Hell be around here sooner or later.
  16. They're always there. Just keep your eyes open, and don't forget to watch the sky. The ospreys clued me in more often than not.
  17. A few months ago, I asked him 'Damn, Bro, how many times do you need to beat cancer? " He said, "Hopefully, just one more". Guess it didn't work this time. :-( Tonight, I'll take the advice he always gave, and "Drink heavily". R.I.P, , Boss ! (Not my pic, but the only one I seem to have on the pc) F U C K Cancer shad (2).bmp
  18. These should have sold at $150. Thing is most folks here seem to want pretty plugs,rather than plugs that will actually catch fish. Do NOT debate! Which side are you on? :-)
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